~ Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester and Climate Religion



real science is skepticism of true belief dictating their test proven political garbage science

while debunking political media Garbage science fiction does not make it go away

as the political media Brainwashing machine is doing very well

as we continue to live with

Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

based on self-debunk prediction

based on a flawed incomplete study

by a political body

who continue to publicly fail Grade School Science

and by rejecting the reality of the scientific method are proven Frauds in real science

as there are many political media organizations using today

very out dated ~ Incomplete ~ debunk science papers as Scientific proof

we Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

of this carbon based Earth with the cause of the carbon cycle causing all life

carbon based oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

with zero color taste or smell

they continue to preach is: Toxic Pollution

as they continue to show us pictures of white steam = water vapor

coming out of smoke stakes and stating the water vapor is toxic pollution too

proving they are  more than Frauds for their political agenda

they are morons too

as they all continue to drink Al Gores Kool-Aid

as Al Gore can articulate zero science

who continues to prove he Failed Grade School Science too

as Humans caused Climate Warming continues to be a

~ self-debunk ~

Hypothetical Conjecture  = Un-proven Theory

as the Political Media Morons refuse to debate the real science they do not comprehend

and maybe one day will spend trillions to reduce the number of starving people

instead of spending trillions to reduce the cause of all the green

and lower oxygen levels in the air while turning underground water into Acid

and maybe we can go back to bloodletting to reduce the number of people exhaling CO2

as Lungs produce more CO2 than Cars

and the biggest ~ test proven ~ public lair and fraud in science today

John Kerry & Scott Pelley = CBS News

John Kerry has more than proven to real Scientific community

he is a Pathological Fraud

as he invented the 97% consensus in and for a self-debunk prediction

based on flawed incomplete science

as John states to the world Plants and Trees can not absorb any more CO2

they have absorbed all the can

when plants and Trees would like 4 times more CO2 to breathe

while  Plants and Trees begin to die at 210 ppm CO2 in the Air

and at 160 ppm CO2 in the air

the plants and trees and the carbon cycle will die above sea level

and I have communicated with John Kerry

and I have Letters from John Kerry

and he can prove nothing with real science

John Kerry has zero scientific references when requested

as Peer-reviewed self-debunk prediction by ~ .gov ~ is not tested reality in real science

Peer-reviewed Ouija Board Prediction is Pathological Make Believe

in tested Reality

while true belief in self-debunk prediction is: Lunatic Science by Lunatics in Science

while Scott Pelley has a political agenda too

to preach his Lunatic Science as Reality

while not allowing the public to see all sides of the many sides of the scientific argument

as Scott has decided for you what is real and what is not

as Lunatics in science with zero back ground in real science dictate fraudulent science

as they can not prove with real scientific reference otherwise

as debunk true belief is not knowledge or science