To: The City of Helena Montana


It should not be the intent of Law Makers

to turn Honest Citizens into Criminals to Generate Revenue


Years ago I was Ticketed by the City of Helena

for not having a Parking Permit

were the Parking Sign did not say

~ Permit Required ~

and so I went to the Parking commission and confronted them with their obvious mistake

and they told me it was not a mistake and I must give them $25.00

because the Helena City Ordnance states

you must have a Parking Permit to Park where I parked

and once again I told them the parking sign does not state a Permit is Required

and the Response was that is the Law by the Helena City Commissioners

so I fought the Parking ticked based on very proven Fraud by the City of Helena

and I won

and the Helena City Attorney at that time

Jeffrey Hindoien

who I found to be Intelligent and Knowledgeable and Logical

said he was going to bring up the Fraudulent signs at the next city meeting

~ and many years later ~

and today the Fraudulent signs are still there taking in Fraudulent revenue

for the Legally Proven to be Fraudulent City of Helena


~ and in today’s new case with the Proven to be Fraudulent City of Helena ~


To The Jury

and if you believe

~ as Belief is a Feeling not Scientific Fact ~

I have committed a Crime

then find me Guilty

but if you ~ Know ~ the Government has committed the Crime

with Bad Law turning Honest People into Criminals

then you can not find me Guilty of their Intentional Crimes

by Bad Law by Bad Lawmakers

as I offered to pay one half of the fine $20.00

to avoid the waste of yours and everyone’s time and the Tax Payers Money

with zero response from the City of Helena Attorneys Office

as they have lots of time and Tax Payer Money to Waste

money generated by Proven Fraud by the City of Helena

as they defend and represent the Proven Crimes

as the City of Helena Dishonestly Generates and Wastes Revenue

as Governments are Things

and have no conscience and can not be shamed into Honesty

and are motivated only by Power and Greed

protecting themselves before protecting you and me


Prior Associate and continued Member of Legal Shield

and will provide an attorney at my request at no charge to me for this case

as I have declined to do so

and I am Former Member of the Fully Informed Jury Association

Informing and Educating

The Rights and Responsibility and Authority of the Jury in America

not Taught in Public Schools

as the Dummy-ing Down of America Continues

along with the Brain Drain of America

as many of the Smartest Brightest Minds in America Leave


Mr. Todd D. Baker

Deputy Helena City Attorney

I asked you more than once

~ do you accept my offer yes or no ~

to settled this case or go to court

over $20.00

so no response is the best you can Professionally do

so you have decided not to do your Attorney Job in this Legal Case

as you stated to the Judge at the hearing you could not talk or deal with me

that you would only deal with my Attorney when I do not have an Attorney

as I have offered to settle this case by paying one half the fine $20.00

and I do not need an Attorney for a very simple yes or no answer

and if you accept my fair offer then we are all done

or maybe we should ask the Helena City Commissioners what they would like to do

maybe they can do your Job

and maybe the City of Helena should be Fined the other $20.00

for not having proper signage

or we can have a Jury Trial over $20.00

and the Jury can decide if you are defending fraudulent Law

by Fraudulent Law Makers


I made a Fair Offer

now accept it or reject it

Be an Attorney

and do what is in the best Interest for

We the People

who own the City of Helena

and if you can not do your Job then we need to find someone who can

and you can go waste time and money somewhere else

because I do not need an Attorney for you to make a Decision


Are you for Fairness or Defending Fraud for the City of Helena for the Win

it is time to stop dealing with the maybes and deal with the realities

and if you can not make a logical decision then find someone who can


wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm to reality

and what if We together go put a 25 MPH Speed Limit Sign where it belongs

and end the proven Fraud by the City of Helena against We the People

and allow the Citizens to know the speed limit so the honest drivers can be honest

and not made in to criminals by proven dishonesty by the fraudulent City of Helena

who have Legalized their Proven Crimes against We the People

as you are their Puppet defending their proven Crimes

when you should be Advising them to stop being Criminals to We the People

who Pay you to do good not Government Evil and Waste



My work in Progress

and to my Readers


~ is Police Radar Accurate ~


~ how to fight a radar speeding ticket in court ~

and /Question-the-Accuracy-of-Police-Speed-Radar

co-authored by

Clinton M. Sandvick JD, PhD worked as a Civil Litigator in California


Are we for the Truth or the Win regardless of the Truth

as new knowledge changes the Truth everyday

as science is: to know

and only Fools Believe and do not know


My Professional back ground in Technical Physics and Artificial Intelligence

and Technical Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting

began in 1976

I received a Doctor Honor for my work in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry in 2011

