All of History and Knowledge must always be Persevered


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Scientist = Skeptic

Helena ~ Montana


The Parts of History we Hate the most we must Know the Best

so we can avoid Repeating it

as the fastest way to repeat History is to destroy History

as the Hatred and Fear of Today is caused by the Ignorance of History

and not by History



Ron F. Waterman

Helena ~ Montana



my response to your Political Opinion in the Helena Independent Record

today August 24, 2017

that the Helena Independent Record will not Print

about the Water Fountain in Hill Park

that was hurting no one

and was Removed based only on the fear of the un-known by the Helena City Commission

their fear and paranoia caused by the Political Media fear and paranoia from far away


Maybe you and the City Commissioners can sponsor a Book Burning

to destroy all of History

that you do not Like or you do not Know or do not Comprehend


History is to be Learned not Destroyed

while only knowledge can be Questioned

as Hated and Fear is caused by un-questioned True Belief


Those who Failed the knowledge of History are those who Destroy History

for their Political Agenda True Belief


All History and all Knowledge must be Preserved and Remembered

so we may continue to Grow Forward together

~ knowing ~

when Proving the Lies are Political Pathological

 then knowing you can not stop the Lies

as the test proven Political Media Lies by political agenda will always continue to be


True Belief is not Knowledge

True Belief is Make Believe

True Belief is Religion

If you do not Question knowledge then it is not tested knowledge it is only True Belief


…as we must always Question those who Lead us with out Question

who Lead us based only on their personal feelings of Fear of the un-known

as we can not be Lead by Fear


~ The Majority of Voices in America have been Silenced by the Few ~

by Political Media Agenda and their un-Questioned True Belief in Fear of the un-known

as we are Silenced because we do not truly believe as they truly believe

as true belief is not fact Questioned tested knowledge to find and see and know the truth

True Belief is not Fact Tested Reality

~ as ~

 we are now being Lead by Paranoia caused by the Political Media Paranoia from far away

as Paranoia can not be Questioned and can only Observed and Treated if possible

as Paranoia of the un-known future can not provide good preventive care in tested reality

Paranoia can only Preach and Sell their Political Media Paranoia

~ as ~

True Belief can not be Questioned because it is True Belief

and We can not place True Belief before tested knowledge as Tested Reality

and we must be Governed by Questioned Knowledge knowing the Truth

and not by Paranoid True Belief in the un-known


Many Native Americans in History were Guilty of Owning Black Slaves

and it was the Native Americans

who wanted the Memorial Fountain in Hill Park to be Removed

over the Issue of the very same Slavery they themselves are very Guilty of

while the Pope and Clergy are Guilty of Owning Slaves too

just as Free Black People are very Guilty of Owning Black Slaves during Slavory

as all Colors are Guilty of Slavery

while the Fountain had nothing to do with Slavory

and now the Fountain of 100 years in Hill Park Helena Montana

with out Real Public Question or Real Public Debate or Real Legal Review

is now Gone

caused by the very Rash and Hasty Political Paranoia

by our Fearless City of Helena Leaders

and if we are going to support Equality for all in America

then we must allow all of History and tested knowledge to be known

as we can not cherry pick History or Knowledge

as we are now Governed by very proven Political Fools in both Science and History

who ignore Fact for their Political Agenda Make Believe

as we are Governed by proven Political Media Paranoia and Fear from far away

based on the rejection of Questioned knowledge

for their un-questioned true belief doing only harm

and that is why we have a Separation of Church and State

as we are not and can not be Governed by True Belief = Religion

we are Governed by Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated ~ Knowledge = Science

