My Post Concussion Syndrome Systems



My ongoing Symptoms as of today

January 15, 2019

and after 8 Physical Therapy Sessions

followed by 16 more Physical therapy sessions

while making the best of everyday

as I can no longer do the many things I could do before

while some days are harder than others while some days are not as hard

~ after a slip and hard fall on Ice and Hitting my Head and my right side on the hard ice ~

while attempting to enter a door way with fresh snow on top of Black Ice

that should not have been there as I was doing my job

but someone neglected to do their job at Helena High School

while I was working for the Helena School District


December 21, 2016

where I was a Student of the Class of 1974

and now I have what is known as Long Term Post Concussion Syndrome

as outlined by the Mayo Clinic and other Medical Organizations

and by Physicians I have consulted

as I am now seeing Dr. Clark who is helping me with my post concussion syndrome

and on Some days my life is two steps forward and one step back

while other days it is one step forward and two steps back


My Wife tells me I am now a different person as I know this too

as I live with

Daily Headaches in different parts of my head

Irregular Heart Rhythms and Heart Rates

sometime my heart races for no reason

High and Low Blood Pressure

Sleep Disorders

Poor Depth Perception and Balance and Clumsiness

sometimes stationary objects seem to be moving

with daily Joint Pain with Muscle Ache and Sharp Nerve Pains

sometimes I wake up with Numb Arms and Hands

sometimes I wake up and my hands are closed and will not open

my Feet and Ankles and Hands and Wrists hurt all the time

Constant Fatigue

I am Weak with no Energy causing very low Endurance

I have about 25% of the Strength and Energy level than before my fall

Bad Moods ~ Confusion ~ Memory Issues ~ Anxiety and Stress

I am over Sensitive to hot and cold

I am over sensitive to Light sometimes with Blur or Double vision

over sensitive to Smell sometimes with Nausea

nothing Taste normal

overwhelming loud Ringing in my Ears


while I have zero history of Illness

and I had none of this symptoms prior to my fall

other than a very mild case of ringing in my ears

~ and the other injuries caused by my fall ~

Daily Neck Pain

my right Shoulder is now lower than left Shoulder

right Elbow nerve pain going down into my hand

right side Torso pain

right Knee pain

sometimes my right knee will give out

and I was strong as an Ox before this fall

I could easily keep up with people 20 years younger than myself

and now I move like an 80 year old at 62 years of age

this fall has aged me from feeling like 40 years old to 80 years old years

but I am still Breathing and the rest is Icing on the Cake

and I will never give up

as I can no longer swing a hammer with out pain

or play my 12 string guitar with out pain

or hike to the top of a mountain

and on a good day I can accomplish 2 hours of work in 6 hours

and when I over do it it takes me 2 days to recover

but I will keep going and growing forward no matter how slow I can now go

and if I can not hike to the top of the mountain I will find a way