Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


When your local News Paper will only allow those who failed grade science

to voice their Opinion in Climate Science in their News Paper


those with 40 plus years of working back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science

with an on going Climate Science Investigation since 2007 with scientific references

who received a Doctor Honor in 2011 and then Invited to

Participate at the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London England in June of 2013

are not allowed to voice their

Earned Professional Scientific Opinion in Climate Science

who can debunk the Bogus opinion of those who failed grade school science

and can provide zero scientific reference when requested to support their Bogus opinion

what does that tell you about the Political Agenda of your local News Paper

who are in fact Dictating Fraudulent Paranoid Garbage Science to the Helena Community

I call it Political Media Fascism in Science


To: Robbie Liben

Missoula ~ Montana


Anger Proves noting in real science

as personal emotional feelings of True Belief prove nothing in real science

just as true belief in un-proven theory proves nothing in real science

as true belief in self-debunk prediction proves nothing in real science

self-debunk prediction based on one half of one climate variable

while ignoring a dozen climate variables when making a prediction of the un-known future

while ignoring millions of years of climate history debunking the un-proven theory

before the prediction was made

and in rebuttal to your Public Statements in the Helena Independent Record today

September 8, 2017

as the IR will do not allow Public Scientific Rebuttal

to your test proven Garbage Climate Science in their news paper

as Forest Fires have been on this Carbon based Earth

for hundreds of millions of years

long before Carbon based Humans on this Carbon based Earth

Forest Fires in much Harsher climates than we live in today

like 1000 years ago when Montana had California Climate for 200 years

as you are 20% Carbon made from CO2 by the Carbon cycle and

I challenge you to an open public debate in Real Climate Science

here in Helena Montana

with a


~ Reward ~

for the Peer-reviewed science


Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth


Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

the cause of the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth

with zero color taste or smell

that you Preach is Pollution

proving you failed grade school science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as you reject the scientific method for political media agenda True Belief

doing test proven Harm to the Environment

test proven Knowledge you reject for your True Belief in Political Hearsay Garbage Science


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw


as Climate Religion always refuses to debate real science

as I have been waiting for 10 years now

for the Proven Cuckoo Scientists to send me their Peer-reviewed Science


We the Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth

…and now that Humans are responsible for 3% of the CO2 in the Air

00.004% of the air

supporting the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment = the cause of all the Green

as it is Preached to us

Humans are now responsible for all the Forest Fires

and all the sinking Islands

that have been sinking for thousands of years now being used as Proof of Sea level Rise

as the Sea level is proven to be declining for many years

as the rate of evaporation by the variable Sun has exceed the rate the Ice is melting

evaporating Ocean Water containing many times the CO2 level than the air

making this Carbon based Earth Greener

and we are now responsible for the High Tides that are caused by Full Moons

as the Full Moon is always the busiest day of the month every month in

Hospital Emergency Rooms and Jails

Scientifically proving who won the Bar Fight that night


Political Media Climate Paranoia Dictate Science to the Scientific Community

and to the un-knowing Public

while allowing zero Public Question ~ Rebuttal or Debate

while providing zero Peer-reviewed Science to support their Paranoid True Belief

in un-proven theory they Preach is Settled Science

that is doing test proven harm to the Environment costing Trillions of Dollars


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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