Gadgetman Groove by Ron Hatton & John Balachandra


May 1, 2017


Growing World Wide

Now in Helena Montana


Bogus ~ Bogus ~ Bogus

Scam ~ Scam ~ Scam

Hoax ~ Hoax ~ Hoax

Fraud ~ Fraud ~ Fraud


Gadgetman Grooves

~ and as ~

Automotive Professionals Know

and anyone who Passed High School Auto Shop

~ Knows ~

Ron Hatton

and his Bogus Modifications will Damage Your Cars Engine

and when Ron is Modifying Emission Controls on your cars engine he is Breaking the Law

as Ron is a known Bail Jumping proven Criminal beyond his Automotive Scams

as Ron Hatton continues to Scam the World with his Garbage Science

as Ron has Failed High School Auto Shop

based on his very bogus statements on his websites

and if you have been Scammed by Ron Hatton the Gadgetman Grooves

Report it to your Local Police or Sheriff Department



to be continued