AlGoreism = Climate Paranoia for Profit



Climate Science ~ vs ~ Climate Religion

working background in science ~ vs ~ no working back ground in science

Questioned Tested Knowledge ~ vs ~ Convinced Political True Belief


…..first hand fact ~ vs ~ second hand hearsay

science educated ~ vs ~ not science educated

to know ~ vs ~ make believe

factual ~ vs ~ pathological

the tested truth ~ vs ~ the untested truth

tested reality ~ vs ~ untested reality

science body ~ vs ~ political body

hard science ~ vs ~ science fiction

Publicly Questioned Tested Debated ~ vs ~ Politically Preached with no Rebuttal

all tested sides of the story ~ vs ~ one untested side of the story


~ you can debunk a True Belief but you can not stop a true belief doing harm ~


Questioned Tested Debate Knowledge

can not stop socially politically convinced and programmed true belief

and more so when based on power and greed controlling out daily lives

by those at the top who failed grade school science

who provide and convince fraudulent science to support their power and greed

to sell fear and paranoia based on Catastrophic Predictions of the unknowable future

based on scientifically proven to be flawed incomplete Garbage science

as the true belief followers just believe as they are told to just believe while doing harm

because they reject the tested truth in knowledge for

~ their ~

Un-Questioned Un-Tested Un-Debated

political media preached convinced and programmed true belief

providing us non-believers with

Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

controlling our daily lives

as we watch the true believers harm the environment they preach to us they are saving

as the Green Lunatics are Harming the cause of Green

for the sake of their self ignorance

by rejecting the scientific method for politically brainwashed true belief

in paranoid predictions based on scientifically debunk

backwards garbage science = un-proven theory

they truly believe ~ convinced ~ is Reality

because it does not matter if they are proven wrong

because convinced true believers just believe

and that is why you can not have a healthy normal conversation or debate

with a true believer

because they are always right and you are always wrong no matter what

because scientific fact is meaningless to convinced true believers

as the True Believers Preach to us

the real working scientists are the Deniers of Reality

when the True Believers can prove nothing beyond their paranoia

based on catastrophic prediction of the un-predictable un-knowable future

based on scientifically proven to be self-debunked un-proven theory

the Politically convinced True Believers Preach to us is Settled Science

proving true believers do not require peer-reviewed science they do not comprehend

because they are not scientist they true believers Dictating Science

and real science is not required when Politically Dictating Science

for Power and Greed doing Harm by Test Proven Ignorance


Please do not Vote for anyone Preaching Climate Paranoia

as George Washington stated Political Parties would be a bad thing for this new republic

as all Political Parties are a bad thing today

and in their efforts to destroy each other they are destroying this Country

as two fascist political parties take the same money from the very same corporations

as corporations now have more rights than People

and if you do not pledge your life and soul and become a political clone

to one of these two fascist political parties

then you can have zero voice in politics in this now Un-United States of America

and by 2008 both of this political Parties together

have stolen over 40 trillion dollars from our Social Security

proving the U.S. Government can not be Trusted to do what is best for We the People

as they are scientifically proven Lairs in Science too

as corporations are making hundreds of billions on these proven lies in science

as both political parties are doing harm for their power and greed

as they take the very same money

while destroying each other while destroying our world and our lives

as We the People no longer own and control the Government

with the Government Regulating Commerce = Corporations and Special Interest Groups

on behalf of We the People

Corporations and Special Interest Groups Own the Government

with the Government Regulating We the People

Governments are not for Trusting they are to be Controlled by We the People

by People we can Trust

and not by Parties we can not Trust who do only proven harm to We the People

as we started out dictating to the government and now the government is dictating to

We the People


~ Vote for People ~

do not Vote for Party Convinced Brainwashed True Belief

don’t be a convinced clone to test proven Ignorance

especially by the Political Media

as they allow you only their true belief side of the stories to be told

while allowing zero rebuttal or debate in response to their proven lies

the Political Media is not fair and balanced

as they Preach = convince their Political Agenda doing Harm

caused by self politically convinced ignorance

preaching sensationalized political ignorance selling Fear to sell their political agenda


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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