The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC



while you do not have to remove the throttle body

to accomplish the same effect at Idle as putting Grooves in the Throttle Body

to create the same ~ un-wanted ~ Erratic Turbulence

and False air going into the Intake Manifold

where there is zero fuel to mix with this ~ un-wanted ~ turbulence

in today’s Fuel Injected Motors

you can just crack the Throttle Plate adjustment open just a hair

so the Throttle Plate no longer closes completely

and accomplish the very same ~ un-wanted ~ turbulence in the intake manifold

as this is known as False Air where there is zero fuel to mix with the air

and then the On Board Computer will compensate for the false air

just as the Computer will do with the Grooves in the Throttle Body

and just as the On Board Computer would do if there was a Vacuum leak

and this adjustment can be performed in just a few minutes or less

and of course this is not going to Double or Triple your Gas Mileage

just as putting Grooves in your Throttle Body for $500.00 is not going to do either

but this adjustment will only effect the engine at Idle speed

so if you want ~ un-wanted ~ turbulence above idle speed too

you will have to remove the Throttle Body and make the Grooves

while there have been other gadgets you can install just under the throttle body

that would create the same ~ un-wanted ~ turbulence too

and were proven scams too

as there have been many proven scams over the many years

as there will continue to be many more

and as it just so happens

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