Julia Olson & Nancy Pelosi & Kathy Castor & A. Ocasio-Cortez


February 8, 2019 ~ March 5, 2019


Climate Change is Real


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green

~ Photosynthesis ~

The Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle = Nature = Environment

the cause of all Life and Energy on this Carbon based Earth

where everything Breathing and not Breathing has Carbon in it

where the Human Body is 20% Carbon

made from

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

with zero color taste and smell

called Pollution by Political Lunatics who Failed Grade School Science


Being Convinced and Programmed to Believe in Something

is not Science

and being convinced to believe in test proven Lies

doing test proven harm the Environment while just believing you are doing good

because you did not question the Truth in knowledge

is self-ignorance


To: Our Childrens Trust


I have a very low opinion of those using Children as their Political Pawns

Children who have been Politically Brainwashed to just believe something is real

that is not scientifically proven to be real

as this goes beyond Preaching to your Children your Personal Feelings of True Belief

in your Personal Spiritual Religion

as this could one day make make your Children a Social Outcast and Social Lunatic

Preaching Domesday will be here soon

but only if they continue to just believe something is real

when scientifically proven to be not real

while only those Preaching their Domesday Climate Paranoia

based on their personal feelings of true belief

based on self-debunked un-proven theory

based on a scientifically proven to be backwards hypothetical conjecture

based on a flawed incomplete study with proven to be flawed data

based on 3% of One Half of one climate variable

based on zero Question Test Debate

while rejecting more than a dozen climate variables and peer-reviewed science

further debunking their un-proven theory

they Preach to us is Settled Science when Settled Science does not Exist in Real Science

as we look and see and learn and know something new in every science everyday

that may debunk or support what we know from yesterday

while only True Believers Have a Voice in the Media

as many Tens of Thousands of Real Working Scientists

who agree climate change is very real but do not believe in

Preached Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

based on a self-debunked un-proven theory

have zero Voice in the Media to Rebuttal Climate Paranoia

as only True Believers who Preach non believes are the Deniers have a Voice in the Media

as the politically bias media has rejected the scientific method

for Lunatic Political Agenda doing test proven Harm to the cause of Green

as only real scientists can admit they are wrong when proven wrong

and learn and know and grow forward in real science

as only True Believers believe they are always right

even when doing test proven Harm to the cause of Green

as they refuse to look and see learn and know and grow forward with real science

Climate Science ~ vs ~ Climate Religion


Fraud in Climate Science

Sea Level Falling

40% Increase in Arctic Ice

Global Cooling


The number 1 climate variable

the very variable ~ SUN ~ with many cycles

as Lunatic Preachers for Climate Paranoia Preach the Sun is not a Climate Variable

as Climate Change is Real but not caused by You and Me

as NASA Data has Debunk Climate Paranoia

and just ignoring the Questioned Tested Debated Truth in Science will not make it go away

Knowledge = Tested Reality ~ vs ~ True Belief = Religion

Preaching Climate Paranoia You Refuse To Scientifically Debate Is Not Real Science


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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