AlGoreism: the Political Media Church of Climate Paranoia


January 4, 2019


Trust is a Feeling based on Faith

and Trust is earned not given

while there are zero feelings in real science

and when reality in science is a feeling = make believe ~

there can be no proven fact tested reality in science

as blind faith is religion not science


….and did you Fail Grade School Science ?

or have you earned the right to scientific opinion ?

Can you Articulate the Science and Debate the Science and Prove the Science

beyond your Personal Feelings of True Belief ?

Do you Question the Truth in knowledge beyond your convinced Blind Faith ?

~ or ~

do you always just believe what you are told to just believe ?

with out Questioning and knowing the truth beyond your true belief ?

are you a clone to hearsay make believe ?


Is your reality tested knowledge or make believe ?

~ science is: to know ~

and did you review and analyze and test and rebuttal and debate the science

to know the truth in knowledge = science ?


The Truth in Knowledge is Questioned not Believed

~ can you answer the real science Questions ?

or do you believe you can debunk proven fact tested knowledge with your make believe ?

as pathological frauds of reality always believe they are right

while never knowing they are scientifically proven wrong ~

Do you ~ know ~ you are right or do you just ~ believe ~ you are right ?

~ one is science and one is not ~

one is tested reality and one is not

as only fools just believe what they are told and convinced to just believe

never knowing the real Truth in real Science

because just believing in science can not prove the tested truth in science

and just believing un-proven theory is proven theory is not fact tested reality in science


In Scientific Reality ~ Ignored ~ by Climate Paranoia

You can not Stop 4.6 Billion Years of very extreme progressive variable Climate Change

by stopping the cause of Green


Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor plus Sun Energy = Green = the Carbon Cycle

and the warmer the variable Sun the more evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor

and the Greener this Carbon based Earth

making all the oxygen we breathe and all the carbon based food we eat

all made from evaporated CO2 and water vapor and Sun energy

causing all carbon based Life and Energy on this Carbon based Earth

all by the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

these are the 3 main ingredients for everything living and not living

on this Carbon based Earth

and with out carbon there would be nothing


In Real Physics ~ Ignored ~ by Climate Paranoia

~ All Heat Still Rises ~

? can you debunk heat rises ?


In Real Physics ~ Ignored ~ by Climate Paranoia

something the size of a sewing thread

~ Can Not Trap Heat ~

in something the size of a football field

? can you debunk this scientific fact in real physics ?


In Real Physics and Real Chemistry ~ Ignored ~ by Climate Paranoia

as warm CO2 rises

as all gases absorb and radiate heat and expand while rising

very Frozen -200* F Below Zero Air and CO2 = Dry Ice is crashing downward

causing the Ice Caps at the North and South Poles of this Carbon based Earth

? can you debunk this fact in real science ?


In Real Chemistry ~ Ignored ~ by Climate Paranoia

Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice cools the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer than frozen water

more than off-setting the warm air and warm CO2 rising

removing heat from the lower atmosphere leaving a void for very frozen air

to off-set warming by the variable Sun

? can you debunk this fact in real science ?

as the variable Sun with many cycles continues to be warmer and brighter

and is the number one climate variable for the past 4.6 billion Years

? can you debunk this fact in real science ?

that is just ignored as a climate variable by Climate Paranoia

who politically believe One Half of one climate variable defines all climate science

and this is settled science that can not be scientifically publicly Questioned or Debated

so we may all find and see the Questioned Tested Debated Truth in knowledge

as it has been politically decided what the truth is in knowledge is with out question

by rejecting the scientific method

and they are always right even when scientifically proven wrong

because their science is not real science

because un-proven theory is not proven theory

and politically convinced and dictated true belief is not real science


Now incorporate more than a dozen other climate variables known today

in this Brand New Climate Science just Ignored by Climate Paranoia

who Preach to us their politically convinced personal feelings of True Belief

 can not be publicly scientifically Questioned or Debated

because their politically convinced True belief is Settled Science


My Daily Thoughts on Test Proven Pathological Fraud in Climate Science

as Climate Change is Real but not caused by You and Me

while those who have publicly proven they failed Grade School Science

Politically Dictate Science

as they reject the scientific method

for politically convinced personal feelings of true belief

while suppressing and preventing real peer-reviewed science from being publicly known

scientifically proving Political Media Fascism in Science

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment


The Carbon based Humans made by the Carbon Cycle made by this Carbon based Earth

caused by Carbon based Oxygen and Water Vapor and Sun Energy

must all live on this carbon based world

where Politicians and Journalist who have publicly proven they failed grade school science by openly rejecting the scientific method for politically convinced hearsay True Belief now politically dictate scientifically test proven to be Garbage science for their political agenda as they do not comprehend the peer-reviewed science they Reject for politically convinced