and I have been asked and have Donated my time to Evaluate Educations Programs

including Helena High School

and today

Friday the 13th

September 2019

with a Full Moon and the busiest night every month for Emergency Rooms and Jails

and I am guessing the loser of the Bar Fight went to the Emergency Room

and the winner of the fight went to Jail


~ my deadline given to me by the Judge ~

and I will go to the Courthouse and provide documentation

the City of Helena is and has knowingly committed and is still committing Signage Fraud

along with Technical Testimony by a PhD

and Subpoena the Police Car with Radar Speed Detection System

to verify there is a speed detection system and test it to see if it functions

beyond make believe

 as we must Trust but Verify

because trust is a feeling and proves nothing so we must verify the facts

and then I will not be a fool who just believes


The known very scientifically proven

Error and Failure Rate for Radar Speed Direction is 35%

before Human Error

that is more than 1/3 = one third the time

so it may be right 2/3 of the time

making one out of every three speeding tickets

~ Bogus ~

and with Human Error maybe it is two out of every four tickets are bogus

making for a lot of un-verifiable maybes

making this Technology less Reliable than a Lie Detector Test

as you can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt the accuracy of radar speed detection

for Evidence in a Court of Law

and should be Outlawed as Legal Proof of any kind

just as a Lie Detector Test can not be used as Evidence in a Court of Law

now factor no seed limit sign where there should be a sign

and now you are turning Honest People into Criminals

to rise Revenue for the City of Helena based on Deception

by the Leadership of the City of Helena

who are of the Government by the Government for the Government

stabbing those who Own the Government in the Back

as they rise Revenues for the City of Helena Dishonestly as Proven

as they do not treat us like the Owners of the City of Helena they treat us like Cattle

to profit from

while they are not Honest Cattle Drivers they are Cattle Rustlers


Back in the Boom Town age of the Gold Rush

little towns were popping up everywhere

and some turning into cities Like Helena Montana today

and these little boom towns back in the 1850’s to 1900

needed to generate Revenues to pay for Necessities like

Peace Officers Jails and a Court system and Judges

and City Officials

and they Generated the Revenue by Enforcing Ordinances


no spiting on the Boardwalks

as the Manure piled high in the dirt streets

and my favorite Ordinance

the Prostitutes had to walk on one side of the street on certain days of the week

and on the other side of the street on the others days of the week

and that is How the West was Honestly Won

they did not Fraudulently rise the Revenues for these little Boom Towns

as Big Cities Fraudulently rise their revenues today

as governments become more of a cancer and less of a cure in our daily lives

as we no longer own and control the government

the government now owns and controls us

as we are used by the governments of america

and everyday more or our rights are taken away

as it is now

We the People ~ vs ~ The Government

as Bad Law Makers Make Bad Laws

as we live with more Regulation of we the People

and less Regulation of the Power and Greed


and when the first speed limit sign was available to see

I slowed to 25 MPH

I was not trying to get away with a crime

as I thought I was on a 35 MPH Street

as this more than very unreliable speed detection system

is turning those who are free of Sin into criminals everyday

who then have their Insurance Rates Sky Rocket or Canceled or Lose their Job

based on un-provable maybes

based on 100% doubt

based on less than hearsay

and is the opposite of Justice by our less than perfect Justice System

and all fines Collected based on this very proven to be very Flawed technology

must be refunded going back to day one and all driving records cleared


Letter to the Editor


Mr. Jodoin

City Attorney ~ Helena Montana

In Regards to the City Court Case

TK – 2019 – 0002023

do you accept my offer to pay one half of the fine


or do you reject my out of court offer to settled this case

in favor of the cost of a Jury Trial

to gain $20.00

at the needles expense to the tax payers of the City of Helena

to defend the Fraud and Deception by the City of Helena against We the People

Rather than Advise the City of Helena

to stop the Fraud and Deception of We the People of Helena Montana

who pay you to do what is right and not defend what is wrong with government

~ Are you for We the People ~

who own the government

or for Fraudulent Government against We the People

as you can not be only on the side of Government you must be on the side of Justice for all

you can not be in it just for the win on the side of Flawed Government

you must help make the government less flawed

you can not defend Crimes by the government

and Spit in the Face of those the government cheats

you must give good legal advice to the City of Helena

not defend bad law for Profit

and if you Defend proven Fraud by the City of Helena

you are not working for We the People of Helena Montana

you are working for Proven Criminals


Bruce A. Kershaw


I will put your Response Here


and maybe you should put a Speed Limit Sign in your Speed Trap on Joslyn Street

so the Veterans in need of medical care going to and from Fort Harrison

will then know the Speed Limit and will not be Deceived

and everyone working at the Fort Harrison Hospital and Military Fort will not be Deceived

