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Brian Shovers

Helena ~ Montana

I Challenge You to an open Public Debate in Climate Science

with a


~ Reward ~

for the peer-reviewed science proving Humans cause Climate Warming

as you Believe and Preach a debunk unproven theory is Settled Science

proving you Failed Grade School Science as settled science does exist in real science

of the scientific method

as you reject tested knowledge for your Personal Feelings of True Belief

in debunked un-proven theory based on a proven to be very flawed incomplete study

Preached to us today is Settled Science by Climate Religion

based on one half of one climate variable of more than a dozen known climate variables

and millions of years of climate history

and simple Physics and Chemistry

all ignored by the so called climate study

as the Carbon based Green Lunatics are turning Carbon based Food into Fuel

when we have many Starving Carbon based Humans all over this Carbon based Earth

Fuel = Gas = Ethanol for your Car increasing CO2 out the tail pipe of your car

from about 14% to 17%

while driving up the cost of Carbon based Food for all Carbon based Humans

and the cost of Carbon based Feed for Carbon based Livestock

as we are now pumping Man Made Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

in to the Ground and in to old Oil Wells

to increase the Production of Oil = HC = Hydrocarbon = Hydrogen and Carbon

that requires O2 Oxygen from the air to Vaporize the Hydrogen part of HC

causing the Carbon part of HC = Hydrogen and Carbon

to bond with the O2 Oxygen from the air

as pumping Man Made CO2 into the Ground is lowering the cause of Green

and reducing oxygen levels in the air

by not allowing the carbon cycle to Recycle the O2 oxygen from the air

used to vaporize the Hydrogen part of the HC = Hydrocarbon

back into the air where it came from lowering oxygen levels in the Air

while turning underground water into an Acid

as Nitrogen levels from decomposing soil will continue to increase

further reducing Oxygen and CO2 levels in the Air

as one day Nitrogen levels 78.09 % of the air today

will end the Carbon cycle above sea level before Nitrogen is 79% of the air

do to a lack of CO2 in the air

CO2 with water vapor causing the first atmosphere

causing the carbon cycle the cause of all the Green and all Carbon based Life

on this Carbon based Earth

while Plants and Trees would like 4 times the CO2 in the Air to be at their best Health

while making the Carbon based Food we Eat

and the O2 = Oxygen our 20% Carbon based Body’s need to Breathe

Proving the Green Lunatics are Lunatics in Science

as they Preach to us the Cause of all Life is Toxic Pollution

as they Truly Believe they can stop 4.6 billion years of very extreme progressive variable

Climate Change

with test proven harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

reducing the duration period for all Carbon based Life above sea level

on this Carbon based Earth

based on their debunk un-proven theory and their self-debunk predictions

they Preach is Settled Science to the Public

because they do not comprehend the Real Science

as they just believe everything the Political Media Preaches to them to just believe

proving it is not real science


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

40 plus Years Atmospheric Emission Science

you do not comprehend

as you have earned zero right to opinion

as the Helena Independent Record of Lee News Papers of Montana

will allow your un-earned opinion

but they will not allow an expert in the science

to rebuttal test proven Garbage Fraudulent Statements

since 2007


….are you a Fascist or a Scientist ?

as test proven Political Media Stupidity

continues to allow zero Public Question Rebuttal or Debate

of their Debunk Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing test proven Harm to the

Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing Trillions of Dollars to do only Harm and zero good

to Profit the Few who have Publicly Failed Grade School Science

by Rejecting the Scientific Method for their Proven to be Fascist Political Agenda

allowing only their True Belief to be known by the Public

while rejecting my right to Free Speech and the Public’s right to know

~  all the Science there is to know today ~

knowledge debunking the Fascist True Belief dictated as Settled Science

with out Public Question ~ Test ~ Debate by scientific method

as settled science does not exist in real science

as we learn and know something new everyday

especially in a Brand New Science where we do not know far more than we do know

as fact tested Reality is by question test debate to know beyond Political Media True Belief

True Belief debunk by the Tested Truth in Knowledge

Ignored by Political Media ~ test proven ~ Make Believe

while proving Political Media Fascism in Science


When only your Political Agenda is allowed to be known ~

that is Fascism not Science

that continues to dictate how we can and can not live our lives

based on test proven Political Media Garbage Science Fiction

they can not prove is Real Science

by this


Political Media ~ Paranoid ~Climate Religion


This is my Attack on test proven Fascism in Science

doing test proven Harm to the Environment

by those who reject fact tested knowledge for the personal feelings of True Belief

as science is to know and they do not know

they just believe what they are told to just believe with out Question

while refusing to allow the other side of the story to be told to the Public


When Skepticism becomes a Flaw in Science it is the Science that is Flawed not the Skeptic

who Questions the Truth in all of Knowledge

to know

Fact Tested Reality beyond Political Media Preached True Belief in Garbage doing Harm

