Electric Coal Cars

December 12, 2010

Electric Cars run on Coal

Much of the electricity we use today is still made from coal, coal is dirtier than gasoline,

gasoline is Hydrogen and carbon, and so is coal but coal is more carbon and less hydrogen.

I wonder how well the heater works in a Electric car and how long the battery will last  when it is 20 to 40 below zero out side.

I believe you would go 10 to 20 miles before another 8 hours of charging if you keep your Electric Car in a Heated Garage

The Ideal Car for Montana Climate would be just like the Trains of today

with no battery to charge the Electric Trains of today produce the electricity with the Diesel Engines by turning generators that only make the Electricity for the Electric Motors moving the Train as the Diesel Engine does not help move the Train like the Hybrid Cars of today that require a very large very heavy very expense battery as the Electric Trains are many more times efficient than Hybrid Cars while the trains do not rely on a battery for heating as the Diesel Engine provides an endless supply of Heat while eliminating a very heavy space taking $3,000 to $4,000 dollar battery and you will not have to keep your car in a Heated Garage that would cost more to heat than the money you spent to put gas in the old car


and if this Technology was used on the Cars of today you could travel 3 to 4 times further on a gallon of gas with an endless supply of heat only needing rest stops along the way

while the amount of energy needed to produce a new car, before you drive it, is about the same amount of energy needed to drive your old car for about three to five years, so if you are paranoid about providing more CO2 for plants and trees to breathe into the air making this planet greener, while you just put three plus years worth of CO2 in the air just diving your new Electric car off the lot that you can recharge in 10 to 20 miles for 8 hours in the winter with electricity made from coal as you spend $400.00 in CO2 producing energy a month to keep it Heated in its cozy warm garage

I very much, want to be off the grid, we could eliminate the grid, for less cost of building new power plants and a new grid, by making your own power for our Homes and Electric Cars, and we would no longer be vulnerable to grid failure, for any reason.

For what two wars have cost us, we would all ready be energy independent,

and no dead solders.

Today commerce regulates the government, the government regulating We The People.

Instead of,

We The People regulating the Government, the Government regulating commerce.

Today we have Entity’s controlling Humanity, instead of Humanity controlling Entity’s.