Do Not Vote for Tim Fox for Governor of Montana



Tim Fox

All Words no Action

~ April 27, 2020 ~

I am an Independent

for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for All

as I Vote for People not Political Parties

and I have Investigated and Proven Fraud and Scams for about 25 years now

and when you report to

Tim Fox

Attorney General for the State of Montana

of a proven World Wide Scam happening here in Helena Montana

” The Gadget Man Grove “

at $500.00 a Scam

Damaging your Cars Engine while Breaking Federal EPA Emission Laws

Tim Fox does Nothing

and when you report Proven Fraud by Montana State Fund

under the Control and Management of the Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock

Committing Proven Intentional Fraud against Work Injured Citizens of Montana

and destroying the Lives of Injured Montana Workers and their Family’s

by allowing the State of Montana to Pay Doctors to Falsify Medical Reports

to save Montana Sate Fund money that is not their to save

as this is Montana Employer Money to help their Injured Workers

as Montana State Fund

where Attorneys Practice Medicine with out a License

in a system rigged so Attorneys work against Injured Montana Citizens

so they do not bite the Hand that Feed them

as Montana State Fund is a proven growing Cancer in Montana

working against We the People of Montana and should be Abolished Forever

and put ~ All ~ the proven Criminals

~ the State Workers the Doctors and Lawyers ~

Committing Fraud for the State of Montana in Jail

as an Independent Review and Audit of Montana State Fund Fraud in very much in order

as the State of Montana has made it impossible for Injured Montana Citizens

to Seek and Find Justice in Montana

when the State of Montana is willfully committing Crimes against We the People

with a Rigged and proven to be criminal system of Injustice

as it is one thing for the State of Montana to stop Fraud in Montana

but another for the State of Montana to be the Biggest Frauds in Montana

as nothing has been Sued more in the Montana State Supreme Court than

The Montana State Fraud Fund

as they Intentionally Screw Injured Montana Workers

while making some Attorneys who Play Ball with them very Rich

as Tim Fox does Nothing

while their are other proven examples of Intentional Fraud

Committed by the State of Montana against Montana Citizens

as Tim Fox does Nothing

while Montana Governor Steve Bullock

has removed Funding for the Mentally Disabled from the Montana Budget

as Tim Fox does Nothing

and when you run into Tim Fox here in Helena Montana

he turns his Nose Up at you and walks away

Proving Tim is an Elitist

who is not going to lower himself to my level

and I know from Personal Experience Tim is on the side of Slum Lords

~ as Tim Fox is for ~

of the Government by the Government for the Government

and to Hell with We the People

  Destroyed by the Government

as Broken Promises can Earn Zero Trust


Tim Fox does not care about the People of Montana

Tim Fox only cares about Tim Fox

Tim is not on the side of

We the People

and while I have Leaned Democrat over my Life Time

while over the past three years the Democrats have only proven to me their Crimes against

We the People

and my Choice for Governor of the State of Montana today is

Albert D. Olszewski, MD

and for LT Governor

MT. Sen. Ken Bogner

as both have served We the People well in the U.S. Armed Forces

and both are

Made in Montana

and are for Montana and for We the People of Montana

and I will be voting for

Austin Knudsen

to be the next Attorney General for We the People of  Montana


It is Time for the State of Montana

to get out of the

Organized Crime Business

doing Intentional Criminal Harm to We the People of Montana

it is time for Elected People to be on the side of We the People

and not on the side of Bad Law and Bad Government


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor in Science

Invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club London June of 2013

Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

Master Technician who has Evaluated Education Programs

and Business Owner in Helena for over 30 years

and now semi-retired working part time

as a Medical Currier for the Fort Harrison VA Medical Lab

Helena ~ Montana

Class of 74 Helena High

 science is: to know

and we must always question the truth in Science to always know the proven Lies