Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


Nancy Seldin

do you support the proven Fraud in Science

Dr. Steve Running

University of Montana

who has been removed from Preaching his Garbage Science

and do you just believe what you are told by the News Papers to just believe ~

with out Question

Do you ~ Just Believe ~ Carbon based Humans cause Climate Change ?

~ based only on one side of the science argument with out knowing the science

on either side of the science argument ~

Nancy Seldin



University of Montana

Mental Health Therapist

in response to your Scientific Opinion in the Helena Independent Record

today September 11, 2017

that the IR will not allow a scientific rebuttal to

with scientific reference

for the the sake of their Political Media Agenda

who fully support Proven Frauds in Science

like Dr. Steve Running

while allowing zero rebuttal to his Proven to be Fraudulent Statements in Science

in their News Paper proving Lee News Papers are Frauds in Science too

just as CBS News and many other Media Organizations

who are very Proven Frauds in Science

who can provide zero science to prove they are not Frauds in science



how did you Earn your right to scientific opinion in Climate Science ?

and don’t Politically Brainwash me

show me the science ~

as I have now sent you enough science to debunk your Public Hearsay Statements in the news paper so send me your science so we may Question the Truth in Knowledge

so we can ~ Test ~ and  Debate the Science

by Scientific Method so we may then learn and know and grow forward together

as science is: to know

and not Political Media Preached Make Believe based on Pathological Feelings

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing Trillions of dollars to do only Harm and zero Good

as many Profit from this test proven Harm by Fraud


You can not Scientifically debunk Make Believe = True Belief = Religion

because Make Believe just Ignores all Fact Test Reality for their True Belief


There is zero Faith in Real Science

and when you reject Proven Fact Tested Knowledge for Personal Feelings of True Belief

this is Scientifically test proven Political Media Religion not Science


Everything in this Universe is in a continuous Progressive Variable

as nothing is a constant in this progressive variable expanding Universe

and We can not predict the un-known future of Mother Nature

with or with out a Computer based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

while ignoring a dozen plus climate variables

and millions of years of known Climate History

as we live with an Infinity of Weather and Climate Variable on this Carbon based Earth

as Climate Change is very real for the past 4.6 billion years

and if we could abolish Political Parties and Political Agenda and Special Interest Groups who have publicly failed grade school science because they have zero back ground in the science and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

this Carbon based Earth would be a much Nicer Place to Live and Be ~

with out the Political Media Paranoia of the un-known future dictating how we live our daily Life the Paranoia doing test proven Harm to Nature costing trillions of dollars based on personal feelings of true belief rejecting proven fact tested Reality

as you openly support proven Fraud in Science you do not comprehend

as you have rejected the Scientific method

and have earned zero right to Professional Opinion

making you a test proven Pathological Fraud and Preacher for Climate Religion

just like your Hero in Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion Steve Running

the Proven Fraud in Science who refuses to debate his Garbage Science

proving it is Pathological Garbage Science for Profit doing test proven Harm to Nature

while making Green Lunatics who failed grade school science

feel much better about themselves

as we now reduce the cause of Green and reduce Oxygen levels in the Air

while turning underground water into an Acid

proving there is zero reality in True Belief

proving Lunatics dictate Science

with out Public Question ~ Test ~ Rebuttal or Debate

as you are a True Believer who Truly Believes

who does not ~ Know ~

debunk un-proven theory does not prove Humans cause Climate Warming

while I am told by Climate Religion skepticism is a metal flaw in science

when the scientific method is based on Skepticism

~ to always Question the Truth in all knowledge ~

so do you believe to Question the Truth in Knowledge is a Metal Flaw ?

and we should always just believe what we told to just believe

by a Political Agenda doing test proven Harm to the Environment

who are Politically Brainwashing us to just believe we are doing good

based on debunk un-proven theory and self-debunk prediction

we are told to just believe is settled science

as Climate Change is very Real

and Science and Nature have proven it is not Caused by You and Me

and You and Climate Religion will just ignore this test proven fact

test proving it is a Political Media Religion

that will continue to do test proven Harm to Nature

because you Failed Grade School Science

by just believing what you are told to just Believe with out Question

while ignoring proven fact tested knowledge debunking your True Belief

proving you are apart of a Political Media Religion based on test proven Fraud and Lies

as proven Pathological Frauds dictate Science


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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