The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC


~ May 18, 2017 ~

Ron Hatton

the only people who support you are those making money from your Scam

and so I will now leave you be

and when you bring me a car you Tripled the Gas mileage

with your scam groove as you claim you have in fact done

then we will go forward from there

with a Real Test beyond your proven Scam Test

other wise I will continue my Investigation of your World Wide Scam

and continue to forward your Lunatic emails to Law Enforcement

but I will stop responding to your Lunatic emails

as you continue to become more  Un- Glued

as this is very common with those who have used or are using Methamphetamine


and to

Dr. John Balachandra


if you would like to make a public statement you can do so here

do you support Ron’s continued Scam

or do not support Ron and his Scam ?

other wise we will say you do based on your history of support of this Scam



as the test always comes before the debate in Real science

as Ron continues to send me more Lunatic emails today and everyday

as Ron’s statements to me and on his websites

are well documented lies in Emission Science

and are nothing more than hearsay Garbage make believe

as he continues to truly believe in his proven lies

and when Ron and his partners in crime are confronted with scientific fact

Real Physics and Real Chemistry they just ignore it

as his partners continue their support of a Pathological Fraud

and his world wide Hoax Scam

as Ron does not care what other people think

and I know this because Ron told me so

as he just ignores everyone and everything that does not agree with him

and that is what a good Scam Artist is made of

as tested reality does not matter in scam science

or to Pathological Frauds

as the only thing that matters to Ron is the $500.00 he wants to scam out of your pocket


and so why doesn’t Ron Hatton ~  Sue ~ me for Slander ?

because I will prove Ron is a Fraud with real science

and then a Judge will put Ron out of Business


~ May 17, 2017 ~

Ron Hatton sent me another an email today

and so thank you again Ron for continuing to prove to me with your emails

you are a Lunatic

while Ron tells me my Investigation of his Scam posted online

has ~ helped ~ his Scam Business

as Ron then tells me to Put~Up or Shut~Up

and that I am a very Hateful person

as Ron still does not comprehend that it is he who must put-up or shut-up

while Ron has yet acknowledge any real science

as it is Ron who is Scamming the world not me

as Ron claims he has tripled the gas mileage on cars with his Gagetman Groove

so it is not me who must prove anything

it is Ron who must prove his Scam is not a Scam

as I am still waiting for Ron to bring me a car he tripled the gas mileage

with his Scam Groove so I can reverse test it

as Ron continues to preach he can triple the gas mileage of your car for $500.00 Bucks

but he can’t prove it beyond his Pathological Make Believe

nor can the those profiting from Ron’s Groove Religion

and if I am helping Ron’s Scam with my investigation posted online

why is Ron complaining ?

could Ron be Lying  to me ?

and Ron,

if you talk to those who have known me here in Helena since 1973

they will tell you I am anything but unhappy and hateful with my life

in fact they will tell you I make them Laugh and Smile

unless of course you are a Criminal Scam Artist

trying to Scam my Family and Friends

and the good people of Helena Montana

while I am known for my Cruel Honesty too


All communications sent to me related to this Investigation

are forwarded to the Lewis and Clark Sheriffs Department Helena Montana

and if you have been Scammed by Ron Hatton please contact the Sheriffs Department

as those who have been Scammed have stated his Grooves do not work

but Ron says it works

as it does work very well for Ron when he walks away with your $500.00

for an hour or less of his time

as he promises you in his flyer ~ it may not work on your car ~

and if you are still a true believer in Ron’s Groove Religion

I will do the Blue Light Special for you

but only if I can not Educate you out of  his Scam Groove

I will do it for ~ $150.00 ~ with no promises too

and you save ~ $350.00 ~ on a Scam


and I will send Ron $10.00 of your money so he can put it towards his Legal Defense Fund

or for more Methamphetamine

so lets stop Ron Hatton from Scamming our Family’s and Friends

and all of the Helena Community and all of this carbon based Earth

and maybe he will just leave Helena and never come back

or better yet lets put Ron in Jail


May 16, 2017

~ * ~

Pathological Lairs do not comprehend Reality

and that is why they make the best Snake Oil Salesman as they truly believe their own lies

