2018 U.S. Government ~ Debunked ~ Climate Report


Preached Political Media Paranoia based on un-proven theory is not science

…as they do not know and just believe ~

Preached as Reality in Science

~ as only true believers just believe ~

as the consensus is a scientifically debunk true belief

a very proven to be Political Media Lie by True Believers

who failed grade school science and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they continue to preach their Climate Paranoia

based on un-provable computer Ouija Board Prediction

prediction based on proven to be flawed incomplete fraudulent garbage science fiction

while doing only test proven harm to the Carbon cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions of dollars

as they can not debunk the very real proven science

further debunking their true belief un-proven theory

real science they do not comprehend and just ignore

for their scientifically un-questioned true belief

as they continue to dictate a false reality based only on their true belief

to convince and sell their climate paranoia

based on un-provable prediction of the un-knowable future

based on test proven Garbage science they refuse to publicly debate

as they do not know and just believe

~ * ~

The U.S. Climate Report is:

based on Garbage Data and Garbage Science by Government Agencies

who do not allow real scientific Question Test Debate

by the working Scientific community

as they just Ignore the many tens of thousands of real working scientists

who disagree with their proven to be bogus garbage science

as they just ignore the scientific method

as they just ignore the many questions they cannot answer

or provide peer-reviewed science to prove their political statements in science

as their report is based on

a climate study based on 10% of ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

that states it is ” likely ” humans cause all Climate Change

likely = un-proven theory

to predict the un-knowable future

to sell fear and paranoia of the un-predictable future

while just ignoring more than a dozen climate variables

while just ignoring millions of years of climate history

while just ignoring very simple hard science in physics and chemistry

while just ignoring their 30 years of self-debunk climate predictions

all further debunking ~ their ~ self-debunk un-proven theory

based on very proven to be very Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent so called science

this scientifically proven to be Garbage report is based on 100% un-proven theory

as no two realities are alike

no two normal’s are alike

no two Mind Body Heart Spirit and Souls alike

on this carbon based Earth

and real science is knowledge and must always be all alike to be real

and not True Belief in un-proven theory preached as Scientific reality

and only ~ nothing ~ is Irrelevant in real science

as this Carbon based Earth is overwhelmed with proven Ignorance in simple hard science

as very proven science is just ignored for true belief

by Test Proven Ignorance caused by Test Proven Political Make Believe

Climate Science ~ vs ~ Climate Religion

as Power and Greed Dictate a False Reality Proving Political Fascism in Science

based on very proven to be Political Media Ignorance in real science

because Convincing others to just believe words of true belief is not tested reality

as Religion is Convinced as Real Science is Proven by Question Test Debate

science based on political true belief is Political Science Fiction is not reality in science

Do you believe in Science ?

Those who believe in science are not scientist they are True Believers

as I continue to live with Political Bias against me

because I do not just Believe in AlGoreism

and harming others for non-belief proves nothing in real science

as real science is: to ~ know ~

and not a feeling and not Politically Brainwashed Pathological Make Believe

and if not for Political Religious Wars and Ice ages and Supper Volcanoes and Asteroids

this very over populated carbon based Earth would be far more over populated than

is far over populated today

while wining or losing has noting to do with right or wrong in fact tested reality

as many Thousands of Children continue to starve to death everyday

as we spend trillions trying stop the cause of all the Green

and all the carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

because the fools of science just believe with out Question Test Debate

as they pretend and believe to know the truth in knowledge

as they do not Question the Truth knowledge

as they do not comprehend the science

the Media does not comprehend a study missing more than a dozen climate variables

is a very Flawed Incomplete study proving nothing but Political Fraud in Science

doing only test proven harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as Preached Political words prove nothing in real science

as those who Failed Grade School Science Politically Dictate Science

proving it is all about power and greed based on zero proven fact tested reality

as they truly believe they know

as True Belief is not knowledge and knowledge is not True Belief

they are the proven fools of fools not scientists doing only Harm

and to barrow a line from someone else

” they know not what they do “

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward in real science

not knowing their political science fiction is based on words not science

as the words

what if and maybe and likely

prove nothing in real science

as they have proven their blind faith in un-proven theory

based on very flawed incomplete fraudulent political science fiction

as all knowledge is relevant in real science

as all knowledge is only irrelevant in true belief


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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