and Belief is not Tested Knowledge or Reality

and when we allow Fear and Paranoia to Dictate Reality there is no Reality


We are Educated in many ways by many forms of History

and one day

 Nature will have removed all known History of all known Life

on this Carbon based Earth

along with all the many kinds of Symbols of Human History still standing

only if we do not Destroy them all first out of the Hatred and Fear of today

as these Symbols of our History are only

~ things ~

and can hurt no one

and are things we can learn our Human History from

teaching us who we are and how we lived before

so we may learn and know and grow forward from our past

as we must learn from all of history and of all knowledge from history

while Social Hatred and Paranoia based on the Ignorance of History

can only come from the Mind and not from these Things

and we can not allow the Ignorance of History of the few today

to Destroy or Change History only to appease their Hatred and Fear

only in ~ their ~ Minds

~ or lack there of ~

and I would consider the Removal or Destruction of any Symbol

or Memorial to any Fallen American

or any American Casualty of any American War

an Act of

~ Treason ~

the Betrayal of America to an Enemy

the Enemy the Ignorance of Reality with in

as we are all Americans of all colors regardless of the outcome of any and all American war

Foreign or Domestic

as we are all Americans in America

and even when we are fighting each other

we are still all American Solders in America

the Civil War was about Family’s and Brothers and Sisters

ordered to Fight and Kill each other

as for your Political Opinion based on a proven lack of knowledge in history

only breeds more Political Fascism and does not take it away

and for the sake of real history

I am thankful you are not a Montana Supreme Court Justice today

and in my Political Opinion

if we could destroy Political Parties rather than History

this World would be a much better and safer place to be

as it is Both the Extreme Right and the Extreme Left

 causing the Hatred Fear and Paranoia of today

as they are both wrong and guilty of their Ignorance

all based on their Political Media Agenda Ignorance of tested Reality and History

we are now Governed by this Paranoid Political Media agenda Make Believe

rejecting Questioned knowledge for Paranoia from far away




To the


Political Media Paranoia by Political Agenda

the proven Ignorance and Misconceptions of Reality and History

Dictating our daily Lives Today


Fear of the un-known is: Paranoia

and we should not make Rash Hasty Decisions in life based only on fear of the un-known

and a Fountain in the Park for the past 100 years

a Memorial to those of all colors who died in a war

is not a threat to Humanity today

it is a reminder to Humanity the Casualties of Living Life


but to be on the safe side

lets remove all evidence of all known history of all Casualty

based on the Misconception of Reality and History


It is not the Evil of the past that cause the Evil of today

it is the fear of the un-known destroying the history of the past that is the Evil today

as Political Media Paranoia has become the Norm as we live with the

Political Agenda Paranoia based on the un-known and Ignorance of the past when we

must Educate our selves of the past not destroy the past based on the ignorance of today



We the People


Helena Montana

should decide if the Fountain should stay or go

as it is their Fountain in their Park not yours


Removing the Fountain in Hill Park was test proven Political Agenda Paranoia

based only on the fact others in the world far away are Politically Paranoid

based on their Ignorance and Misconception of Reality and History

and this does not make all of Helena Montana Paranoid too

 just a few


Maybe our Elected Officials should have to meet a minimal level of Intelligence

and Mental Stability by a good Shrink before they can serve the Will of We the People

and not just serve to us ~ their ~ will and personal political paranoid agenda

based on the paranoia of others far far away

as we are not here to serve them they are elected to serve us

and once elected as a Servant to We the People they often become Dictators

and then we become their servants

as this is known as Fascism based on their Ignorance


True Wisdom Leads us Together


Paranoid Ignorance Dictates and Divides us while doing only Harm


All War is Evil and Wrong

and we must be able to deal with the many reality’s of life without having to kill each other

just as all Slavery is very Wrong

and if you do your Research the Civil War was not about Slavery or White Supremacy

as there were still Slaves on both sides during the War

with both colors fighting and killing each other on both side of the war

and it is very important to remember that it was Black African Slave Traders

who Captured and sold Black Africans into Slavery

as there were Black Slaves all over this world and not just in America

as all Slavery is wrong and goes back thousands of years

but Slavery was not based on white Supremacy in America

as there was white Supremacy much later in the South

and in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s

while many of us today of all colors

have family who fought on both sides of all the American Wars since 1776

as all Americans who have fallen in wars regardless of color

regardless of the war

and as all Americans

should be Remembered Honored and Respected


all Religious Wars are based on my God is better than your God

based on the same God that neither side can prove to exist

as millions Die over the same belief in the same God

as we live with Terrorism today in the name of Religion

in the name of God

as our solders continue to come home in a box after fighting someone else’s God

do you know how many Americans of all colors died today fighting someone else’s God ?


