Life is a jig saw puzzle ~

in a deck of cards

as we are all one of a kind

in a new and different jig saw puzzle

in a new deck of cards

every moment every day ~

so where do I go from now ?

maybe here ~ to now

to find today




Time and Life


not measured from yesterday or tomorrow

because time and life is now

as yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be


looking in ~ while ~ looking out

from outside in ~ from inside out

going in circles in two different ways

which way ~ will I go today


from here to now


where do I go from yesterday

so much I want to know

yesterday will always be

but I believe in now

moment to moments

to save or throw away

another moment to now


tomorrow is forever away

which way do I go to now


finding moments is hard to do

harder moments we find the truth

the best of life will come through faith

~ in ~

the mind heart and spirit

living in your soul


from here I go to now

from now

here I go


I have been called a Diamond

in the Rough

~ my reply is:

I’m just an old Rough Diamond

and want to be Cowboy in the Rough

and as one my Friends always tells me

never give up

as I am still Breathing

and the rest is Icing on the Cake

hopefully Chocolate and Chocolate