The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC


…only Scam Artist ~ Help ~ Scam Artist

sell their world wide Scam


and all the other online Energy and Automotive websites

Contributing ~ Supporting ~ Promoting ~ Selling


World Wide Hoax Scam Fraud


~ Gagetman Groove ~

by Ron Hatton

creating ~ un-wanted erratic air turbulence ~ in the air intake system

doing only harm and zero good

as you want to reduce turbulence not increase turbulence in the air intake system

just as Plugging off the PCV system can do only harm to your engine and zero good

and is test proven Moron Science by the proven Criminal and Scam Artist Ron Hatton

and if Ron Plugged off your PCV system as this is an Emission Control Device

Ron is then subject to a $40,000 fine

as this traps heat and Gas Vapor in the crank case

turning your crankcase into a very test proven Bomb

while doing very proven harm in many other ways to your cars engine

as I explain in further detail later on page 6 in this attack on Scam Artists


…for ~ some ~ of us

reality is make believe

while scam Science is far to easy to prove is a scam

but only if you do in fact comprehend the science

while those who do not comprehend the science are those being Scammed


Brainwashed Stupidity by those who failed High School Auto Shop

does not Debunk

57 years of very test proven Automotive Science


100 plus years of very proven Physics and Chemistry

ignored by those who failed High School Auto Shop selling this Hoax Scam to the Public

who are now in the community of Helena Montana selling their scam science


In response to an email

May 12,2017


Jesse Denson

Ridgely ~ Tennessee

who has proven in his emails to me he is a test proven Moron in Science

who truly believes in the snake oil scam he is selling

as Jesse states in his last email to me that I am the Fraud

while  he does not comprehend the knowledge that has debunk his Snake Oil Scam science

while I have over a Quarter million dollars invested in Tools and Testing Equipment

as and my life has revolved around testing every work day

five days a week of my life

for the past 46 years

while Jesse has little to no back ground or testing equipment and can prove nothing

beyond his ~ words ~ of true belief

as words can prove nothing in real science



putting grooves in a throttle body can not change Gravity

basic engine vacuum is 21″ at sea level and 16″ at 4000 feet above sea level

and adding Grooves in a Throttle Body can not change that fact

while there are many ways to change  positive and negative pressure

in the air intake system of your internal combustion engine

and adding grooves to your throttle body is not one of them

as this will only provide ~ { ( un-wanted ) } ~ air turbulence that is mixing with zero fuel

providing an un-wanted  un-even flow of air to the combustion chambers

causing an un-wanted un-even air to fuel mixture

causing some cylinder to run leaner and some cylinders to run richer than others

as the amount of fuel going to each of the cylinders is the same

and controlled only by the On-Board Computer

and not by the un-wanted added grooves in the throttle body

that can not over-ride the On-Board Computer

and or Input Sensors and or Output Actuators

the last 100 years of very proven Physics and Chemistry you do not comprehend

while the added Grooves are causing un-wanted un-even balance of power from the engine

while over time can and will cause damage to your engine

while plugging off the PCV vacuum port will do only harm to engine and zero good

and if you do this to some else’s car engine you are subject to a Fine

by the U.S  – EPA of $40,000 per emission control device altercation

and or State EPA

for altering an emission control device

as Regulations vary from state to state

as you support this

~ Test Proven ~

Moron Lunatic Scam Science

~ proving ~

you failed High School Auto Shop

~ as ~

Ron Hatton truly believes his Moron Scam Science is real and works and is not a Scam

making Ron Hatton a Pathological Snake Oil Salesman

who does not know what is in the bottle he is trying to sell you

who based on his Criminal History

Methamphetamine  use

his Public Letters posted online when in Jail

his Bail Jumping and Bad Check writing

and his Snake Oil Scam crimes of today and his Lunatic email letters to me

Ron should be back in a Jail


~ Mental Institution ~

as Ron continues to sell his

Fraudulent Pathological Make Believe Fantasy Science Fiction to the World

but only to thoes who do not comprehend the science and want to just Believe too

just as Ron does not comprehend the knowledge that has more than


his very true belief in his very Lunatic Science

as real science is Questioned not believed

while an energy science organization I have now communicated with

informed me they had Ron modify a number of their vehicles

~ they did not say how many vehicles ~

and none of them showed any mileage gains

while Ron has very much proven to me in his emails to me

he is a Paranoid Lunatic Conman

while I am told my biggest fault in life is my Cruel Honesty

so Jesse,

bring me a car you tripled the Gas mileage on and we will do a reverse test

or a Car that Ron Preaches to the world

went from 18 MPG to 108 MPG

that is 6 times the MPG and would be a

14.6 to 1 air to fuel mixture to a 80 to 1 air to fuel mixture

with better performance

debunking 100 plus years of very test proven Physics and Chemistry

as an 80 to 1 air to fuel mixture will produce zero energy

and can not push a cylinder piston downward in a combustion chamber

and anything beyond a 15 to 1 Air to fuel mixture will lose power not gain power

and will misfire and produce zero energy

and so doubling the MPG would be a 30 to 1 Air to fuel mixture

and will produce zero power in a combustion chamber

and is high School Auto shop Science you and Ron do not comprehend

as true belief does not debunk 100 plus years of very proven Physics and Chemistry


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana