The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC


I grew up hanging around Garages and Shops in my Neighborhood in the 1960’s and 70’s

in Fountain Valley California

where they were building Professional Dragsters and Funny cars

I have been working on Cars since I was 10 – 12 years old

my first paying Job was pumping gas while managing the service station by my self

after school my Freshman year of high school in 1971

in 1972  I was a Mechanic in a Gas Station at age 16

and then in the summer of 1973 our Family moved to Helena Montana

where we have family

and I schooled at Helena High my senior year ~ class of 1974

and worked at Carlson Lincoln Mercury after school

and while at Helena High

 I was very lucky to have the best Auto Shop Instructor on the planet

who’s Auto Shop class won the Chrysler trouble shooting contest every single year

and is my favorite mentor in knowledge

Allan E. Walter

who was helping NASA when they needed help

I then moved back to California in 1976

I schooled at Ford ~ Chrysler ~ General Motors Tech Training Centers

while working as a Tune-up and Emissions Technician for New Car Dealers

I moved back to Helena Montana in 1980

after being a California Licensed Automotive Master Technician in 1976 at the age of 20

and since then I have Evaluated Automotive Science Education

I have been an Expert in Air and Fuel Delivery Systems since 1976 in

working with Carburetors and Fuel Injection along with Emissions systems and Testing

I have been Fine Tuning ~ Dialing In ~ Race Cars off and on for the past 40 plus years

I am an Expert in On Board Computer and Engine Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting

with an extensive back ground in all Automotive Electrical Systems

Ignition Systems and Starting and Charging Systems

I have been Reconditioning

Carburetors ~ Throttle Body and Throttle Body Fuel Injection

Alternators ~ Starters ~ Ignition system Distributors since 1976

and have a back ground in all areas of Automotive Sciences

I have Diagnosed brand new cars the new car dealers could not for the past 30 plus years

I have managed and operated my own Automotive service center since 1983

with an ongoing continued Education in Automotive Science

I received a Doctor Honor for my work in science in 2011

and I ~ know ~

what is possible and what is not possible in real Automotive Science

and I know very clearly what Moron Scam Science is and what is not

as I have a more than very clear understanding of the Physics and Chemistry

far more than those who have publicly failed High School Auto Shop

with there online statements on there websites

as the best place to find Bad and Lunatic Scam science for sale is online


I am for Truth in Science

and there is a lot of Scam Science for sale in this Carbon based World today

and regardless if he comprehends the very basics of Automotive Science

Ron Hatton is a Con-artist

Selling Lunatic Science

Selling Lies to himself and to those who do not know they are Lies


Aaron Murakami &  Ron Hatton

have publicly Failed High School Auto Shop

~ while ~

Ron Hatton

and his Gadgetman Groove

and his Bogus Modifications Ron would like very much to do to your car engine

will in fact do real Harm to your car engine

and will not Double or Triple the Gas Mileage of your Car

that Ron Hatton and his World Wide Scam continues sell

with the help of others who Failed High School Auto Shop too

as anyone who passed High School Auto Shop knows this is a scam

and know these modifications can and will do real harm to your cars engine

for only $500.00 dollars for one or less hours of his time


…and if you do not want to help end a World Wide Scam

that is a growing Cancer in Science today

by those who are

Knowingly Promoting and supporting a growing World Wide Scam Organization

making them part of the Scam

while being the Number One Salesperson for a World Wide Scam

is not much to be Proud of ~

but it’s your Resume not mine

otherwise I am going to do everything in my power

to prevent and protect my

Family ~ Friends ~ the Community of Helena and Montana

from any further Scams by Ron Hatton

now here in Helena


do you ~ believe ~ Ron ?

without Question


Now Google

Ron Hatton Gadgetman Groove Aaron Murkami

and should I believe Arron when tells me he has nothing to do with Ron ?


only those who are complete fools in Physics and Chemistry

would post this Lunatic Fraudulent Garbage on a Real Science Website

while this Garbage has been posted here and continues to be since 2012

promoting a known scam in science by a known Criminal and ~ why ?

and the People who leave this Fraudulent Science Fiction posted

call them selves Scientist

who then obviously failed High School Auto Shop Science too

and the only way they can prove they are not apart of this known Scam

is to remove this Web Page from this Website with the click  of a mouse

along with all of their other  Web Pages

selling this bogus scam and scam science by a scam Artist

and then we will ~ know ~ they are real Scientists

and if they do not

then we will ~ know ~ they are as Bogus as the Gadgetman Groove

and are part of this Scam by a known Criminal


Publicly Shaming People to do what is Right

while educating the Public of this Scam

to prevent any further Scam

while saving the Taxpayers Money by investigating and exposing this World Wide Scam

as Publicly ~

Exposing Crime in Science is not a Crime

Scamming the Public with bogus Science is a Crime

and being supportive in any way to a Scam is always bad for Business

just as having your name next to Ron’s name in Court Documents

would be very bad for Business as usual too

and after being a student of Law since 1980

knowing their a very big deference between free speech

and publicly selling scam science for a scam artist that can do only harm

while modifying Emission Controls

like anyone plugging off a Crankcase Ventilation System is against the Law

and subject to a $40.000 fine or more

and is just one of Ron’s Recommended Modifications

promoted and endorsed by Aaron on his websites

and will do harm to your Engine in may ways

while Aaron who has publicly failed High School Auto Shop disagrees


You can be apart of a Growing Cancer in all of Science

or you can be part of the Prevention and Cure of a growing Cancer in Science

as the cause of the growing Cancer all over this Carbon based Earth

is Profit ~

by taking advantage of those who do not Know what is real in science and what is not

and what is possible and what is not

and when your science is based only on words of True Belief

this is not real science  as words prove nothing in Science

as the Snake Oil Science continues to grow

caused by a lack of Knowledge

as real science is to ~ Know ~ beyond true belief

and if you only believe with zero Question ~ Test ~ Debate

then you do not ~ Know ~

 you just believe what you are told to just believe

based on zero

Proven Fast Tested Knowledge of the Scientific Method

and if your science is make believe then it is not Science

as True Belief is Religion not Science

while you can only Scam those who do not ~ Know ~

and the Scam Artist who take advantage of those who do not ~ Know ~

belong in Jail


and if you have been scammed by the Con-artist Ron Hatton

please inform the local Police or Sheriffs Department