~ Letter to the Editor ~

Helena Independent Record


When you Live in Fear of a War Memorial of Fallen American Soldiers

you are not Living

when Live in Fear of the Past you are not Living

when you in Fear of the un-known you are not Living


To the Helena City Mayor Jim Smith

and Helena City Commissioners

Dan Ellison

Robert Farris-Olsen

Andres Haladay

Ed Noonan

about the Confederate Fountain Memorial in Hill Park

that does not represent Hatred or White Supremacy

it represents all fallen soldiers of all Colors Black and White


The Ignorance of History provides us with Ignorance of Life


there is a reason the Nazi Concentration Camps are still standing today

and must remain standing

they are to remind us of the many Horrors of Humanity

and removing Memorials of those who died in the many horrors of our own History

many of whom regardless of Color

were all Americans

who had zero choice but to fight for something they them self did not believe in

who died for someone else’s cause not their own and should always stand as a reminder

of the many inhuman acts of Humanity

as we do not live in a perfect world and we must remind our selves why everyday

as history repeats itself only when we forget the tragedy’s of the past

knowing all of history good and bad allow us to learn from the past and grow forward

we can not cure the Hatred and Paranoia of today by erasing the past

 we can not dig up all the Civil War Graves in the south

of those who did not want a war or to go to war

and then just pretend it never happened

most Soldiers who go to war are not fighting their war

they are fighting someone else’s war

and had no say

and hiding the Truth of the past will not make political hatred and paranoia go away

so do not blame misconceptions of History for the Hatred of today

you can not change history you can only change today

George Washington was a Slave Owner

so are we going to remove the Washington Monument too

because we are un happy about the past

as Isis has now destroyed all the remaining Babylonian history

and in 2001 the Afghan Taliban destroyed the largest oldest standing Bamiyan Buddhas

built in the 6th and 7th centuries A.D.

as the Egyptians and Greeks and Romans had slaves

as there were the Slaves of Russia and Europe

China was a Slave Nation up in till the early 1900’s

where some debts were paid with Children

and I am guessing the Great Wall of China was not built with volunteers

and I am guessing the Political Paranoid will not be tearing down this wall any time soon

while the Catholic Clergy and Religious Orders and Popes owned Slaves up in till the 1700

and some claim up through to the 1890’s

and  now we must tear down the Vatican too

so if the Pope had Slaves that still does not make it OK

I think you would have a very difficult time finding somewhere or place on this Earth

where there was no Slavery up in till very recent modern times

so are we going to destroy all of known History still standing today

because we do not comprehend or understand the history

so we are going to destroy history out fear of the future

while these political actions only increase Hatred and Paranoia not take it away

and like Isis and the Taliban the Helena City Commissioners will remove the History

to pacify only the very few Political Paranoid of today

who can not live and learn and know and grow forward

with the Reality’s of History in the Reality’s of today

as they are the Political Paranoid Cowards of History of today

who out of fear of tomorrow must destroy yesterday today

are we going to spend all of our today’s destroying yesterdays

having no today caused by the fear of all the tomorrows

while blaming it all on the past you do not know

because you destroyed it before knowing it

instead of knowing and growing forward from the past

as the greatest gift to the future is the past

but Political Paranoia can not allow the past to be


I am not Democrat or Republican

and I vote for People not Political Media Party’s

and I am for Equality for all

I do not belong to any Political Groups or Organizations of any kind

I am Scientist = skeptic

as I am called a Skeptic in a very Negative way by many

who tell me Skepticism is a bad thing

and I should just believe what they tell me to just believe with out Question


~ skepticism ~

the doctrine that the Truth in all of Knowledge must always be in Question


as we are now Governed by many proven Political Pathological Lies

as un-Questioned True Belief now dictate science and our lives

as I am for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for all

as the Clones of Political Parties = Political Media Religions

continue to destroy this country for their Political Agenda Hearsay Make Believe

as Political Media Fascism in America continues to grow

and because I Question and do not just believe what I told to just believe

I am called a Negative by True Believers who just ignore the Questioned and Tested Truth

