AlGoreism: the Political Media Church of Climate Paranoia


January 3, 2018


The Sea Level has been Rising and Falling many hundreds of feet for billions of years

and If Ice did not Melt

at today’s evaporation rate by the variable Sun

the sea level would decline about 60 feet every 10 years

and because the Sun with many cycles is a climate variable

the rate of Evaporation is a variable just as the rate the Ice melts is a variable

as Ice melts from the Top and Bottom side while moving all the time

and during Ice ages too

as the hot liquid core of this carbon based Earth melt the Ice from the bottom side

as Sun energy melts some of the Ice from the top side

as direct Sun energy separates some of the frozen water in freezing air Temperatures

as the H2 = dirty hydrogen flows in to the sea the O = oxygen evaporates into the air

as nothing in this universe is a constant

as the majority of CO2 is evaporated into the Air

causing the carbon cycle above sea level

and is from the

variable un-measurable un-predictable Volcanic Activity below Sea level

while Acidifying the Oceans over billions of years

as Carbon based Humans made by this Carbon based Earth

by the Carbon Cycle

caused by Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor and Sun Energy

have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

about 350 feet

while 30 years ago NASA

~ Predicted ~

( prediction is not scientific fact )

NASA Predicted Manhattan New York would be underwater today

but warming by the variable Sun has increased the Evaporation Rate

exceeding the rate the Ice is Melting

increasing CO2 and Water Vapor in to the atmosphere

increasing Rain and Snow and Arctic Ice by 40%

while making this Carbon based Earth Greener

as NASA now Admits the Sea level has been Falling not Rising

caused by Climate Warming by the Variable Sun

causing the majority of CO2 on the NASA CO2 Chart

as Climate warming increases CO2 and Water Vapor

CO2 and Water Vapor do not increase Climate Warming

proving the un-proven theory and the Hypothesis was backwards

as the past 30 years of

Catastrophic Computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction

based on a proven to be Flawed Incomplete Climate Study

based on proven to be Flawed Data

based on ~ One Half ~ of one Climate Variable

a Climate Study that ignored more than a dozen climate variables known today

as the very variable Sun with many climate cycles

was Irrelevant in their Climate Study and Ouija Board pre-programmed Predictions

a climate study based on a known by many scientists to be backwards Hypothetical

who knew it was a Garbage Climate Study by a Political Body not by a Real Science Body

by Politicians from all over the World who failed grade school science

by Politicians who would rather harm each other than help each other

but with much to gain in power and greed from their bogus climate study

as their Predictions did not happen

because the opposite of their Predictions are happening

as the Church of Climate Paranoia who do not follow the real science

who do not comprehend the real science who refuse to debate the real science

while ignoring and hiding the real science from the unknowing public

who Preach we who do know the truth in science are the Deniers of Reality

as they Commit Politically Convinced Pathological Fraud in Climate Science for Profit

as they live in a world of Politically Convinced Hearsay Science doing test proven harm to

the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

~ based on zero peer-reviewed science ~

who continue to Preach their politically convinced Climate Paranoia

Preaching to us who know the Truth in Science

that the Sea Level is Rising and all the Ice is Melting and we are all Domed

~ when the opposite is scientifically proven to be true ~

but send us your Money and we will fix and stop 4.6 billion years of Climate Change

by ending the Carbon cycle above Sea level

ending the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth

ending all Carbon based Life

costing only Trillions of Dollars

as Politically Brainwashed self-ignorance Dictates Science

by those who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as the Green Lunatics continue to Harm the cause of Green

as they Preach the Cause of Green and all Life is Pollution

as they continue Preach to us their scientifically test proven to be

Lunatic Paranoid Political Science Fiction is Settled Science

scientifically proving real fact tested knowledge by the scientific method

can not fix politically convinced self-ignorance

as True Believers will always reject knowledge for convinced True Belief

regardless of the test proven harm they continue do

as the New York Times

along with the rest of politically bias media

preach to us

the Sea level is Rising when NASA states it is Falling

proving politically convinced = Brainwashed pathological fraud in science

by scientifically test proven Idiots in science

as they give each other Awards for their test proven Political Stupidity in Science


I have for years now emailed these proven Political Media Lunatics and Frauds

very real peer-reviewed science further debunking their Lunatic political science fiction

as they continue to Preach their Climate Paranoia based on un-proven theory

and they continue to Preach is Settled Science

as they continue to withhold real science from the Public

scientifically proving Political Fascism in Science

by the Politically Brainwashed True Believers of

Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

doing Test Proven Harm to the Environment

for the sake of Bogus Predictions based on Bogus Science


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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