as the Green Lunatics who failed grade school science

continue to do an Excellent Job of Shooting the Foot in their Mouth


October 8, 2017

Helena ~ Montana

the predicted high for today is 45*

the record high for today was 80* in 1898

the record low for today was 16* in 1894


… as my Helena High School Senior Year Class of 74

English Teacher

~ continues to remind me ~

Life is a Symphony

as I still hesitate to inform Karyl ~

most of those playing the instruments in this Symphony

are not Musicians and can not read the Sheet Music

and so Thank You Karyl for your continued Friendship and Philosophy in Life

and I would like to again thank my Friend and one of my Mentors in many Sciences

my Senior year Automotive Science Instructor

Thank You

Allen E. Walter for your Friendship and Wisdom


science is: to know

and there will always be Good science and Garbage science

and the more efficiently all fuels and burned the more CO2 is Produced

causing and contributing to the Carbon cycle

and the less efficiently all fuels are burned the more CO is Produced

contributing to nothing


The Majority of the First Atmosphere on this Carbon based Earth was

CO2 and Water vapor = H2O

the CO2 from the Hot Liquid Core of this carbon based Earth

as the Variable Hot Liquid Core

is heating the Crust the Oceans and the lower Atmosphere

with secondary Variable Heating of this Carbon based Earth

by the Variable Sun with many cycles

causing the Carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

CO2 = 2 oxygen atoms based to 1 carbon atom =

Carbon Based Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide

di =2

oxide = oxygen


H2O = 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom together


The Carbon Cycle = CO2 and Water Vapor and Sun Energy being absorbed by Plants

and then releasing O2 = oxygen

making the majority of all the O2 = oxygen on this Carbon based Earth


 Nitrogen caused by decomposing soil has gone from very little of the Atmosphere

to over 78% of the Atmosphere

and as the Atmosphere continues to Grow

from the production of Nitrogen

this lowers the levels of Oxygen made from CO2 and Argon from Outer-Space

while lowering CO2 levels too

as Oxygen is now reduced to under 21% on the air

as oxygen level would have been much higher about 250 million years ago

as Argon now is just below 1% of the air

as CO2 now at about 00.04 % of the air

as CO2 levels would have been much higher long ago

with CO2 starting out as the majority of the air with water vapor

as all gases are variables in this growing atmosphere


When Nitrogen levels reach 80% of the Atmosphere

O2 oxygen levels will drop to under 19% of the air

Argon levels will be where CO2 levels are today

and CO2 levels will be almost un-measurable

and  when CO2 levels drop to 200 ppm the carbon cycle will begin to die

and at 160 ppm all carbon based life above sea level on this Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it

will cease to exist

as the Human Body is for the most part is all Hydrogen with Oxygen = Water

and 20% Carbon made from CO2

breathing O2 = oxygen made from CO2

while exhaling CO2

as we are today spending trillions of dollars to stop CO2 and pump CO2 into the Ground

reducing the cause of all the Green

reducing the O2 oxygen levels in the air

as man made CO2 is made from O2 oxygen in the air

as we do not allow the Carbon Cycle to Recycle the oxygen in Man Made CO2

from the air back into the air where it came from

while CO2 is turning underground water into an Acid


the Hypothetical Conjecture = un-proven theory

that Human produced CO2 = less than 3% of the CO2 in the air

is responsible all climate warming and climate change

and all the bad and extreme weather on this Carbon based Earth

after 4 Billion plus years of  extreme progressive variable climate change

while only God = Mother Nature is Responsible for all the Good Weather

while ignoring a dozen plus known climate variables providing an infinity of variable

debunking Human caused Climate Warming

while ignoring millions of years of Climate History

debunking Human caused Climate Warming

while ignoring simple known Physics and Chemistry

debunking Human caused Climate Warming

all debunking the un-proven theory


Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth

with the cause of all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

as this un-proven theory was debunk

long before the now self-debunk computer Ouija Board climate predictions were made

based on a flawed incomplete study

based on one half of one climate variable

and very test proven lies


those who have not earned the right to scientific opinion Dictate Climate Science

~ while ~

not everything can be Measured


Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated to Know what is real

and what we do not know and can not be known is: not knowledge

as we do not know how many Grains of Sand there are in this Universe

or on this carbon based Earth

and we do not know how many Stars there are in this Universe

as we do not know far more than we do know

as we make many un-proven guesses = Hypothetical Conjecture = un-proven theory

of and in many things and parts of and in Life

as there is far more un-proven theory than proven theory

as science is proven wrong more often then proven right

and that is why science = knowledge must always be in Question

as nothing is settled in Real Science of the Scientific Method

as we will learn and know something new tomorrow

that may debunk or support what we learn and know from today

by the Scientific Method

but with out Question Test Debate by the scientific method we can know nothing

and then we can only just believe

knowing zero fact tested reality and only make believe

knowing nothing beyond True Belief in the un-known


Preaching and Selling fear of the un-known is paranoia not science

while Preaching and selling true belief in self-debunk prediction of the un-known future

is Paranoid Lunatic Religion


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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