A Dozen Plus Climate Variables Ignored by Climate Religion


March 29, 2017


~ off the top of my head ~

Long and Short Term

Climate and Weather Variables

~ Ignored by Climate Religion ~

as they tell me these are

~ Irrelevant ~

in their Climate Science based only on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

used to predict the unknown Climate Future of this Carbon based Earth

with their Programmed  Ouija Board computers

this Carbon based Earth with very extreme progressive variable Climate Change

for the past 4.6 billion years

long before Carbon based Humans made by the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

caused by Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

from the hot liquid core of this carbon based earth

the cause of ~ all ~ the Green on this Carbon based Earth

with zero color taste or smell

known as Toxic Pollution by Climate Religion

as they refer to water vapor coming out of smoke stakes is toxic pollution too

as Lunatic Political Media Religion continues to dictate Science

based on zero scientific method while allowing zero scientific rebuttal or debate

while their predictions are all self-debunk

as they continue to believe and preach the predictions are still happening


Political media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion is Pathological

as they are doing test proven harm to real Nature

while costing us Trillions of dollars to do their test proven harm

as their continued response back to me for their true belief is

~ what if ~

and my response back to the True Believers is

 ~ what if ~ there was a super volcano tomorrow

or an asteroid or a nuclear war tomorrow

or no electricity for more than 30 days

as all of these would cause Cannibalism


as Plants and Trees would like more CO2 not less CO2 to breathe

to make the food and oxygen for us to eat and breathe

as all the Lungs produce more CO2 than all the Cars

all for plants to breathe to make new carbon based life

and the more water vapor and CO2 is evaporated into the air

by the variable Sun

the Greener this carbon based Earth will be

and then there will be fewer starving Carbon based Humans

dying from Hunger

as we spend trillions of dollars to reduce the cause of all Green

and all carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

as pumping Man Made CO2 into the ground

is reducing oxygen levels in the air  as the oxygen part of CO2 came from the air

and can be recyled back in to the air where it came from by the carbon cycle

while pumping CO2 into the ground is turning underground water into acid

all for the sake of true belief in self-debunk computer Ouija Board climate prediction

as water vapor and CO2 is the by product of warming not the cause of warming

causing the carbon cycle making this Blue Planet Green too

while the trillions of dollars could also be better spent reducing Nuclear Pollution

that is doing ongoing test proven harm everyday to the Air the Soil and the Oceans


The Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle is not Pollution

regardless of what the Lunatics tell you

Lunatics who refuse to allow Public Question Rebuttal or Debate

of the real science of the scientific method

in this brand new un-tested science as we have something new to learn everyday



~ 1 ~

The Variable Sun

with many cycles

while becoming Warmer and Brighter

until one day the Variable Sun Vaporizes this Carbon based Earth

~ 2 ~

The 3 Million mile variable distance between

the variable Sun

and the variable hot liquid core of this Carbon based Earth

~ 3 ~

The Variable Ozone Hole

caused by variable solar activity

regulating the amount of energy interring and escaping the atmosphere

as the atmosphere expands and shrinks like a balloon

the ozone hole will become larger and smaller

~ 4 ~

The variable hot liquid core of this Carbon based Earth

Heating the Oceans and Lower Atmosphere

while causing variable volcanic activity

above and blow sea level

and variable hot spots of the crust of this Carbon based Earth

causing Ice to melt from the bottom side faster than in other places at different times

~ 5 ~

The Variable Un-Measurable Volcanic Activity

below and above sea level

causing the carbon cycle in the Oceans

while Acidifying the Oceans over billions of years

as there is many times the CO2 level in the Oceans than in the Air

with the evaporated water vapor and CO2 from the Oceans

causing the Carbon cycle above Sea Level

~ 6 ~

The Variable Evaporation Rate of Water Vapor and CO2

by the variable Sun

~ 7 ~

The Variable Cloud Cover

~ 8 ~

The Variable Rate of  NOx

caused by Variable Lighting

and temperatures above 2500

bonding Nitrogen and Oxygen together

then separated by direct Sun Energy making

O3 = Heavy Oxygen = 3 oxygen atoms = Ozone

~ 9 ~

The Variable ~ O = Oxygen = 1 oxygen atom

caused by direct Sun Energy separating frozen Ice

~ 10 ~

The Speed the Earth is Rotating

at 1000 miles per hour at this time at the Equator

and about 1 inch per hour at the Poles

as this is a long term variable effecting Gravity as the Moon moves further away

 the rotation of the Earth slows down causing gravity become weaker

~ 11 ~

The Moon and the other Plants effect the Earth

like the Ocean Tides

~ 12 ~

The Earths Wobble on its Axes

is a long term variable cycle of 30,000 years

constantly changing the location of the poles

~ 13 ~

The Seasons are a Short Term Variable

when it is summer here it is winter over there

as the Earth tips forward and backward once a year

~ 14 ~

Hot CO2

as ~ all ~ Gases heat and expand and rise

while all the gases are radiating preexisting Heat and Energy

as fast as they absorb the heat and energy

while removing heat and energy from the lower atmosphere

by transferring the preexisting Heat and Energy upward


The Earth is not in a Greenhouse

where Gases can be trapped

as all heat still rises

as heat and energy escape the atmosphere

while more heat and energy than predicted has escape the atmosphere

causing a greater cooling effect

~ 15 ~

as most of the atmosphere is – 200 *

The Cooling Factor of  increased levels of Dry Ice = Frozen CO2

crashing towards the poles of this carbon based earth

cooling the air 10 times faster 20 times longer

than the increased level of frozen water vapor

along with all the other frozen gases

is more than off-setting the hot CO2 rising

and the faster CO2 is heated the faster it rises

and the faster Dry Ice take its place warming up to -100* below zero on the way down

as CO2 transfers hot and cold

as the cooling effect of CO2 is greater than the warming effect of CO2

while the cooling effect of CO2

is stated to be ~ Irrelevant ~ by Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

along with all the other known variables and cooling factors

as they refuse to debate the science and the history of the science

further debunking

their self-debunk Ouija Board computer climate predictions

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

while I think ~ all ~ known Climate Variables should be in a Climate Study

while Perdition is not science

Prediction is make believe

as most predictions never ever come true

and true belief in self-debunk Prediction is: Lunatic Religion

and as I learn of other climate variables I will add them to this list

so if you think of any let me know

while Ice melts from the top and bottom side during Ice ages too

and if ice did not melt the Oceans would decline about 6 feet per year

from evaporation by the variable Sun

as most of the climate variable is caused by the variable Sun

so once again by George Harrison

here comes the Sun

~ peace ~