AlGoreism = Climate Paranoia for Profit


…and you can make your monthly Donation commitment today to

The Climate Reality Project

and to the Sierra Club

and to

and together

we will stop 4.6 billion years of very extreme progressive variable climate change

caused by more than a dozen plus climate variables known today

causing an infinity of climate variable

but time is running out and we need your money today before it is to late

as we need another $750,000.00 by the end of this hour

if we are going to save all of our Polar Bears and our Carbon based Planet

from all Climate Change

based on self-debunked un-proven theory to predict a catastrophic future

based on a scientifically proven to be Backwards Hypothetical

Politically Preached as Settled Science

you have now been convinced to just believe is reality

~ as ~

Polar Bears go south for the Ice Ages

back to Montana where they came from

because they can not break through Ice miles thick during Ice Ages to get to their food

and the thinner the Ice the faster they can get to their food

while they can swim up to 70 miles at a time

as the Polar Bear populations have increased not decreased

but is a great way to scam people out of their money

maybe they could give some of this scam money to starving Baby Humans

as they refuse to provide scientific reference when requested to support their statements and refuse to publicly debate the science as they reject and refuse to look at peer-reviewed science debunking their Political Words of True Belief

~ words and belief prove nothing in real science ~

as they are Blinded by their words of belief doing test proven harm to Nature

as science is: to know

as they refuse to know for their Politically convinced true belief doing harm for profit

nor can they Answer the very real Questions of Climate Science

proving they do not ~ know ~ and just believe

proving they are Political Pathological Frauds for Profit doing Harm

who do not comprehend the real science and have not earned the right to scientific opinion

as they are proven Lairs and scientific frauds for Profit doing Harm to real Nature

and when you can not allow Question Test Debate its not real Science

as there are many sides to the story as the media only preaches the side they believe in

and those Preaching Climate Paranoia for Profit are not going to admit they are wrong

when scientifically test proven to be wrong because they do not comprehend the science

as they are not educated with knowledge they are convinced to just believe

proving they are True Believers not Scientists

while after many requests to all of them

the Climate Reality Project sent me their so called scientific references only further proving they are Frauds in Science

as they preach the science is settled based on unproven theory

when settled science does not exist proving they failed grade school science

proving it is all about money and zero science

money to preach test proven ignorance for money doing harm to Nature

proving Political True Belief can do only Harm

as they reject peer-reviewed science they do not comprehend and refuse to know

as they profit from their self-ignorance

proving they are Political Pathological Frauds and Criminals in Science

selling Paranoia for Profit based on Garbage Science

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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