Heidi Cullen & Irina Feygina & Climate Central & Skepticism


Not one Environmental Law Attorney

when requested with a Reward since 2007 can provide scientific references


Humans cause Climate Warming

we have Green Lunatics representing Green Lunatics

who can prove nothing with real science

who are reducing the cause of Green


Shiloh Hernandez


Publicly Test Proven Moron in Climate Science

a Fools Fool in Politically Preached Garbage Science


Environmental Attorney

Western Environmental Law Center ~ Helena Montana

who represents test proven Political Media Frauds in Science

who when confronted and requested

can provide zero peer-reviewed science to support their test proven Lies

based on their true Belief and nothing more

making them Pathological Frauds in science

who refuse to allow the so called science to be Publicly Questioned or Debated

proving it is not real science

with their so called science doing test proven harm to the environment

costing Trillions of dollars to do only Harm

as they continue to Dictate science with out Question



who Politically Brainwashed you to believe un-proven theory is settled science

Those preaching un-proven theory as settled science are part of a political media lunatic religion who can prove nothing with real science and are doing test proven Harm to the Carbon cycle of this carbon based Earth


you are an Attorney

and maybe you are a good Attorney

but you have earned zero right to scientific opinion

now prove with real science you are not a Lunatic in Science


I challenge you to an open public debate in ~ real ~ Climate Science



~ Reward ~

for the peer-reviewed science

~ proving ~

Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth


Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

~ the cause of the Carbon cycle and all carbon based Life ~

~ as ~

Test Proven Pathological Frauds in Science with zero working back ground in the science

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

Dictate Science with out Question


A Real Scientist

does not just believe what they are told to just believe

a Real Scientist Questions the Science

and when the science can not be Questioned or Debated

its not real science


~ Paranoid ~

Climate Religion Preaches

“The Science is Settled”

when settled science does not exist in real science of the scientific method


Skepticism is not a personal Flaw or Disorder in real Science

as Climate Religion Preaches it is ~



Climate Religion

are those who Preach Humans cause Climate Warming

based on

un-proven theory

based on

True Belief in self-debunk computer Ouija Board prediction of the un-known future

based on

~ one half ~ of one climate variable

based on

a proven to be very flawed incomplete climate study


ignoring a dozen known climate variables and millions of years of climate history

debunking their un-proven theory

as Climate Religion can provide zero scientific reference when requested

to prove they are not Pathological Frauds

while they refuse to allow Public Question or Debate of their Scientifically test proven Lies

your conception of climate science in tested reality

is Lunatic Politically Brainwash make believe

as you can prove nothing with real science


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

40 plus years Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with on going Climate Science Investigation since 2007

Invited to participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club June of 2013