and everyone coming and going from the Birdseye and Lincoln will not be Deceived

and everyone coming and going to Archie Bray Foundation

and Spring Meadow Lake

and Green Meadow Golf Course

will not be Deceived

maybe there should be a Seed Limit Sign in your Designated Speed Trap

and then maybe everyone will go the Speed Limit

and not be Scammed by the City of Helena for their Profit

maybe you should Advise the City of Helena there is no speed Limit Sign

where there should be a Speed Limit Sign

or continue to be a part of the Scam against We the People

and everyone from out of Town Visiting all of these Places

and as I have Proven before the City of Helena is committing Fraud everyday

as they continue to Commit Fraud with very Fraudulent  Deceptive Parking Signs

for many many years for Profit

and that’s OK with you

as  the City of Helena is now Legalized Organized Crime

and you are their Attorney

when you should be our Attorney and keep the City of Helena Honest

as they are not Honest with We the People

and what are you going to be ?


When turning Left on to Joslyn Street from Country Club Drive

there is no speed limit sign until you reach the very end of Joslyn

maybe you should take the Speed Limit at the very end of the road

and put it where it is needed

and stop the Scam on We the People

and I am guessing the Jury would agree along with the Helena Community

being Scammed by the City of Helena

and I have Investigated and proven Fraud for over 20 plus years

and have Uncovered a Proven to be World Wide Scam and Fraud

The Gadget Man Groove

by Ron Hatton a Proven Criminal

breaking Federal and State Emission laws all across this nation for profit

by tampering and damaging emission controls systems on your car

while damaging and trashing the Throttle Body on the cars engine

while claiming to increase the performance and Tripling the mileage on your car

Happening Here in Helena

and Scamming $500.00 out of anyone buying this World Wide Scam

for one hour of his fraudulent time

and just Ignored by all Government Prosecutors

while I forwarded information to our local Law Enforcement at their request

and our local Law Enforcement is the very best

and the Speed Trap is not there doing

as our Excellent Law Enforcement here in Helena are just doing their job

as it is the so called Leadership of this Great City of Helena Montana

who are the Criminals of Fraud and Deception

it should not be a challenge to keep our local government honest with We the People

as we live in a world of Scam

as we are Scammed by the Law Makers we Elect to protect us from Scam and Fraud

as we continue to live with Legalized Fraud on every level of government every day

and how can we Protect ourselves from Crime when our Government are the Criminals

who make unjust laws

as it is the responsibility of the Jury to first decide if the Law is Justice or Injustice

and if the Jury finds the Law is Bad Law by Bad Law Makers

then those accused of Breaking Bad Law can not be found Guilty

of Bad Laws made by Criminal Law Makers

who are of the government by the government for the government

Who are against We the People


and before People are Killed

and the City of Helena is Sued for many Millions of Dollars

maybe the City of Helena should fix the Lunatic Traffic Signals at Montana ave. and Ceder

for many years now you have a left turn signal for Traffic going Straight forward

as People who are from out of town

who are not familiar with this Accident waiting to happen

are trying to turn left making it 3 lanes turning left when there are only two

and maybe the City Commissioners should drive up Rodney Street everyday to work

before wasting many more millions on Last Chance Gulch

to un do again what has been done before

and do not Judge a City by the face of its Main Street

Judge it by the potholes on all the remaining streets doing costly damage to your cars


as we live with dishonest Government and Media

in denial of the questioned tested Truth in knowledge

as I have already factually proven my case and they do not have one

there is no speed limit sign where there should be one

for all of Honest Citizens to see

and hopefully the Helena City Attorneys will grow beyond defending the crimes of the city

and provide good Legal Counsel against committing crimes against We the People

and not be in it for the sake of winning while doing wrong to We the People


as the State of Montana and Montana State Fund are Committing Fraud against Me

and against many others


I highest Legal complement given to me a Local Helena Attorney

” if I ever need Legal Representation I will come to Bruce

before going to one of my Partners”

while others have told me

” Your just an Auto Mechanic “

and I then remind them

Albert Einstein was just an Office Clerk

and when some one tells you

you are just a Carpenter

you then tell them

just like Jesus Christ

while a Trial Lawyer I know

~ and Nancy Sweeney told me was the best ~

told me I won our last argument in Constitutional Law

I am a student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

my mother told me once that I was born 40 years old

and they say life begins at forty

so maybe this is True

and that is way I tell people I am 103

as I always add 40 years to my real age

and then I always look good no matter what

and is the only Lie I ever tell

and from here to now we go

~ Peace ~




About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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