To: The City of Helena Montana


If the City of Helena wants to generate needed Revenue they should do it Honestly

like Fining every Politician within the City Limits for every Proven Lie

we would put a Lie Detector on every Politician entering Helena Montana

and then the City of Helena would never ever run out of Money

and we could do the very same for the Media and Journalists

and then the City of Helena could Eliminate Taxes

and maybe have enough money left over

to send out Checks to the Citizens of Helena every month

and we would then know if there are any Honest Politicians in Helena Montana

but the Problem is Political Pathological Lairs can pass a Polygraph Test

because they Truly Believe their Proven Lies


A City Ordnance is Law written by a Handful of People

without the consent of We the People

making the Law Dictated to We the People

while the Dictated Laws are turning Honest People into Criminals

so the Scam Government can Profit

and I will continue to Write my Argument

until the Day the Law can be Judged by a Jury of my Peers

as we have Trusted our Leaders to do the will of We the People

to do what is Right and Just for All

as our Leaders have proven they can not be Trusted

as Power and Greed Dictate a False Reality

caused by their Ignorance of the Questioned Tested Reality they Ignore

for the sake of their Power and Greed

as we live with an Elected Dictatorship doing ~ Their ~ will

Not Ours

as it is the Duty and Responsibility of the Jury

by Jury Nullification

to decide what is Good Law and what is Bad Law

made by a Handful of People

who do not Comprehend the Rights and the Will of We the People

as only Bad Law by Bad Law Makers can turn Honest People into Criminals

so the Government Fraudulently Profits


are the Government Attorneys on the side of Good vs Evil ?

or do they defend the Evil to profit the Evil for the sake of the Win over the Good

regardless of the Truth

do they Defend the Deception of We the People

do they Defend the Crimes by the Government against We the People

are they for

Bad Government ~ vs ~ We the People

for the sake of Fraudulent Profits for the Government

and then are these Government Attorneys Criminals too ?

are they Government Attorneys who are for Honest Government

or Government Attorneys for the sake of a Government Job

Representing Organized Government Crimes


We the People

and the Win for the Government Attorneys is all that Matters

while the Media is not Interested in Sharing the Truth with the Public

as the Media has become a Political Church

as they are Political Preachers who do not provide all the facts

and withhold the Truth

as they distort the facts with proven lies

as they Preach to us their Political Pathological Beliefs

as they turn nothings in to somethings

while just ignoring very important issues effecting our daily lives and wallets

Proving the Media is on the side of Fraudulent Government

as many crimes by the government against We the People go untold

as we live with the Freedom of a Fraudulent Press

as they deny those with the Questioned Tested Truth a voice

because the Questioned Truth they do not comprehend and refuse to learn and know

goes against their Political Agenda


~ This is My Statement I will Read to the Jury ~

Including Science References Listed in this Statement

because to be my Peers you must know what I know

and my Constitutional Right to do so

and if I am Denied my Rights then I will know I am in a Court of Tyranny

 and not in a Court of Justice for All

as the Cancer of Tyranny continues to grow in America

by Bad Laws by a Handful of People who reject Truth and Justice for All

and how do I Confront and Question my Accuser

when my Accuser is a Scientifically Proven to be Flawed Imperfect Machine

Providing only Scientific Reasonable Doubt and Uncertainty

nothing beyond maybe or maybe not

as nothing can be Proven or Disproved

and can not be used as Evidence in a Court of Law

just as a Machine ~ Lie Detector ~ can not be used as Evidence in a court of Law

because you can not confront and question a thing as an Accuser

and then know with only Uncertainty there was zero Human Error

at that very moment in time

it is impossible to prove there was zero Human Error

when we know there will always be Human Error

as there can be only Doubt in something that can not be proven in anyway

and then explain why there is no Speed Limit Sign where there should be a Sign

as the Jury and I would like to know

and how can the Citizens of Helena Know and then Break an Ordnance that is not Posted

that is like getting a Parking Ticket for parking in a no parking zone

when there is no parking sign stating No Parking

or the Curb was not painted Yellow


To: The Residents and Citizens of the City of Helena

~ We the People ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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