~ so who would you believe ~

the Paranoid Meth Addict who is a Pathological Liar who is trying to Scam you

for $500 Bucks for an hour or less of his time

who has been in Jail and has jumped Bail in the past

and likes to write bad checks

and just moved to Helena Montana

to sell you his Scam

~ or would you believe ~

the person who was chosen to Evaluate the Education Program on the subject matter

here in Helena Montana at Helena High who went to Helena High the class of 74

who did it free of charge for the

National Automotive Technicians

Education Foundation

~ ASE ~

the National Institute for Automotive Service

who schooled at Ford ~ Chrysler ~ General Motors

and many other Technical Institutes

who has been a Master Technician since 1976

and was licensed to test and certify Emission Controls by and for the State of California

and then went on to receive a Doctor Honor in 2011

for my work in Atmospheric Emission Science

who is now Investigating a World Wide Scam on the subject matter

~ ? ~

~ where I come from ~

a World Wide Scam Organization is: Organized Crime

as Scams become more and more apart of our daily lives

as trust is earned not given

as there are zero feelings in real science

as real science is Questioned then tested and then debated not believed

and Ron Hatton can not fool me


 I Challenge Ron Hatton to an open Public Debate in Real Science

here in Helena Montana

after testing the science with a reverse test

as explained to Dr. Balachandra

~ on page 6 ~

who for what ever reason Dr. John Balachandra will not respond to my communications

to defined Ron or ~ their ~ scam

as John is not coming to the aid his partner in crime in anyway

and then we will debate Ron’s ~ PCV ~ Stupidity

PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation

as plugging off the PCV system is not only a Crime in EPA Emission Law

it will cause very proven Engine Damage in many many ways

and could cause the crankcase of your engine to explode = Blow Apart

as explained on page 7


To: Ron Hatton = Gadgetman Groove

Ron,  you do not have the scam of the century

as Al Gore is one step ahead of you on that one

but you are a very Proven Liar with a very Proven Criminal History

and I have seen every Scam there is to see in Automotive Scams

and you are the most successful Automotive Scam Artist I have seen in the last 50 years

you are the Scam Man

as your Snake Oil Scam Cancer continues to Grow

~ so ~

bring me a Car you claim you Tripled the Gas Mileage

~ with your Throttle Body Grooves ~

and I will do a reverse test

and this would be a Car that was getting 30 MPG and is now getting 90 MPG

this would be a

14.7 to 1 air to fuel mixture to a 44.1 to 1 air to fuel mixture

with more power

and is not possible in the Real World of Real Physics and Real Chemistry

as this is Pathological Make Believe not Science

and then we will Publicly debate your pathological make believe

as your testing method you use as proof

does not measure power or mileage as you claim it does

only further proving you are a fraud

as stated by many others and Professionals like me

who did not fail High School Auto Shop as you have failed with your public statements

as you continue to reject all real science and continue to truly believe your own lies

for Profit


as Ron continues to ignore Reality for the sake or your $500.00 Scam Bucks

and every Automotive Technical Instructor on this Earth will agree

as Ron continues to send me his Lunatic emails

only further proving he is a Pathological Lunatic with a Scam just for you



It is the Non- Automotive Professional who does not ~ know ~ this is a Scam

~ the Victims of Scams are those who do not comprehend the Real Science ~

and in many cases those committing the Scam do not comprehend the Real Science

as the Snake Oil Salesman does not ~ know ~ what is in the bottle he is trying to sell you

and the best way to stop a Scam

is to Educate People so they ~ know ~ what is real and what is not

then knowing who is real and who is not


Adding Grooves inside a Throttle Body can not change Gravity =

Engine Vacuum at the combustion chambers of a naturally aspirated engine

this is a normal breathing engine that is not Supercharged or Turbo Charged


Gravity is caused by the Earth rotating around the variable Sun at 18 miles per second

