Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Scam = Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra California State University Sacramento


~ * ~

To: Tim Fox

Attorney General ~ State of Montana

Hi Tim,

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm

while fools are those who do not know what is possible and what is not in tested reality

who just believe what they are told to just believe by those who do not ~ know ~




To: Dr. John Balachandra

California State University Sacramento

From: Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana


The Throttle Body is the Air Valve located usually on the top of Engine of your Car

that open and closes allowing air to inter the Engine

that is then mixed with the fuel injected into the combustion chambers of the Engine


Dear John,

please explain to me

~ how ~

paying you $500.00

to Intentionally Damage the Throttle Body on my Car

causing un-wanted Erratic Turbulence in the intake manifold

where there is zero fuel to mix with the air

causing un-even air flow to each of the combustion chamber cylinders

~ how ~

this will then over ride the On Board Computer and all the Sensors

and then far exceeding the 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio ~ mixture ~

required for all Gasoline engines to run properly

with out damaging the engine caused by lean air to fuel mixtures

~ how ~

this will then Double or Triple the Gas Mileage of my Car

when for the past 100 plus years of very proven Physics and Chemistry

it is very far from possible for today’s gasoline engines to run at a

30 to 1 air to fuel ratio


please tell us how this Magic works

your explanation

~ Here ~

and then Dr. John

I want you to bring me a car that you claim has doubled in gas mileage

so if the car was getting 30 MPG it will now be getting 60 MPG

and we will do three gas mileage tests

recording Fuel Injector  ~ pulse-width = duration = on Time

~ for example ~

4 cylinder engine

2 milliseconds at Idle speed

10 milliseconds at cruising speed

and note O2 sensor voltage

that will not turn on the Check Engine Light from an over lean condition

with out the Knock Sensor Turing on the Check Engine Light

from an over lean condition

caused by a 30 to 1 air to fuel ratio ~ mixture

while it is still not possible for an engine to run at 30 to 1 air to fuel ratio

and then I will replace the damaged Throttle Body with a new Throttle Body

and then repeat the gas mileage test three times

and we will then see the fuel Injector on time double to

4 milliseconds at Idle speed

and double to 20 milliseconds at Cruising speed

and O2 sensor voltage stay the same and not change

and see the gas mileage drop by one half back to 30 MPG

proving an internal combustion engine can run at a 30 to 1 air to fuel mixture

while the grooves can in fact over ride the On Board Computer

while re-calibrating all the sensors

with out turning on the check engine light

while gaining performance

with out the engine Pinging = pre-ignition caused by lean air fuel mixtures

as leaner than a 15 to 1 air to fuel ratio will do while causing engine damage

while the lean out condition causes misfiring too

~ while ~

Ron is Instructing his customers to plug off the PCV system

Positive Crankcase Ventilation System

and so the first thing you have is a much richer running engine

by reducing the fixed amount of air the going into the engine

that the on Board computer then compensate for

while plugging off the PCV is eliminating the cool air going into the crankcase

that help with the cooling the of internal components of the engine

trapping heat in the crankcase making the metal inside the engine much hotter

making the metal that comes in contact with the fuel much hotter

causing and increasing Pre-ignition ~ Pinging = Knocking ~

caused by lean Air to Fuel mixtures in the combustion chambers

causing engine Damage

while not allowing hot flammable gas fumes to be pulled out of the crankcase

and back into air intake system

and then diluted with fresh cool filtered air becoming inflammable

and then into the combustion chambers where it burned same as the other fuel

while this will cause positive pressure instead of negative pressure in the crankcase

making it much harder for the cylinder pistons to travel downward

and with positive pressure in the crankcase

this will push oil out past the oil seals of the engine

while causing a build up of gasoline in the crankcase and in the oil

causing a much faster build up of gum and varnish in the crankcase and piston rings

causing more blow by in to the crankcase

causing more pressure instead of vacuum in the crankcase

while allowing more oil to go past the piston rings and into the combustion chambers

