The Rebuttal ~ Poetic Political Justice in Motion


November 22 ~ December 20


Political Media Preached and Programed Paranoia is: not science


…when the Pathological refuse to Debate the Factual ~


Climate Change is: Real

but when you can not Articulate your science

or provide your science Data

~ when requested ~

to support the words you Politically Preach

then it is not real science and it is then Programed Make Believe

~ as ~

Democratic Fascism

~ Hates ~

Freedom For All

~ of ~

We the People who are America

…as Scientifically proven to be ~

Criminal Fascist Political Pathological Frauds ~

Dictate: a False Reality of Brainwashed Ignorance

for their power control and profit

as we are now witnessing

~ another ~

Political Media Scam Election Cycle by Democratic Fascism

who have destroyed America and Freedom for All

by Fraudulently wining Elections by Lying and Cheating

while committing known Treason

~ against ~

All of We the People who are America


Political Media Programed Reality is:

~ Preached Belief ~

Preaching Paranoia based on zero science

and is not questioned tested debated knowledge


Pathological is: not Factual


Political Pathological Science Fiction Is: not ~

Proven Fact Tested Reality in Questioned Tested and Debated Science

as the truth in knowledge must always be in question

while knowing

it is: Politics

that Destroys Love Peace and the Truth in Life

and for the love and peace in the truth in all of Life to be ~

for a better Life for All ~

then knowing

it is the Politics that must be destroyed for all of the good in life to live and be

by Abolishing All Political Parties

to stop the destruction of proven fact tested reality in all of known history

to allow the tested truth in tested reality to be

to stop the proven Ignorance Destroying the Tested Reality


…and as an Independent ~

who has Voted for more Democrats in my Life time than Republicans ~

I will never vote for another Democrat for the rest of my Life


science is: to know

…and the more I know the less I just Make Believe ~



In the Laws of Science in the Science of Law

we must test both the science and the law to know the tested truth in tested realty


~ prognostication ~

Hypothetical Conjecture of the unknowable future by unproven theory

that is based on proven fraud in science

is not proven fact tested reality in science


Human caused Climate Warming is Scientifically Debunk Unproven Theory

while knowing the science data clearly proves there is no climate emergency

knowing the climate emergency is a Scientifically Proven Lie

by scientifically proven Liars and Frauds in Science

who silence the tested truth in tested knowledge in tested reality

for their Power Control and Profit


All of We the People who are America



the U.N. Climate Study is proven to be ~

Flawed and Incomplete

with more climate variables missing from the climate study than in the climate study

while supported by proven to be Fraudulent Data

~ * ~


~ Reward ~

for the Peer-reviewed Science Data

Proving there is a Climate Emergency

Proving there is Catastrophic Climate Warming

Proving there is Catastrophic Ice Melt

Proving there is Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

Proving Humans are Responsible for a Climate Emergency

that real science data has proven is not happening

~ * ~

science is: to know


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

…and that is the question or is it not ?

…and if you can not articulate the science because you do not comprehend the science

~ then you do not know ~

as you just Make Believe

and have Earned Zero Right to Scientific Opinion

as the truth in knowledge must always be in question test rebuttal debate

for there to be ~

Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

beyond dictated Belief ~

and without Humor there can be no Social Justice in tested reality


some lies are honest while some lies are not

as we must always question and test the truth to always know the proven lies


science is: to know ~

what is real and what is not real

beyond pathological political science fiction

by political pathological frauds who publicly fail 3rd grade science


Preached Climate Paranoia is: not science


Climate Paranoia by Political Media Climate Religion is:

to live in Fear of the unknowable future

and is a Brainwashed Mental Disorder

that is Pathological and not Factual

Climate Paranoia is a Convinced personal emotional feeling of belief

and is not based on scientifically proven knowledge

it is based on scientifically Debunk unproven theory

as Climate Religion is doing only Harm to the cause of Green

as the cause of Green is caused by CO2 and Water Vapor and Sun energy

causing the Carbon Cycle by and on this Carbon based Earth

causing all the Oxygen we Breathe and the Carbon based Food we Eat


CO2 and Water Vapor causing the first Atmosphere


the Greenhouse

causing all living nature and the environment

causing all primary and secondary carbon based life and energy

in a continuous cycle of recycle

while proving the byproduct of energy is life

and is: not

Toxic Poison and Pollution

as Preached by the Political Media Religion of Doomsday Climate Paranoia

to profit Billionaires who publicly fail grade school science

while doing only harm to the carbon cycle for their profit


The evaporated by product of warming by the variable sun

~ CO2 and Water Vapor causing Green ~

is not the cause of warming


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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