while spinning at 1000 miles per hour at the Equator

and at 1″ per hour at the Poles of this Carbon based Earth

and as the Moon continues to move very slowly further away from this Earth

the speed the Earth is spinning continues to slow down

causing less Gravity


~ Drag Racing ~

has been flowing in my Blood since I was 7 years old

as I remember

 I would take the long way home from school

so I could walk by the house where there was a Race Car Parked in the Garbage

and if the Garbage door was open I could sneak a peek

and that is where I leaned how to walk very slow

while that was the same year President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated

as I remember watching the aftermath on TV for about a month

as I watched the on going funeral live on TV everyday for about a week

and then watching on TV a war in Vietnam for the following ten years

where 50 thousand plus very young american men were killed

as the War Machine Profited very well for that ten years in history

while knowing today

every Quarter mile is Dialed In  ~ tuned ~ differently

based on

Gravity at the location of the Race Track

as gravity is less the higher you go in elevation

and the same for oxygen levels

with every ~ Dial In ~ fine tuning of the Engine based on


Barometric Pressure

Oxygen level in the air

Air Density

Air Temperature

Air Humidity

Fuel Temperature

Track Temperature

and the

Temperament of the Driver on that day

and then you let the 10,000 Horses run down the Quarter mile Track

taking about 4 seconds

as the variables change every run

and if you are flying by the seat of your pants

your going to replace  A 10,000 ~ hOURSE pOWER  ~ V8 Motor every Quarter mile

and if you know what you are doing the motor will last all season

and that is what separates the ~ Big Boys ~ from the little boys playing with their toys


in the car you drive

~ in real physics and chemistry you can not change 14.7 to 1 ~ air to fuel ratio = mixture

controlled by an On Board Computer based on input information from many sensors


you can increase mileage by making a car smaller and lighter with a smaller engine

but you still can not change 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio = mixture

on today’s Internal Combustion Engine

running on Gasoline = HC = Hydrocarbon = Hydrogen and Carbon

for the engine to run properly with out damaging the engine

while you can make ~ very small ~ increases in fuel efficiency

~ by ~

~)}> reducing <{(~

Erratic Air Intake Turbulence and Restrictions

~ as Ron’s Scam is the opposite to fact tested reality in real science ~

~ * ~

by removing all the rough and sharp edges inside the intake manifold

and then Polishing the inside of the intake Manifold making it as smooth as glass

and then the only way to eliminate all the bends and curves in the intake manifold

is by replacing the intake manifold with what is called a High Rise Intake Manifold

that has no bends and curves and has zero restrictions or rough edges

that is polished as smooth as glass

allowing a straight downward much smoother much faster flow of air

to the intake ports of the cylinder heads

eliminating the turbulence of air flow into the Engine


by reducing exhaust outlet Turbulence and Restriction

and by making minor changes in engine tuning parameters

with changes in the on board computer program

and by making minor mechanical changes like Compression Ratio

and Valve Timing by changing the Cam Shaft

to one with less valve overlap

but you can not change 14.7 to 1 air to fuel mixture

you can replace worn out spark-plugs and see an increase in MPG as much as 10 to 15 %

you can do a fuel Injector cleaning once a year and maintain your engines fuel efficiency

and in most cases if you use a higher octane fuel you will see an increase in Fuel efficiency


putting Grooves in your Throttle Body

providing un-wanted Erratic Air Turbulence in the air intake system of your cars engine

where you want to ~ { reduce } ~ air turbulence

can only do Harm and zero good

but you can not change the 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio controlled by the On Board Computer

under all driving conditions


Adding grooves in the Throttle Body

creating ~ un-wanted ~ turbulence in the air intake system

can not change Gravity

and can not change ~ real ~ Physics and Chemistry

and or over ride the On Board Computer and all the Input Sensors


You can not Double or Triple the miles per gallon of your car

by adding un-wanted turbulence in the intake manifold

by placing grooves in the Throttle Body of your cars engine

~ not in real science ~