Heidi Cullen & Irina Feygina & Climate Central & Skepticism



CO2 = all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

and is not Toxic Pollution as Preached


Do Scientifically ~ test proven ~ Political Media Lunatics

who can not prove their Lunatic science is real science

with peer-reviewed science or Publicly debate their science

Dictate Science

their Lunatic Science based on ~ test proven ~ debunk un-proven theory


they refuse to look at the tested science debunking their True Belief in un-proven theory

the unproven theory they continue to Preach is Settled science

based only on True Belief you can not Question or Debate


~ their ~

True Belief Humans cause Climate Warming

obviously does not prove in real science Humans cause Climate warming

True Belief can only prevent you from knowing the Questioned Tested Truth in Science

as True Belief can not be Questioned by Fact Tested Reality

that is why it is called True Belief


Climate Central

Church ~ of ~ AlGoreism

who can provide zero Peer-reviewed science

to Prove they are not test proven Frauds in Climate Science

along with all the other Political Media Organizations

Preaching Humans cause Climate Warming

like the

Montana Environmental ~ test proven ~ Misinformation Center

as Climate Religion continues to just ignore every piece of hard science

debunking their un-proven theory they continue to Preach is settled science

proving you can not Question True Belief as only ~ real ~ science can be Questioned

proving what they are Preaching

~ their true belief ~

is not test proven Questioned ~ Debated ~ Science


Climate Central = Climate Religion

~ Climate Change is Real ~

for billions of years

and un-proven theory is not settled science

and rejecting the scientific method for political media true belief is Garbage Science

and when confronted by real science your best rebuttal is to block my emails

proving your Garbage Science is Garbage Science

and Erasing me from your known History from your mind

by blocking my emails

does not remove the known History of all carbon based Life

by the Carbon Cycle

by this Carbon based Earth

caused by

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

and knowing from the last known Super volcano on this carbon based Earth

74,000 years ago

leaving about 15 breeding carbon based woman on this carbon based earth

proven by our carbon based dating service and DNA funnel

as there are many very important dates in history in climate science

knowing there are many kinds of dates in this carbon based world

~ what kind of date are you ~

are you a kind date

a pre date

a back date

a post date

an out date

an update

just a date

an old date

a new date

a do date

or just a Prune ?

I am told I should try to put some Humor in my writing

but I fined no Humor in those Harming the Environment

Harming the Carbon cycle the cause of all the Green on this carbon based earth

who are reducing the cause of Green

while lowering oxygen levels in the air and turning underground water into an Acid

costing trillions of dollars to do only harm

by those who have been Brainwashed to believe they are doing good

all based on debunk un-proven theory

being Preached as Settled Science by Political Media Lunatics

who have publicly failed grade school science by rejecting the scientific method

for their True Belief in test proven Garbage Science doing only Harm and zero Good

who can provide zero science to prove otherwise

~ * ~

real science can prove Climate Religion is doing real Harm to All of Nature

but you can stop a Lunatic Climate Religion from doing continued Harm

because it is a Lunatic Political Media Religion

Preaching and Selling their Fear and Paranoia of the un-known future

based on self-debunk Computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction of the un-known future

and is not Publicly Questioned and Debated Science of the Scientific Method

this is Politically Brainwashed True Belief by a Political Agenda

and knowing there is nothing beyond debunk un-proven theory to prove Humans cause

Climate Warming


I made well over 40,000 Requests

with a Reward

for the Peer-reviewed science proving Humans cause Climate Warming

and of course I am still waiting for the proof

and as the United Nations States

it is “likely” Humans cause Climate Warming

and “Likely” has been debunk by real science ignored by the U.N.

for their true belief in ~ one half  ~ of one climate variable

they truly believe is the cause of all climate change

but only the 3% of the one half of one climate variable in the air is caused by Humans

while ignoring a dozen climate variable

and millions of years of climate history

and the other half of that one climate variable

known as Dry Ice crashing downward toward the Poles of this carbon based Earth 24/7

as all Heat still rises

while the ignored Climate History has debunk Humans cause Climate Warming

before the un-proven theory was a un-proven theory

as the Lunatics of science continue to do their test proven harm to the Environment

the Carbon Cycle the cause of Green and all carbon based Life

they continue to believe and Preach is: Toxic Pollution

as they make believe they are doing good when doing only Harm

because they do not comprehend the science

and have been brainwashed by

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

to just believe what they are told to just believe

with out Question or Debate

because they Truly Believe the debunk un-proven theory is settled science

when settled science does not exist in real science

as we learn something new everyday

and un-Questioned un-Debated Political Media True Belief

is not Science of the Scientific Method

and I can give you names of over 30,000 scientists who agree

over 9,000 of them PhD’s

who Climate Religion continue to just ignore

along with the real science debunking their un-proven theory they Preach is settled science

and that is why it is called Climate Religion

while there is zero consensus in un-questioned un-debated debunk un-proven theory

preached as settled science by Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

as the climate Lunatics continue to dictate how we live our Lives

while reducing Energy Independence and Energy Jobs

while doing test proven harm to the environment

as they refuse to allow their Lunatic un-proven theory to be

Publicly Questioned and Debated


The first atmosphere was Water vapor and CO2

causing the carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

 as Nitrogen has gone from little or nothing in the air

to the majority of the air at 78.09 % caused by decomposing soil

and Nitrogen levels will continue to increase and take over the atmosphere

causing oxygen levels to drop

and CO2 levels to drop

and at 210 ppm CO2 the carbon cycle begins to die

at 160 ppm CO2 in the air the Carbon cycle will end

and that will end the cause of all the Green and all Carbon based Life

on this carbon based Earth

above sea level

as Lunatic science

is Pumping the cause of Green all the oxygen we breathe all the food we eat

into the Ground

lowering oxygen levels while turning underground water into Acid

and that is why it is called Lunatic Science

and is still Publicly un-Questioned and un-Debated

while doing only harm for profit for a few

as test proven fraud is being committed in science

and blocking my emails when I Question your Lunatic science

does not change that test proven fact

as you have now ignored my real science Questions for 10 years

because you can prove nothing with real science

proving you are Frauds in science for your True Belief

in your Political Media Garbage Science Fiction

as very closed minds dictate science and life

with out Question

and the more CO2 we produce

the Greener and Healthier this carbon based Earth will be

while prolonging the carbon cycle of this carbon based Earth

Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Scientist = Skeptic