Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale

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Climate Science ~ vs ~ Climate Religion

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Climate Change is Real


Human caused Climate Warming is a Scientifically Debunk Un-proven Theory

debunk by a dozen plus climate variables and millions of years of known climate history

proven knowledge rejected by Climate Religion for their True Belief in self-debunk prediction as they continue to Preach to us the Predictions are happening when they are  self-debunk Proving Political Media Pathological Fraud in Science by a Political Agenda who refuse to publicly debate the science or provide scientific reference to prove they are not Pathological Frauds while condemning those who do not truly believe in their scientifically debunk Climate Religion

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Cuckoo Scientists who refuse to Publicly Debate the Science

or provide peer-reviewed science to support their test proven Climate Religion

who refuse to Question the Truth in Knowledge for the sake of their True Belief

Rejecting the Scientific Method for their Un-Questioned True Belief for Profit

Rejecting Fact Tested Knowledge for Profit and Fame

as Climate Religion does not Question Science they Dictate Science with out Question

as they Preach to us their debunk un-proven theory is settled Science

and Preach to us

to Question the Truth in Knowledge ~ skepticism ~ is a Human Flaw a Mental Disorder

when the scientific method is based on skepticism

Proving it is a Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

and not

Real ~ Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated ~ Science

of the Scientific Method


Climate Religion continues to do ~ test proven ~ Harm

to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as Political Media Climate Religion has Publicly Failed Grade School Science

for their Scientifically test proven Politically Brainwashed True Belief


Climate Science is a Brand New Science

and one very small fragment of all knowledge

~ one half of one climate variable ~

of a dozen plus climate variables does not define Climate Science


Tested Reality in all of the infinity Nature

as all knowledge must be in Question and Incorporated all together

and must be Tested not Believed

as Belief is not Knowledge

and rejecting knowledge for belief is not science


science is: to know

….and if you do not Question the Truth in Knowledge then you do not know  ~


Fact Tested Reality

~ as ~

Preached Political Media Agenda Hearsay based on test proven Political Media Lies

is not Questioned Tested Knowledge


Fact Tested Reality by the Scientific Method


After 20 Ice Ages and 20 Global Warming Periods over the past 2 million years

this Global Warming Period began about 14,000 years ago

and if Ice did not melt the Sea level would decline about 60 feet every 10 years from

Evaporation by the Variable Sun with many cycles

The Variable Sun causing the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

for the past 600 million years above Sea level

caused by evaporated Water vapor and CO2 from the Oceans

the CO2 from un-measurable un-predictable Volcanic activity below Sea level

caused my the hot variable liquid core of this carbon based Earth

as the vast majority of volcanic activity is below sea level

on going for billions of years

Acidifying the Oceans over billions of years

while causing the Carbon Cycle = all of Nature above and below sea level


13% of the National Academy of Science

signed a public Letter stating Humans cause Climate Change

and when requested they could provide zero scientific reference to support their statement

proving 13% of the NAS are True Believers when there is zero Belief in real science

while the other 87% of the NAS did not sign this letter

~ proving ~

13% of the NAS are Preachers for Climate Religion and if you have a Question for these Climate Preachers you are referred to a Political Website and not to the NAS for your answers supported by zero Peer-reviewed science

just as the NAS can provide zero Peer-reviewed science

to prove Scientifically Humans cause Climate Warming a debunk un-proven theory

~ just as NASA ~

can not Reverse their self-debunk climate predictions they made 20 years ago

as their Prediction based on one half of one of a dozen climate variables

was a Test that Failed

as most Predictions never come true especially Predictions of the un-known future when based on a lack of Knowledge especially when ignoring climate history debunking the Predictions before the Predictions were made

Predictions to sell Fear and Paranoia of the un-known future

based on a very flawed very incomplete study in this

Brand New Un-Questioned ~ Un-Tested ~ Un-Debated ~ Science

based on Political Media True Belief in Failed Prediction

as this Warming Period began 14,000 years ago

and is at a Pause for the past 20 years

as Sea levels have declined for the past 7 years

based on NASA Data

as the Political Media Paranoia Continues

~ because ~

Journalism is no longer investigating the facts on both sides of a story and informing the public of the Facts to allow the Public to decide for them self what is real and what is not

Journalism is now a Tool for Political Activism based on Political Media Hearsay

and zero Proven Fact Tested Knowledge



~ test proven ~

Political Media Lunatics Dictate Science

who can provide zero Peer-reviewed Science by the Scientific Method

while preventing the other side of the story from being told

preventing knowledge from being known

preventing the Questioned Fact Tested Truth in knowledge from being known

for the sake of their personal feelings of True Belief in their Political Agenda

based on un-proven theory ~ debunk ~ by known Climate History

~ as ~

the Media continues to allow test proven Lunatic Paranoia to dictate Climate Science

to the Public while allowing zero real scientific question or rebuttal or debate

as they reject the Scientific Method and Proven Fact Tested Knowledge

for the sake of their true belief in their Political Agenda

based on True Belief in un-proven theory they Preach is Settled Science

that does not exist in real science


Political Fascism in Science by the Media

Science they do not Comprehend and can not Articulate or Debate

or allow to be Questioned by Real Science

or provided Peer-reviewed Science to prove their science is real

beyond their True Belief in debunk un-proven theory they Preach is Settled Science

debunk by known Climate History they do not ~ know ~

they reject and refuse to ~ know ~

for the sake of their personal feelings of true belief in

un-Question ~ un-Tested ~ un-Debated

Preached Political Media True Faith

~ Test Proven ~

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion


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