The Rebuttal ~ Poetic Political Justice in Motion


Articulation without Punctuation

The Rebuttal


Bruce A. Kershaw

American Scientist

for the truth in life and knowledge for a better life for all

Helena Montana

[email protected]


If you Hate a Free America

~ of and by and for ~

All of We the People who are America

then please Leave and take your Fascism with you


November 21, 2023

I am Amassed

by the Number of Ignorant University Students in America

with their level of stupidity in tested reality

who are obviously Politically Brainwashed to Hate

by our now Fascist Media and Education System

who side with the proven Evil in this World

with their goal of Destroying a Free America

by destroying the Minds of the youth of America


October 4 ~ November 2

~ 2023 ~

The Jewish People have lived in what is called Israel today

for over 1000 years before Jesus Christ who was of the Jewish Faith

with the Jewish God of Christ the Foundation for Christianity

500 years before Islam

while the Jewish People have been Ruled by many foreign Enemies

many times over that time

while the Islam Terrorist want to Kill all the Jews and the Christians

as the Islam Terrorist use and kill the People of Islam too

when the God of both the Jews and the Christians is the very same God of Islam

and their shared God does not Teach Hate and Death

it is the Brainwashed and Drug Terrorist who are Preaching the Hate and Death

as only Evil can Preach Hate and Death as they Destroy Love

as Terrorist are not the Warriors of Good and Love for a Healthy Life by Sanity

they are the Cowards of Evil Hate and Death by Brainwashed Drug Insanity

and when your Choice is to follow and be Ruled by Proven Evil

then the Proven Evil will only Lead you to the Living Hell

of Pathological Paranoid Hate and Death

and those you side with the Hamas Baby Butchers

are more than just Deranged


not once in my life time have I ever been harmed by someone of the Jewish Faith

the first faith of the same God


…and just as the U.S. Government is now Weaponized

against All of We the People who are America

 by a Treasonous Deep State Political Criminal Organization

The United Nations


a Proven Criminal Body too and is not a Science Body

as they provide proven lies while rejecting proven knowledge

as their Proven Crimes Against Humanity and Reality are well Documented

and the United States should no longer be apart of this Criminal Body

and then the proven Criminals can leave America and go elsewhere

like China or Iran or some other Terrorist Country

where the Freedom to Be is a Crime


Fascism is not Freedom

as Fascism continues to take over and Rule this broken world

that is Broken by Hate Destroying Love

by Evil Destroying Good

as Treasonous Democratic Fascism is Destroying America

with the help of many Proven to be Fascist Billionaires

Like Bill Gates & Mike Bloomberg

as Mr. Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates would like China

a Terrorist Fascist Evil Country to Rule this World

as the Hate of Freedom in America should leave America

and go live in their favorite fascist terrorist country

where they can live in their Pathological Hate of Love

as the Democratic New World Order is Proven Fascism Destroying Freedom


To: Mike Johnson

Speaker of the House of Representatives

of the

Republic of the United States of America

Of and By and For

All of We the People Who are America

Congratulations Mike


I Support Your Wisdom from Your Knowledge


Bruce A. Kershaw



The Wide Open United States Border

is a Constitutional Act of Treason


The China Joe Obama 2.0 Fascist Lunatic Nut House

as they are Destroying America


science is: to know

by proven fact tested reality

to know by questioning and testing the Truth

with open public question rebuttal and debate to know the Truth


Reality is Tested and not just Preached and then just Make Believed

as the truth in knowledge must always be in question for All

as all opinion must have a voice to for there to be reality in science

and when the Truth is Silenced then there can be no reality or truth


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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