while lowering compression

while allowing far more gas contamination of the oil and oiling system

breaking down and thinning the oil much faster while reducing lubrication

as water lubricates far better than Gasoline

while causing a build up gum and varnish in the  oiling system

damaging the oil pump and reducing oil pressure

while allowing the build up of hot gas fumes in the crankcase

turning your crankcase in to Bomb

and then on top of that

you now have a build up of condensation ~ water ~ in the crankcase

acting like a wax build up everywhere in the crank case

plugging up the oiling system

and acting like a heat blanket insulating more un-wanted heat on the inside of the engine

making the metal inside the engine even hotter

causing more

pre-ignition = pre-detonation = pinging = knocking in the combustion chambers

caused by lean air to fuel mixtures

that can and will cause permanent Engine damage

while the moisture is causing your engine to rust from the inside out

~ so if ~

you are following Ron’s Expert Automotive Advice to plug off your PCV system

you are severely damaging your engine in your car in many many ways

while you are now driving around with a crankcase that is now a proven Bomb

as the first car with a Crankcase Ventilation System was a 1960 Ford Falcon

but it did not have a PVC Valve = Check Valve in the ventilation hose

as the PCV Check Valve only allows air to move in one direction

so with out this check valve

if the engine misfired ~ backfired ~ into the air intake system

it Ignited the gas fumes in the crankcase

and then the engines in these Ford Falcons would Blowup ~ Blew-apart

~ while ~

you can do this ~ Moron ~ modification to your own car engine and not break the Law

but could void any Warranty

but if Ron were to do this Expert Modification to your car engine

its a 40,000 Fine by the EPA to do this ~ Moron ~ Modification

as this is an Emission Control Device

as this further proves Ron has Failed High School Auto Shop

and in fact Ron is a test proven ~ Moron ~ in Real Automotive Science

who you are paying $500.00 for one hour of his time to Trash your Throttle Body

gaining un-wanted more un-balanced erratic turbulence in the air intake system

that is not mixing with any fuel

when you want to reduce turbulence not increase turbulence

providing a more uneven flow of air to the combustion chambers

causing some cylinders to run leaner and some to richer than other cylinders

and can and will cause permanent Engine Damage

as this is the perfect scam on those who Failed High School Auto Shop

while there is zero Logical justification for these proven to be Moron modifications

as Ron does in fact tamper with the emission controls breaking the Law

as Ron’s Magic can only harm your engine

as he continues to Scam the world since about 2009

with the help of those who do not know what is possible and what is not

in the real world of Physics and Chemistry


Dr. John

since I began my investigation on April 19 2017

while communicating with Ron Hatton

he has changed his tune


~ it works ~


~ this is an experiment ~

and is a Bogus Scam Experiment doing harm

but like I have said before

when you have a 1 Gallon Bucket

and you tell me the 1 gallon bucket will now hold 3 Gallons of water

or you tell me you can drop the voltage by half going into an Ignition Coil

and increase Voltage output and spark duration

or you tell me you can put 300 volts into a 600 volt motor and increase performance

I do not need to test that self-debunk un-provable theory

because I know it is Lunatic Science

so prove my 46 years of Automotive Science is wrong

by debunking the last 100 plus years of very proven Physics and Chemistry

and as I have said before

the only way to deal with Pathological Frauds

is to waste my time testing their Lunatic Science

so lets do it Dr. John

lets test your Lunatic Science

so I can Prove your a Lunatic

as you obviously Failed High School Auto Shop too

as only simplistic belief can prove anything and everything in Lunatic science

while the statements by your friend Ron on his website is all Garbage

as you are Preaching and Selling for Profit already proven Lunatic Science

based on very proven lies by You and Ron

so lets prove it again that it is still Lunatic Science

by Lunatics in Science

so bring me a car with doubled MPG


~ when the science real ~

it will work on all engines not just some

as we have claims of Triple the MPG on some cars

and then on others zero increase in MPG

so if  I were to give you $500 Bucks then maybe it will work or maybe not

that in-itself proves

~ scam science fiction ~


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw


Evaluation Team

benefiting the certification of automobile training programs

National Automotive Technicians

Education Foundation


~ ASE ~

Automotive Service Excellence


State of California Licensed in 1976

~ Master Technician and Emission Control Testing and Certification ~


Dr. Honor

October 8, 2011

for my 40 plus years of work in Atmospheric Emission Science

Physics and Chemistry

~ * ~

Is Dr. John a Pathological Fraud or just a Fraud ?

does John truly believe his Lunatic Science is real ?

or does

Professor John Balachandra ~ California State University Sacramento

~ know ~

he is selling Lunatic Science ?


