Montana State Fund + Lance Zanto + Tammy Gibson = Fraud

Montana State Fund Fraud

Rob Injured Workers of their Health Care

and then give lots of Money away to their Favorite People Organizations and Charities

and for Scholarships to anyone and everyone who are not in need of Medical Care

as they make reckless investments with Employer Funding ear marked for health care

and Losing millions and millions

on the Backs they have Stabbed of Injured Workers who’s lives they destroy to save money

MSF is the Biggest Scam in Montana and Owned by the Montana Government

with a new building on the most expense dirt in town

as they are a Dynasty with in the Montana Government

with their proven crimes with the blessings of Steve Bullock the Criminal in Chief

as they treat dirt better than the work injured Citizens of Montana

as Proven Scam Criminals Deserve Jail Time not a Bonus

while my constitutional rights have been denied

and do the Montana Law Makers give a Damn

not the ones Representing Me


Steve, Lance, Tammy,

why are You and your Doctors Evil and Cruel

to Body and Brain Damaged People living in Pain in need of further medical care ?

~ to save money ?

as you commit medically proven Fraud to save money

doing further Harm to the Lives and Family’s of Work Injured Citizens of Montana

I will never understand the Mentality of those who do Intentional Harm to others

especially those who are paid by the Montana State Government to provide Wellness

not further Harm

as you Intentionally Treat the Work Injured Citizens of Montana like Road Kill


To: Tyler Ream and the Helena School District

Your Insurance Company Committed Fraud Against Me to Save Money

as I am still in need of medical care for my many work injuries

and with Post Concussion Syndrome with many Neurological Symptoms

caused by the Negligence of others

and this is why I have not returned to work since January of 2017

and I know I can not Physically Perform my previous work duties

or the job we talked about moving me to and I was very much looking forward to

so I have Applied for a Part Time Job to Deliver Auto Parts

to see how I may do if I get the job

as I can complete about two hours of Labor in a Day

and driving and making deliveries I may be able to do

while I continue to turn down very good and well paying jobs and opportunities

that I am no longer Physically able to do

as I owe St. Peters Hospital a lot of Money

and hopefully I can do a part time job to pay my medical bills

and maybe pay for further needed medical treatments

as we borrow money every month from my wife’s retirement Account

and that money will run out at the end of this year


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor


and if you would like to review the Documents

overwhelmingly medically proving your Insurance Company

Montana State Fund Committed Fraud

as many Professionals Agree

I would be more than happy to provide them to you

because the money you give MSF is not to help Injured Workers

it for MSF Attorneys Practicing Medicine without a License

using very proven to be Falsified Medical Reports

by a Physician who did ~ Zero ~ Physical or Neurological Evaluation

while falsifying all of my statements and all of my medical history

and is debunked by four Real Evaluations and my real Medical History

the Fraudulent Doctor did not review

with four more evaluations later further debunking the Fraudulent Doctors

as no one or anything has been in Sued in the Montana Supreme Court

more than Montana State Fund

and what do they spend on Ploy Legal Battles to cover their Fraud

as they Punish and further destroy the lives of Injured Humans Beings to save money

and give to their Favorite Charities

and prior to my injuries I could spend the entire day

hiking to the top of Mountains and back down

and I am not looking for Sympathy I am looking for Justice for Proven Crimes

and if the School District has a part time job I may be able to perform

it would be a Life Saver for Holley and I and our Family

~ peace ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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