as they continue to just believe what they are told to just Believe

as the Cowards of Questioned ~ Tested Reality Dictate Life

and in America today

only the Political Media True Believers are allowed a voice in the media today

and removing the 100 year old Fountain in Hill Park for the sake of Political Paranoia

will not make this world Safer

and will no longer reminds us of the real Negatives of Humanity

as the Fountain does not represent Hatred and will be removed from History

and the Hatred and Paranoia in the minds of those who live in Hatred will continue

and maybe now more than before

as the Politicians of today just seem to get better everyday

at Shooting the Foot in their Mouth

as they reject the Questioned Tested Truth

rejecting knowledge

for their personal feelings of True Belief in Fear of the un-known

their Decisions dictating how we can and can not live our life

based on their lack of knowledge

as test proven Ignorance now dictate how we live


Slavery ended after the war but the war was not about Slavery

55,000 Died at Gettysburg

of all colors on both sides

more than died in 10 years of the Vietnam War

The Civil War was all about Death

and all Americans should be remembered

as they were all Americans who died

as we spate on Vietnam Solders of all colors when the came Home

as we called them Baby Killers

most of whom did not choose to go

they were forced to go

while American Veterans are among the worst treated in this world

with the highest rate of Homelessness and Suicide


We can not hide or hide from history for the sake of make believe

and the Civil War was not about White Supremacy

as the misconception of history is the Paranoia controlling our lives today


How much for the Fountain

I have a place where it will be Respected and Honored

just like the Wall the Vietnam War Memorial

just like all the war memorials from day one we have yet to remove from history

as those who failed History and Science now dictate History and Science

dictated by Pathological Belief

dictated with out Question with out Truth

as we are Governed by Hearsay Make Believe doing harm in the name of good

because they will not allow their true belief to be Questioned to test and find the Truth

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward

for the sake of their hearsay true belief doing harm

as we are Governed by Belief in Fear and not by the tested Reality of Science


Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm

~ do you believe or do you know ?

as I Question Both to find the Truth

and if my understanding of History or Knowledge is wrong

I will admit it and Learn from it and Know and Grow Forward with Life

and we can not allow Paranoid Fascist Ignorance to Destroy or dictate History or our Lives

as they do not represent We the People they only represent their Ignorance

as the Fountain does not represent only Whites who died in this Tragic war

it represents all who died in America in an American War

while there is still the injustice of Slavery in this World Today

while it is Native Americans who want the Fountain Removed

as they too are guilty of Black African Slave Ownership

as Slavery was not uncommon among the Five Civilized Tribes

as there was slavery of all kinds including Child Slavery

so should we remove all Native American Memorials too

while many Native Americans were Slaves to the Whites before the African Slave Trade

while the European Slaves were treated far worse then the American Slaves

while most White People did not own Slaves

while some Free Black People did own Black Slaves

so ~ everyone ~ is guilty in History of Slavery


so may the Color with out Sin cast the first Stone


or remove all of history so we can start all over

and make all the very same mistakes again

so all of History can Repeat itself

and our decision makers

the Political Paranoid who live in fear of the un-known

based on their Ignorance and Political Agenda Misconceptions of Reality and History

they have publicly test proven they need a good Shrink

as Political Paranoia continues to grow and dictate life

based on un-Questioned True Belief in fear of the un-known while doing only Harm to all