~ True Belief ~

as they reject questioned tested knowledge

for their un-questioned un-tested personal emotional feelings

as they reject peer-reviewed scientific fact

for personal feelings of True Belief

and then Preach to us their Politically convinced Personal Feelings of True Belief

is Settled Science

when personal feelings and settled science do not exist in real science

as NASA States the Sea leveling is Falling

The New York Times Preaches to us to just believe the Sea level is Rising

proving the New York Times and their Political Fact Checkers

are Political Frauds in Science

as they can provide zero peer-reviewed science when requested to prove they are not Lairs

while rejecting peer-reviewed science sent to them and to their Fact Checkers

proving they are All Lairs

as they then continue to Lie after proving to them with real science they are Liars

as they Preach the cause of the carbon cycle the cause of Green the cause of Oxygen the cause of food the cause of all carbon based life on this carbon based Earth is Pollution

proving they are Lunatics not Scientists

and how did the The New York Times Earn their right to scientific opinion

in this Brand New Climate Science

as they have publicly proven they are Test Proven Morons in Real Science

they refuse to Publicly Debate

as they and many others Politically Preach their test proven Fraud in Science

as they ignore peer-reviewed science they do not comprehend

for their Political agenda doing test proven harm to Nature

and they can not prove otherwise

as they Preach their Politically Convinced = Brainwashed Climate Paranoia

The Sea Level is Rising The Sea Level is Rising

when the Sea Level is Declining for many years now

as they can not scientifically prove otherwise

as Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

about 350 feet

as we know in Earth History the Sea level has been 100 feet higher than today

while I can collect Sea Shells here in Helene Montana at 8000 feet above sea level

as Humans have zero control over Nature

and test proven Political Fascism for profit doing harm is not Science

as only real scientists will admit they are wrong when proven wrong

and learn and know and grow forward

for a better life for all

as the the New York Times never admit they are wrong when scientifically proven wrong

allowing further Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

Science they do not Comprehend and can not Articulate or Debate

as the NY Times can prove nothing beyond their politically convinced Paranoid True Belief

as they make believe they are always right

and tens of thousands of real working Scientists are always wrong

Real Scientists who’s real knowledge can not be shard with the Public

because the politically convinced True Belief of the New York Times

is Settled Lunatic Science

and Settled Lunatic Science is not open for Public Debate with Real Scientists

~ Real Scientists who Question the Truth in Knowledge ~

beyond Politically convinced True Belief

as Arrogant Political Ignorance continues Dictate a False Reality doing Harm

Rejecting test proven knowledge for Lunatic Political True Belief

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward

as they live in and believe in Politically Brainwashed Stupidity

Preached as Settled Science

as they refuse to Question the Truth in Knowledge

to live in Political Pathological Make Believe doing test proven Harm in Reality


…and to find the Truth in Knowledge you must Look and See

beyond your personal feelings of convinced Political True Belief

as others profit from your political brainwashed true belief

as they Harm the Environment they Preach to you they are saving

as you just believe their political words of true belief

as they hide and suppress the tested knowledge debunking your convinced True Belief

they refuse to Publicly Debate

as they Suppress the Rights and Free Speech of those who do not Just Believe

who do Question the Truth in Knowledge = Tested Debated Science

and Politically Suppressing the Questioned Truth in Knowledge for Political Agenda

is very proven political Fascism not Science

you can not just ignore an infinity of climate variable for one half of one climate variable

you can not just ignore million of years of known climate history

you can not just ignore very real hard science in very real Physics and Chemistry

all debunking your convinced political True Belief

and then Preach to us your true belief this is Settled Science

in a Brand New Science you do not comprehend

and then based on politically convinced True Belief = Lunatic Settled Science

make Lunatic pre-programmed catastrophic computer Ouija Board climate prediction

to sell fear and paranoia of the un-predictable un-knowable future for Profit

supported by 30 years of self-debunked Lunatic Predictions

based on proven to be flawed incomplete Garbage Science

all Politically Preached as Settled Science


49 NASA Scientists Disagreed

with the NASA now self-debunked Catastrophic Climate Predictions

of the past 30 years and disagree with the future NASA Catastrophic Predictions

Preached by Government Political Scientists


87% of the National Academy of Science

have not jumped on the AlGoreism Band Wagon

while over 30,000 other Scientists over 9,000 of them with PhD’s

just in the U.S.A.

Signed a Petition

Disagreeing the United Nations a Political Body not a Science Body

as the U.N. states it is ” likely ” Humans cause Climate Warming

likely = un-proven theory

further proving the Scientific consensus is a Proven Politically convinced Lie

by proven Political Media Frauds in Science

as they use an outdated incomplete self-debunked science paper

as scientific proof Humans cause climate warming

along with many other very proven Political Media Lies


There is zero scientific consensus in ” likely ” un-proven theory

Preached by Climate Paranoia as Settled Science

by Politically Convinced = Politically Brainwashed Political Media Fools

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who refuse to allow public debate of the science

or allow the many other sides of the science argument to be told

in this Brand New Climate Science they can not Articulate or Prove

as many Political Media Organization Profit from their proven Fraud in Climate Science

as they reject test proven fact for convinced political science fiction

because they do not comprehend the real science

in this Brand New Science

as Political Scientists are put in charge of the Government Climate Reports

Political Scientists who reject Peer-reviewed science sent to them

debunking their Garbage science

used to make Lunatic Paranoid Catastrophic Predictions

as the past 30 years of Lunatic predictions to sell fear and paranoia have not come true

as Climate Paranoia Preaches to us these predictions have all come true


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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