Has Dr. John been Scammed or is Dr. John the Scam ?

is Dr. John ~ Ron’s Puppet

or is Ron ~ Dr. John’s Puppet

or are they both just Frauds in science together

and we may never know

as science is to know

~ * ~

If your car engine is running to lean or to rich

this can and will do Irreversible Damage to your engine

and if your engine is not running at 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio

and the engine is running to Lean or to Rich

the O2 Sensors will tell this to the On Board Computer

and the computer will then compensate for the over Lean or over Rich condition

and if and when the On Board Computer can not compensate for this condition

the On Board Computer will turn on your Cheek Engine Light

until this condition goes away

so you can prevent damage to your Engine

while keeping the Air Clean

and the more efficiently your Car is Running the more CO2 = carbon dioxide is produced

and less efficiently your Car is Running the more CO = carbon monoxide is produced

both are carbon based oxygen

but only one of them can make plants and trees grow

while making oxygen for us the breathe

while most of the fuel going into the engine is burned in the combustion chamber

as I know

when I have a gas analyzer connected to the tail pipe on a cold start on a cold engine

before the O2 sensors are heated and have not gone into closed loop

and before the Catalytic Converters have heated

and are not incarcerating any fuel = HC = Hydrocarbons

I will see as little as 200 ppm (parts per million) HC = hydrocarbon = un burned fuel

coming out the tail pipe of your car

if I un plug one park plug wire the HC will jump up to over 2000 plus ppm


new cars today are running to lean

and when you can richen the air to fuel mixture just a little

this will improve mileage and performance

as I have proven many times over the past 30 years

while the majority of what comes out the tail pipe of your car

is water vapor and (carbon based oxygen) = CO2  = carbon dioxide

while the majority of the Nitrogen that is 78.09% of the air  going into the engine

comes right back out

with the exception of small percentage of nitrogen

that bonded with a small percentage of oxygen

at 2500 degrees and hotter in the combustion chamber

making NOx = Nitrogen Oxide

that Sun energy then brakes back apart


O3 = oxygen = heavy oxygen  = called Ozone

so for the most part what is coming out the tail pipe of your car

is the same thing that is coming out of Volcanoes

CO2 and Water Vapor and some SO2 and of course Ash and Lava

as CO2 and Water Vapor caused the first Atmosphere on this Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it

causing the carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

causing all the Green on this Carbon based Earth

while plants and trees would like 4 times more CO2 to breathe

than is in the air today

as all lungs on this carbon based Earth produce more than all the cars

as the largest increases of water vapor and CO2 is caused by Evaporation

making this Carbon based Earth much Greener

as Politicians and Journalist continue to Preach to us

water vapor  and CO2 the cause of all the Green and all Carbon based Life

is: Toxic Pollution

while the more efficiently your car is running the more water vapor and CO2 is produced

making this Blue Planet Greener

while increased levels of frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

cooling the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer

than the increased levels of frozen water vapor

from the upper atmosphere where it -200 degrees below zero

is crashing down to the earth Poles as Hot air still rises

something they left out of the climate study

along with a dozen other climate variables

or the fact heat still rises

as the media continues to tell us the Oceans are rising when in fact they are declining

as they continue to tell us the rate of warming is speeding up when it is slowing down

as we are now pumping man made CO2 into the Ground

lowering oxygen levels in the air

while turning under ground water into acid

as we spending trillions to do this test proven harm to real Nature

so who do you believe


if you do not know what is possible and what is not

then you can be scammed to by your true belief


 I do not believe

as to believe is not science

science is to know

~ peace ~