If Joe Berry can not prove it then How can you ?


The Rebuttal

To: Hon. Kathy Seeley

Helena ~ Montana


my only logical conclusion is

you are part of the Fascist Democratic Deep State

as you have scientifically proven you are self serving to your Political Belief

as you Abolish the tested truth you do not know ~

and when you refuse to look at the test proven facts proving you are wrong

you are then only scientifically proving you are not real in tested reality

~ and ~

would you like to review the tested science proving your ignorance ?

and if not ~

then you have proven you are not a Scientist ~

while you allow Children who have been Politically Brainwashed to be Paranoid

destroying their lives forever

as you allow these Mentally Abused Children to be Used as Political Ponds

in your Court Room

for a scientifically proven to be Fraudulent Political Agenda

that is doing only scientifically test proven harm to Nature

as you have allowed yourself to be used for Political Ploy

while you have now Publicly proven you Failed 5th Grade Science

as you are now making Decisions in Science you do not Comprehend

  and have earned zero right to Opinion In

Decisions that will do only test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle

to the cause of all living Nature and the Environment

costing tens of trillions of dollars to do only proven harm to the Carbon Cycle

on and to this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

and if you would like to Learn and Know the Peer-reviewed Science

the knowledge beyond your Lunatic Political Science Fiction

 I would be happy to help you grow forward in tested Reality

and then you could bring yourself above Failing Grade School Science

for better decision making in your future Court Cases based on science in the future

Impacting all of We the People who are America

who did not Fail Grade School Science

who now know your Ignorance in tested reality

as you are an Insult to Questioned Tested Debated Science

and would you like the Names of over 30,000 Scientists

over 9,000 of them with PhD’s

who disagree with you ~


question test rebuttal debate

~ question ~


and you can Debunk all the Scientists who disagree with your

personal emotional feelings in Political Belief ?

as you have only scientifically proven you are an Insult to the Rule of Law

as the Laws of Science and the Science of Law are one in the same Tested Truth

as both Science and Law are based on the same questioned tested knowledge

as you just ignore the proven fact tested available knowledge for your Political Belief

as you reject the rule of law and science for Political Pathological Belief

scientifically proving you are Pathological and not Factual

and a Good Judge is Factual and not a Politically Pathological Fraud

who Publicly Fails 5th Grade Science for Belief

while the only thing you have scientifically proven to me ~

you need a Shrink


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor

Helena Montana


and your Rebuttal can go Here

with your Peer-reviewed science and data

with a test or experiment to support your words of belief

and proving you are not a Test Proven Political Fraud in Science

and if you would like to have ~

an Open Public Scientific Debate right here in Helena

and I am Ready when you are ~

while since 2007 the Independent Record

has yet to print one of my many Letters to the Editor in Science

while I am now being Censored by Big Tech

and this is known in the Real World of science as test proven Fascism

and if you do not have a problem with my free speech being taken away

in America

then you need two Shrinks

and who is going to pay for the Shrinks for the Children you used

and if you have no Humility for your known Emotional Crimes against these Children

for your Lunatic Political Agenda then you need three Shrinks



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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