Heidi Cullen & Irina Feygina & Climate Central & Skepticism



Heidi Cullen

Chief Scientist ~ Climate Central


Chief Preacher for Climate Religion

selling fear and paranoia based on failed prediction for profit

as climate change is not a hoax

Climate Central = Climate Religion is the test proven Hoax

doing test proven Harm and zero Good to the environment

to the Carbon cycle

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

for Proffit


Dear Heidi

you do not Question science you just believe what you are told to just belive

I Challenge you to an open public debate in climate science with a


~ Reward ~

for the Science References


Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth


two oxygen atoms ~ based to ~ one carbon atom

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2= Carbon dioxide

the cause of the first atmosphere


The Carbon Cycle

causing all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

known as Pollution by your Paranoid Climate Religion

as your body is 20% carbon made from CO2

as you breathe oxygen made from CO2

as all the food you eat is made from CO2


Real Science is Questioned and Debated to find the Tested Truth


Spending Trillions of Dollars

to reduce the cause of all the Green on this carbon based earth

while lowering oxygen levels in the air

and turning underground water into an Acid

~ is ~

un-Questioned Paranoid Lunatic Science

Preaching Fear and Paranoia based on failed prediction based on proven to be

very flawed incomplete garbage science for Profit


~ Repetitiveness ~

is the Key to Deprogramming


~ skepticism ~

is the bases for the scientific method to find the tested truth in science

as the media has taken sides in science they do not comprehend

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

while refusing to allow

the other many sides of the science argument in this brand new science

to be Publicly known

while refusing to allow their True Belief to be Questioned by the scientific method


The Majority of CO2 going in to the Air everyday is caused by Evaporation

by the Variable Sun with many cycles

as the Oceans have many times the CO2 level than the air

caused by billions of years of ongoing Volcanic activity below sea level

while acidifying the Oceans of over billions of years

as warming occurs first and then Water Vapor and CO2 levels rise

causing the carbon cycle and all carbon based life above Sea level

for the past 600 million years

as increased levels of Р200* degree below zero frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

cooling the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer

than the increased levels of the water vapor

crashing towards the Earths Poles 24/7

has more than off-set the warming effect of hot CO2 and water vapor rising

as hot CO2 is leaving the lower atmosphere

as all heat ~ still ~ rises in real Physics leaving a void filled by frozen air

causing the cooling effect of the lower atmosphere

as Carbon based Humans contribute to 3% of this Cooling Effect by Dry Ice = CO2

and is only 00.004% of the atmosphere

as 97% of the CO2 in the air is not caused by Human activity

and is only 00.037% of the atmosphere

as the cooling effect of CO2 falling exceeds the warming effect of CO2 rising

as CO2 transfers Hot and Cold at the very same time

as do all the Gases in the Atmosphere

while 00.04 % of the atmosphere can trap nothing in the other 99.96 % of the atmosphere

as the variable Sun with many cycles continues to be Brighter and Warmer

until one day the variable Sun vaporizes this Carbon based Earth

while Climate Warming has been at a stand still for the past 20 years

as the sea level has been declining for the past 8 years

caused by evaporation of water vapor and CO2 by the variable Sun

Evaporation exceeding the rate the Ice is Melting

while making this carbon based Earth Greener

making the carbon cycle healthier

while making our carbon based food healthier

while making the oxygen we breathe

and the warming stand still and sea level decline

based on NASA Data while debunking NASA prediction

prediction based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

while ignoring a dozen climate variables

proving it is a very flawed incomplete study

used to sell fear and paranoia doing only harm to the carbon cycle

as climate history alone has debunk the un-proven theory


as the U.N. states it is “likely” Humans cause climate warming

as “likely” a word of belief proves nothing in real science

as neither words or belief prove anything in real science

as the Media continues to allow zero Question of this very flawed incomplete science

as un-proven theory continues to be preached as settled science with out Question

by those who reject the scientific method for true belief in self-debunk prediction

who refuse to allow their debunk science to be Publicly Questioned or Debated

as their un-questioned science is doing test proven harm to the Environment

costing trillions of dollars to do only harm

all based on un-proven theory based on flawed incomplete science

they Preach is test proven Settled Fact based on ~ their ~ True Belief

based on zero Question ~ Test ~ Rebuttal ~ Debate

as they refuse to admit they are wrong

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward in fact tested reality

for the sake of their proven to be un-Questioned Pathological True Belief

and when you refuse to confront fact tested reality there can be no Reality in science

as one very small fragment of climate science

~ one half ~ of one climate variable

that Humans are responsible for only 3% of

does not Define all Climate Science or Prove Humans cause all climate warming

as debunk un-proven theory is Garbage science being Preached as settled science

that is not allowed be Publicly Questioned by Real Science

and Pathological or not

Test Proven Fraud and Deception is being Committed in Science

as it is not the Skeptics who Question the Science who have their Heads in the Sand

and live in Denial of proven fact test knowledge of the scientific method

as skepticism is to Question knowledge by the scientific method

to find the tested Truth in knowledge

as Climate Religion is to dictate science based on zero Question and zero Scientific Method


~ knowing ~

science is: to know

~ knowing ~

true belief in self-debunk prediction based on un-proven theory is not Science

as Climate Religion preaches their True Belief is Mainstream ~ settled ~ Science

as the religion of science is skepticism of true belief dictating science with out Question

as Climate Central = Climate Religion

~ believes ~

any skepticism

of their un-Questioned un-Proven debunk theory they Preach is Settled Science

is a Mental disorder

as they are now investigating this mysterious metal disorder in science

as 13% of the National Academy of Science signed a public letter

stating Humans cause Climate Warming based on their true belief

and zero scientific reference

while the other 78% of the ~ NAS ~ did not sign this letter

as there is zero consensus in self-debunk prediction based on debunked un-proven theory

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

as Pathological Science dictates science with out Question

and can provide zero scientific reference to prove Humans cause climate warming

as Nature has proven we contribute to cooling

proven by Skepticism

the doctrine that the truth in all of knowledge must always be in Question