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September 15, 2017

Helena ~ Montana

with the seasonal snow fall beginning today

to put out the seasonal summer fires

that happen every year for millions years

as the predicted high for today is 43*

the record high for today was 94* in 1948

the record low for today 18* in 1970


True Belief can not debunk Proven Fact Tested Knowledge

~ but ~

True Belief can and does Dictate Science while Rejecting Science for True Belief

~ as ~

The Religion of Science is Skepticism of True Belief Dictating Science

~ as ~

True Believers of Climate Religion

~ Preach ~

Skepticism is a Human Flaw = Mental Disorder

~ when ~

Skepticism is the Doctrine that the Truth in all of Knowledge must always be in Question

and is the working bases for the Scientific Method and all Fact Tested Knowledge

and is only a Mental Flaw = Disorder in Lunatic Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

and as we say in real science

don’t Politically Brainwash Me with only your words of True Belief

~ just prove it ~

with Real ~ Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated ~ Peer-reviewed Science

that you can not provide

~ * ~

Proven Fact Tested Scientific Reality

~ vs ~

The True Believers of Climate Religion

who believe

Questioning the Truth in Knowledge is a Human Flaw = Mental Disorder

proving it is a Lunatic Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

by Rejecting the Scientific Method = to Question ~ Test ~ Debate the Science

or provide Peer-reviewed Science to prove their True Belief is Real Science

~ * ~

….when you reduce CO2 ~

you reduce the cause of Green

you reduce the cause of Oxygen

you reduce the cause of Food

you reduce the cause of Life

you reduce the cause of the Carbon cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

reducing the cause of all Nature

reducing the cause of the Environment


Science is: to Know = knowledge


Prediction of the un-known future is not knowledge

and Fear of the un-known future is Paranoia

while most predictions never ever come true


The United Nations

~ a political body not a science body ~


based on their flawed incomplete Climate study

based on ~ one half ~ of one Climate variable

while just ignoring a dozen Climate variables known today

and millions of years of known Climate History


~ it is likely Humans cause Climate Warming ~


likely is: un-proven theory based Proven to be flawed incomplete science

~ likely is not settled science ~

as settled science does not exist in real science of the scientific method

as we learn something new in every science everyday

as we know more and grow forward everyday in all of science

and the word likely is a word of belief as words and belief prove nothing in real science


When someone tells you


“Science is Settled”

this Scientifically proves they have failed Grade School Science

and they do not comprehend the Scientific Method

and have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

and are Preachers not Teachers of Real Science by Question ~ Test ~ Debate


Climate Science is a Brand new Science


very extreme progressive variable

Climate Change

~ the warming and cooling periods of this Carbon based Earth ~

are very Real for the past 4.6 Billion years for a dozen plus reasons known today

with many reasons we have yet to learn and know in this Brand new Science

~ while we do know ~

The by product of increased Climate Warming by the Variable Sun

is: increased

Evaporated Water Vapor


~ two oxygen atoms based to one carbon atom ~

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

di = 2 ~ and ~ oxide = oxygen = 2 oxygen atoms based to 1 carbon atom

from the Hot Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth

Heating the Crust the Oceans and lower Atmosphere of this carbon based Earth

supplemented by the Variable Sun with many cycles

with water vapor and CO2 causing the first atmosphere

causing the carbon cycle = nature = environment

the cause of all Green on this Carbon based Earth

with the Oceans containing many times the CO2 level than in the Air

the CO2 in the Ocean from on going volcanic Activity below sea level for billions of years

Acidifying the Oceans of Billions of years

~ as we know ~

All Carbon based Life began in the Oceans and comes from the Oceans

caused by CO2

causing Carbon based Life = Plant Life in the Ocean

the Plants absorbing the CO2 making O2 = oxygen from the CO2

Oxygenating the Oceans

allowing a new form of Carbon based Life in the Oceans to begin

all the Fish in the Sea

absorbing = breathing the O2 = oxygen

and eating the Carbon based Plants in the Sea

while exhaling CO2

made from the Oxygen they breathe and the carbon based food they eat

for the carbon based Plants to absorb = recycle

as they recycle the CO2 made by the Fish back into O2 for the Fish to breathe again

the bases for the Carbon cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

causing all Life and Energy on this carbon based Earth

as the Human Body is mostly Hydrogen with Oxygen = H2O = Water

and 20% Carbon

Breathing O2 = Oxygen while exhaling CO2

~ while we do know ~


Botany Science = Plant Life above Sea level

that Plants and Trees would like 4 times the CO2 than in the air today to be healthy

while at one half the CO2 level 200 ppm in the air Plants and Trees begin to die

and at 160 ppm CO2 the Carbon cycle and all Carbon based Life above sea level will end

and with Nitrogen levels going from little to nothing to almost 80% of the air today

caused by decomposing soil

one day Nitrogen will be closer to 90% of the air

reducing Oxygen levels by one half

and making CO2 levels un-measurable

and long before then there will no longer be any Green on this Carbon based Earth

as we need to increase the production CO2 to keep up with the production of Nitrogen

to keep this Green Planet Green

as we are now pumping Man made CO2 into the Ground reducing the cause of Green

while reducing oxygen levels in the air

because Man made CO2 is from O2 oxygen in the air

and only the Carbon cycle can recycle the Oxygen back into the air where it came from

while pumping CO2 into the ground

can and will and does turn underground water into an Acid

costing trillions


Un-Questioned Un-Debated


Lunatic Science

is doing only Harm to the Environment and zero Good

while Politically Dictating to us they are doing Good

based on flawed incomplete debunk science

they dictate is settled science

based on zero Question ~ Test ~ Debate

and zero Peer-reviewed science beyond one very small fragment of all knowledge

one half of one climate variable

that does not and cannot define this Brand New Climate Science

as there is far more known climate science missing from the climate study

than in the climate study

~ as ~

Real Peer-reviewed Science

continues to debunk every word of true belief Preached by Paranoid Climate Religion


When I am wrong I learn from it and grow forward

~ as only Political Media Fascism can dictate Science ~

by rejecting the Scientific Method for Political Media True Belief

by preventing the other side of the scientific argument from being known

by preventing science from being Questioned and Debated by the Scientific Method

preventing the Tested Truth in all of Knowledge in Fact Test Reality

as Real Science is Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated

and not Preached Political Media Paranoid Make Believe in self-debunk prediction

based on a very proven to be very flawed very incomplete study

based on one very small fragment of all knowledge

one half of one climate variable

in this brand new science

where we do not know far more than we do know

where we have very much to learn and know to grow forward in this new science

as the Truth in all of knowledge must always be in Question ~

I am for the Truth in all of Life and all of Knowledge for a better Life for all



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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