I call it Political Media Paranoia Agenda


This will always be an imperfect world and there will always be Hatred and

Good Leadership is not by jumping on to the paranoia band wagon from far away

when there was zero Problem here to resolve while only opening a can of worms

and the Political Paranoid based on their fear of the unknown will continue to be Paranoid

while controlling the lives of others

making us their Social Slaves to their Political Paranoia Agenda

and because they are paranoid far away should not make us paranoid here

as the hatred is not here the hatred is there

we must set an example and not needlessly become part of the Tragedy

by over reacting to fear of the un-known based on zero known threats

because reacting to fear of the un-known based on paranoia far away

can not solve problems that do not exist here it causes problems here

and making Problems based on fear of the un-known is not solving Problems

it can only make more fear based on the un-known

I call it Paranoia selling Paranoia

and as they say

if it aint broke dont fix it

based on fear

and because they are Paranoid

does not mean we should choose to be Paranoid too

by the Political Paranoid Agenda of the Paranoid few

~ * ~

~~~~~}> Warning  <{~~~~~

~ * ~

Please Do not Drink the Political Agenda Cloning Kool-Aid

from either of the very small Punch Bowls

please try the Chicken Noodle Soup from the very large bowl in between

as the large majority of those here today who are having the Soup

are doing extremely very well

while the very small number of those drinking the Political Agenda Cloning Kool-Aids

we have to take them to the Rubber Rooms

and the Shrinks are telling us the Kool-Aid was tainted with

Political Ignorance and Misconception of Reality and History

some of them are being Treated for Paranoia caused by their fear of the un-known

while trying to destroy the evidence of history

while the others are being treated for Hatred

toward those trying to destroy the evidence of history

and if we could get those who keep drinking the Political Agenda Cloning Kool-Aids

to just try some of the Chicken Noodle Soup

we are certain those drinking the Political Agenda Cloning Kool-Aids

will stop tying to hurt each other and themselves

and will be much Happier and much Healthier

and much Wiser

while the Mayor and Commissioners of Helena Montana

are Addicted to the Political Agenda Cloning Kool-Aid

causing their Fear of the un-known = Paranoia

and Ignorance and Misconception of History and Reality

as they dictate Bogus Science and History based on their fear of the un-known = Paranoia

and their Ignorance and Misconceptions of Fact Tested Reality

while allowing zero ~ real ~ Public Question or Debate

as they Dictate their True Belief

they do not Lead us Together they Dictate us Apart

they are the proven Political Agenda Clones of Paranoia Far Away

they are not solving Problems they are the Problem

because you can not Lead by Fear and Ignorance and Rash Hasty Decision

or by Politically Cloned Paranoia from far away

allowing the Paranoia from far away to Spread

for the Sake of Cloned Political Agenda who must all think just alike

and as George Washington stated

Political Parties would be a bad thing for this new Republic

now called a Democracy by Political Ignorance

as we are not a Democracy we are a Republic where the Individual is Equal to the Majority

where you are not required be a Political Clone to Political Agenda doing Harm

where you are allowed to be a free thinking Soul

free of Ignorance of the Politically Paranoid Few

who Politically Brainwash and Control their Political Clones

so there can only be one way of Believing

based on Fear of the un-known

as we are all Slaves to Political Ignorance by Political Clones

who have no mind of their own

they just believe what they told to just believe

by those from far away who do not ~ know ~ who just Believe too

as the Cloned Political Media Paranoia Agenda continues to Grow

and destroying the past can only harm the future and today even more

allowing only the Ignorance and Misconceptions to grow

rejecting Knowledge for a false True Belief


We must Perverse all knowledge not destroy it

and Please

do not just believe what you are told to just believe

as all knowledge and belief must be Questioned to find the Truth

as most People are not Democrats or Republican

or White Supremacists or Paranoid of the un-known

as the majority of us are Independence’s who have no voice in Washington D.C.

as we sit and watch and see

what the Political Agenda Kool-Aid drinkers are doing to America

~ so ~

Please Try the Chicken Noodle Soup

~ thank you ~

Learn and Know and Grow Forward

do not destroy

while my only Political Agenda is:

for Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for all

~ regards ~

Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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