Robert Allen Nissan Helena MT ~ Review



~ Review ~

Robert Allen Nissan of Helena Montana


Rude ~ Snide ~ Nasty ~ Disrespectful


To All My

Family ~ Friends ~ Neighbors

and my Customers of the past 33 years here in Helena

~ Based on my recent personal experience ~

the place I would never go to buy a Car or Truck

or have my Car or Truck Serviced or Repaired

or go to Work for


Robert Allen Nissan

unless you like being treated with Nasty Disrespect

as there are other Nissan Car Dealers in the State of Montana

where they know how to treat People right

as the Employees at Robert Allen Nissan seem and look and act unhappy

maybe this is why some of them are so Nasty

and after being in the Automotive Business since 1971

I have been treated much better everywhere

as I know many others who feel the same way

but when I am nice and friendly to people

and then I receive arrogant belittling disrespect back

I then treat them the way the treated me

and then I go on to live my life happily ever after

as they continue to drown in what ever it is they are drowning in