The Rebuttal to: Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Rachel is Deranged

Rachel is what she Preaches

and that would be her proven Ignorance

as Rachel has clearly proven she is not a Journalist

while proving she is a Sick Lunatic Political Preacher for Hate and Paranoia

and has clearly proven she is Political Pathological and not Factual

Rachel does not Inform

she withholds the Truth in tested reality


Rachel is a Political Media Brainwasher

as she Preaches Lunatic Political Science Fiction

and Proven Lies for Political Ploy

and I do not think a Shrink can help Rachel

as she lives in fear of the unknowable future

and to live in fear of the unknown is Paranoia

and as Rachel Preaches her Paranoia she lives in her Paranoia

~ and ~

Thank You Rachel & Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates and Co.

for your Contribution to All the Political Media Brainwashed Hate and Paranoia

and all the proven lies in this World today

and when you Preach Hate and Paranoia and Proven Political Lies

then you are the Hate and the Paranoia and a Political Pathological Lair



They Believe in their Proven to be Political Pathological Lies


In my Life time no one has Committed more Treason against America than

China Joe Dementia Biden and the Obama 2.0 Nut House

and it was the Democratic New World Order Billionaire Elite

and their Proven Lies by their Fascist Treasonous Democratic Deep State

and their Fascist Anti-American Lies by their Media and Press

that got China Joe Fascistly Elected

along with Unconstitutional Changes in Voting Laws by many States


China Joe is a known Traitor to America

China Joe should have been Charged and Tried for Treason

many moons ago

and when found Guilty of his Crimes of Treason

placed in front of a Military Firing Squad

but with a known Fascist Democratic Deep State

China Joe will never be Charged with his known Crimes of Treason

as Democratic Fascism now Flourishes in America


The number one Enemy of Democratic Political Media Fascism

is the Truth they Silence for their Political Ploy with their proven Lies

for their Anti-American Political Agenda


All of We the People who are America


 Mr. Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

would like China to Rule this world

and Mr. Bill and the Democratic Billionaire Elite

have decided for you what is best for you

in their Fascist Anti-American Anti-Freedom New world Order

as Democratic Fascism of the New World Order

now Rules what was America

and a Vote for Joe is a Vote for China Iran Russia North Korea

and the rest of our Proven Enemies

and vote Against Israel

as Democratic Fascism have proven they are Pro-Crime and Pro-Terrorism

as China Joe and the Democratic Fascism have put America Last

as the Biden Organized Crime Family Profits


Rachel Maddow the highest Paid Political Pathological Lair in America

and along with the rest of the Anti-American Political Pathological Media and Press

they will be Voting for America Last

as they Support and Defend and Lie for the Biggest Fascist Treasonous Traitors

in American History

~ and ~

to those who just believe the proven Lies ~

You are the proven fools of proven to be criminal fools

and to those who Hate Freedom and Justice for All

Move to Iran

as the Free Press

of the people by the people for the people

Stabs All of We the People who are America in the Back

for their New World Order Fascist Socialism

as they too have decided for you what is best for you

as they Stab you and me in the Back again ans again

as their Lunatic Paranoid Predictions of the unknowable Future

is the best the Democratic Fascism can do for America

and everything they Preach to us will happen to us by others

the Democratic Fascism has already done to All of We the People

Who are America

as Fascism Dictates Science

because you can not stop the proven lies by the Democratic Fascism

with the scientifically test proven truth

while scientifically proving

the Democratic Billionaire Elite

are Test Proven Lunatics for Profit Power and Control

and are not Scientists

as they have publicly scientifically proven they fail 5th grade science

and stopping the cause of the Greenhouse

causing All Living Breathing Nature

causing the Environment

will not stop Climate Change

while wasting many tens of trillions of Dollars

to do only proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green


the byproduct of energy is the cause of all life

and if there is a God

God Bless the Universe

and I am not worried about Joe Biden’s Age

I am worried about all the money Joe has taken from our proven Enemies

  since 1972

and I am worried about his obvious Dementia for the past four years

while China Joe does not Enforce the Laws of America

as China Joe commits known Treason against America

since 1972

as the open Border is an Act of Treason

and when you can not test a reality then there can be no reality


 The only thing Political Media Brainwashed Hate and Paranoia can prove

in Science

is their Brainwashed Hate and Paranoia

that is based on Scientifically test proven Political Media Pathological Lies


Bruce A. Kershaw

American Independent Scientist

for truth in life and knowledge for a better life for All


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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