Skepticism and Shrinking the Shrink



All Investigation in Crime and Science is based on skepticism to find the truth

as science is: to know

by Question ~ Test ~ Debate

and I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for over the past 20 plus years

and if you do not question knowledge then how do you ~ know ~ it is knowledge ?

and if you do not question the truth in knowledge then how do you ~ know ~ it is the Truth

Never just believe what a Politician or Political Media Journalist tells you to just believe

without Question

as we have Politicians and Journalist preaching to us

skepticism is: a sociological psychological flaw and disorder

as they only tell you only their true belief side of the story

not informing you of all the available facts

and just preaching to you as they just truly believe

because they did not Investigate the knowledge or the truth

and then provide you with all the available facts

so you can decided for your self what is real and what is not based on all the facts

someone who only tells you only what they want you to just believe

as they have then decided for you what is real and what is not

and then they do not want you to Question the facts or the lack there of

as they believe skepticism is a fault

because you will not just believe what they told you to just believe

just belief is not Questioned Tested Knowledge or the Questioned Tested Truth


science is: to know

and how do you ~ know ~ when a Shrink needs a Shrink ?

~ when a PhD Shrink tells you ~

you have a Psychological Disorder or Personality Flaw

known as

~ Skepticism = Skeptic ~

and at this point in time the Shrink has just Scientifically Test Proven to you

they are a Lunatic Quack who has proven they Failed Grade School Science

and are Psycho-logically very much in need of a Good Healthy Shrink

because in real science

when someone calls you a Skeptic

this is a Compliment in real science not a Mental Illness

as skepticism is the key to the truth in all knowledge in fact tested reality

by the Scientific Method =

to question test debate to find the common truth in knowledge

until old knowledge is debunk by new knowledge

while one scientist can be right

while his proven fact tested knowledge is just ignored


From the American Dictionary of the English Language

by Noah Webster 1828

~ This is the proper spelling in 1828 ~

SCEP/TICISM, n. [Fr. scepticisme.]

The doctrines and opinions of the Pyrrhonists

or sceptical philosphers;

universal doubt;

the scheme of philosophy which denies the certainty of any knowledge

respecting the phenomena of nature

2. In theology,

a doubting of the truth of revelation,

or the denial of the divine origin of the christian religion,

or of the being, perfections or truth of God


From Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus

Copyright 1996 by Simon & Schuster, Inc.

skep’ti-cism’ (-siz’em) n.

1 the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in ~ Question ~

2 skeptical attitude

3 doubt about religious doctrines



From The World Book Dictionary

Copyright 1951

Skep/tic (skep’tik). n.

a member of adherent of an ancient Greek school of philosophy

that maintained that real knowledge of things is impossible


skep/tic (skep’tik), n., adj.-n.

1 a person who ~ Questions ~ the truth of theories or apparent facts; doubter;

” The skeptic doth neither affirm, neither deny, any position; but doubteth of it “

 ( Sir Walter Raleigh)

2 a person who doubts or questions the possibility or certainty

of our knowledge of anything


as we Question to know = science

To Question the Truth in Knowledge is not a Mental Flaw or Disorder

as Skepticism is the Bases for the Scientific Method

to Question ~ Test ~ Debate

to find and see and learn and know the Questioned Truth in Knowledge = Science

as Questioned New Knowledge continues to support or debunk old knowledge

as the Truth in all knowledge must always be in Question not Believed

as wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm

and we must live for the truth in all of Life and all of knowledge for a better Life for All

and to know the truth in life and knowledge we must know the truth in words

as words prove nothing in science = to know

and those who deny the Questioned truth in knowledge beyond their true belief

are not skeptics they are fools who deny the fact tested realities of science

Bruce A. Kershaw

scientist = skeptic = to Question to find and know

the available Tested Debated Truth beyond only True Belief

as we continue to learn and know something new every day

by Questioning the Truth in all knowledge everyday

and now that I have been Clinically Psychologically Diagnosed as a skeptic

by a Lunatic Shrink

Dr. Jeffrey Cory PhD Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

Jeff has yet to provide me with his prescribed treatment for my Diagnosed Skepticism

as I am a very proud skeptic in scientific reality

as Jeff Cory lives in a political social make believe reality

or as I like to call it

a perfect example of a very good Political Media Brainwashing

proving the Shrink needs a Shrink for deprogramming

but I would still like to know what the medical clinical treatment is for my Social Illness

is it Shock Therapy ?

to wipe out all my Questioned knowledge caused by my skepticism

or a Drug I can take

to stop me from Questioning the Truth in all knowledge

and become a true believer who just believes everything that I am told to just make believe

or force me to sit and listen to science lectures by Political Media Fools

who failed grade school science until my skepticism goes away

or in my extreme case I am guessing it will be all the above

and then science will no longer be the Questioned truth in knowledge

and in my new Brainwashed Mind  ~

science will now be make believe

based on zero ~ question ~ test ~ debate by the scientific method

~ * ~

Real Scientist = skeptic

do not just ~ Believe ~ what they are told to just believe

by Politicians and Journalist

who have Publicly Proven they Failed Grade School Science

who refuse to allow ~ their ~ science to be Publicly Questioned or Debated

who do not comprehend the science

who can not articulate the science

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who do not allow real knowledge beyond their true belief to be known in their Media

their so called Free Press where only their True Belief can be known with out Question

Scientifically Proving Real Journalism in Real Science is Dead

as they reject the scientific method for True Belief

and then Belittle those they refuse to scientifically debate

because those they Belittle do not just believe as they are told just believe

proving it is a Political Media Agenda based only on their Hearsay True Belief

and if you truly believe skepticism is a negative or a bad thing for tested reality

then you are a Fool not a Scientist

and those who can not admit their proven mistakes

and then learn and know a grow forward from their mistakes

are the Biggest Fools of all and are doing very proven Harm

~ * ~

If there is a God ~ then there is

and if there is not a God ~ then there is not


This is the Tested Reality in Questioned Knowledge by Skepticism

by the Scientific Method = to Question Test Debate


Philosophers are the Skeptics of Reality

to find and see the Questioned Truth by Testing and Debating Reality


skepticism is science = to know

because if you do not Question the truth in knowledge then you can not know

~ Peace ~