My Post Concussion Syndrome Systems



Ongoing Symptoms as of Today

October 31, 2018

while making the best of everyday

~ after a slip and hard fall on ice and Hitting my Head and my right side on the hard ice ~


December 21, 2016


Some days are two steps forward and one step back

while other days it is one step forward and two steps back


My Wife tells me I am now a different person as I live with


Irregular Heart Rates

High and Low Blood Pressure

Sleep Disorder

Poor Depth Perception and Balance and Clumsiness

sometimes stationary objects moving

Joint Pain with Muscle Ache and Sharp Nerve Pains

my Feet and Ankles and Hands and Wrists hurt all the time

sometimes I wake up with Numb Arms and Hands

Constant Fatigue

Weak with no Energy and very low Endurance

Bad Moods ~ Confusion ~ Memory Issues ~ Anxiety and Stress

over sensitive to Light sometimes with Blur vision

over sensitive to Smell sometimes with Nausea

nothing Taste normal

overwhelming loud Ringing in my Ears

~ other injuries caused by my fall ~

Neck Pain

right Shoulder lower than left Shoulder

right Elbow nerve pain

right side Tissue damage pain

right Knee damage pain


I am still Breathing and the rest is Icing on the Cake

and I will never give up