The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC


Ron’s email to me

4/24/17  2:51 PM

states I am a lair about his previous email to me


and I will fill you in further on Ron’s emails to me later


while Ron can not answer the the science Question

~ How do Grooves in a Throttle Body ~

over ride

the Emission Control Systems and the On Board Computer

and all the Sensors


after you pay Ron $500.00

for about an hour of his time to Intentionally Damage your Throttle Body

that the On Board Computer then Compensates for this Intentional Damage

and from that point forward

it is all

Gadgetman Snake Oil Religion


Ron’s email to me

4/22/17  11:17 PM

reads like a Delusional Lunatic making Threats

as I am sure a Judge will agree

while I continue to forward Ron’s Lunatic emails to the Sheriffs Department


while I just received an email from another one of Ron Hatton’s Supporters



8:42 AM

Oklahoma State Senator

Al Mccaffrey

[email protected]

Funeral Director ~ OK Cremation & Mortuary Services

~ free advertising ~


~ so is Senator Al Mccaffrey part of the scam or has Al been scammed ?


Senator Al just told me

I am an Idiot and I must be paid by the oil company’s


Al has earned zero right to any Scientific Opinion

as he has zero back ground in this science and has zero comprehension of the science

as Al is a true believer who can prove nothing either way with real science

while the other statements in his email are debunk

while those who have in fact earned the right to real scientific opinion

Al ignores because they do not truly believe as Al truly believes

when there is zero true belief in real science

and I am guessing Al does not comprehend the real science I am Stating on this website

or in this webpage

Scientifically Proving

Al is the fact tested Fool not me

as I have worked in this science everyday since 1971

and Professionally every day since 1976

every work day of my life for the past 46 years

so Al Mccaffrey

how many full work days do you have in this science since 1971 ?

as your hearsay make believe is not science


has your MPG Tripled on your car too as stated by others who support Ron’s scam

as Political Media Idiots continue to dictate Science

based on zero scientific method


Al Mccaffrey

here is your chance to explain to the world

~ How ~

Grooves in the Throttle Body of your cars Engine

can over ride the program in you cars computer

and re-calibrate the O2 Sensors

that tell the computer how lean or rich the air fuel mixture is in the engine

and re-calibrate the Knock Sensors

and tell us how the Grooves change the function of the Catalytic Converters

~ This Space is all for you Al Mccaffrey ~

and I will put your explanation


~ here ~


so in-lighten me Al Mccaffrey

with your expert science knowledge and back ground

in atmospheric emission control science

and your advanced On-Board Computer expertise



I do not work for any energy company’s

~ you do ~

as Energy Company’s are making a fortune pumping CO2 into the ground

as this lowers oxygen levels in the air while turning underground water into acid

because you have been politically Brainwashed to believe

the cause of the first atmosphere causing the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

causing all the Green on this Carbon based Earth is: Toxic Pollution

and as CO2 levels continue to increase

from evaporation caused by warming the variable Sun

the rate of warming continues to slow down

while the Sea level continue to decline from evaporation

caused by warming by the variable Sun

making this carbon based Earth Greener

while you Al are Preaching the opposite proving you are a liar

as you ignore a dozen climate variables

as your so called science is based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

while ignoring the other one half

because you just believe what you are told to believe

and because of your Climate Religion

you now have endless Earth Quakes in Oklahoma caused by Fracking

so you can save this Carbon based Earth from the cause of all Carbon based life

and all of Nature the cause of all the Green

making all the oxygen we breathe and all the food we eat

so now you have proven you are the real Idiot working for Energy Company’s

as they are making billions doing real harm to nature

as we are expected to spend about 10 to 20 trillion dollars over the next 10 to 20 years

to continue this test proven harm to nature


as Political Morons continues to ignore real scientific Fact for their true belief

in Fraudulent Garbage Science


Politicians like Al continue to shoot the foot that is in their mouth

as Political Morons in science continue to dictate their Garbage science

science they do not Comprehend and never will


as Ron Hatton Supporters continue to be thoes who failed grade school science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and can prove nothing beyond their true belief in true belief


so I am ready for the next Ron Hatton supporter who failed grade school science

and can prove nothing with real science and can not answer the real science questions

explaining their science

as hearsay words of true belief prove nothing in real science


Explain how the Grooves in the Throttle Body

providing un-wanted turbulence and False air in the intake manifold

where there is zero Fuel to mix with the Air


~ over-rides ~

The Computer Program


Maybe the Gadgetman’s Dr. John Balachandra

[email protected]

California State University Sacramento

who as zero back ground in this science

who of course would answer the Question

so we can ~ know ~ beyond true belief


I Challenge Gadgetman Dr. John Balachandra

to an Open Public Debate

in Gadgetman Snake Oil Science

after all

The Gagetman Groove is now here in Helena Montana

as they are looking for new Partners to get their Business up and running here in Helena

and what better way to introduce them selves and their Snake Oil Science

to the People of Helena who would love to hear the real science ~ explained ~ to them

beyond just a sales pitch Sermon


~ and for all of you true believers of Snake Oil Science ~


as I stated before

I will remove the Throttle Body on your Car or Truck

and I will spend an hour Damaging your Throttle Body for


and as stated by the Gadgetman

~ and in their fine print ~


(most cases)

~ More Power

~ Reduced Emissions


~ Better Mileage

for ~ almost ~ every gasoline engine!




so it may work on your car or it may not

so of course there is zero Guarantee this will do anything

as it sounds more like a Guarantee it will do nothing

but only cost you $500.00

and if your unhappy with the results

~ to bad ~

so I will do it for $200.00 with a 100% Guarantee

that we know it will do nothing

and we will call it

~ Bruce It ~

as this is fewer letters and will make writing a check easier too



The most Knowledgeable Master Technicians in this Science

know this is a Scam

as maybe it will work or maybe it will not

for $500.00 per hour

is not science


spend $500.00 on a Major Tune -up

with a good Preventative Service and you will gain performance and mileage