2018 U.S. Government ~ Debunked ~ Climate Report


Everything is a variable and nothing is a constant

and Climate Science is a Brand New Science

~ no one has a degree in real climate science ~

There have been Ice Ages with higher levels of CO2 than in the Air today

there has been 15 times the CO2 level than in the air today

with out Catastrophic Climate Change

and when you look at a NASA Chart showing us a spike in variable CO2 levels

what is the very first thing you must ask yourself ?

~ where did all this CO2 come from ?

because far less than 10% of the CO2 on that chart and in the air

is generated by Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth

as the majority of variable CO2 on this chart

is caused by three very real variables in nature for billions of years

1 ~ Very variable very un-measurable volcanic activity below sea level

as the majority of volcanic activity is below sea level

acidifying the Oceans over billions of years

2 ~ Very variable un-measurable evaporation of the Oceans

as there is many times the CO2 level in the Oceans than in the air

3 ~ the Very variable Sun with many cycles

with the variable Sun causing an ongoing cycle for millions of years

of Ice Ages and Global Warming periods

with the very variable evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor and Sun Energy


Photosynthesis =

the carbon cycle on this carbon based earth

causing all of nature and the environment above sea level

and all carbon based life on this carbon based Earth

for the past 600 million years above sea level

and as variable warming by the variable Sun increases

variable evaporation of CO2 and Water Vapor increase too

making this carbon based Earth Wetter increasing Rain Snow and Ice

making this carbon based earth Greener

as warming occurs first and then CO2 and water vapor levels rise

as Climate Change is Very Real for Billions of Years on this Carbon based Earth

and Carbon based Plants and Trees need 4 times the CO2 than in the air today

to make the Carbon based Food we Eat and the Oxygen we Breathe

as the Human Body is 20% Carbon made from CO2 = carbon dioxide =

two oxygen atoms based to one carbon atom = Carbon based Oxygen

from the Hot Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth causing the Carbon Cycle

as CO2 causes warming and cooling at the very same time

as warm CO2 rises

very frozen CO2 = Dry Ice is crashing downward

more than off-setting the warmed CO2 rising

as we live with more than a dozen known climate variables today

providing an infinity of climate variable

and the Carbon Cycle and all carbon based life on this carbon based Earth

is not Toxic Pollution as Preached by proven political Ignorance in science

as they Preach water vapor ~ white steam ~ coming out of Power plants is Toxic Pollution

as the Media continues to cover only one side of many sides of the story

scientifically proving Real Journalism is Dead

as the media lives in fear of knowledge outside their true political belief

as they prevent the public from knowing very real very proven fact tested knowledge

proving only their political bias and political ignorance is real science

and why would Politically Brainwashed Journalist or Environmental Attorneys

want to learn and know about a dozen plus climate variables

or millions of years of climate history

or very test proven physics and chemistry

very real knowledge they are very much not aware of

in their blind faith programmed political true belief

real science they do not comprehend and debunking their political True Belief

in self-debunk un-proven theory they political preach is proven theory

based on proven Ignorance and zero peer-reviewed science

beyond one very small tiny fragment of all climate knowledge

that has the smallest and effect on climate

as they truly just believe with out Question

that 10% one half of one climate variable defines all climate science

as they ignore the majority of climate science for their true political belief

as much of the Public is now far better informed in real science than the media

as the Media Preaches their Political True Belief doing very real harm to

The Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions to do only harm and zero good

in real science they refuse to allow Public Question and Debate

for the sake of their political true belief

committing test proven politically programmed pathological fraud in science

as Test Proven Political Media Morons in Science

continue their efforts to Brainwash the Public

with their Moron Political Lunatic Science Fiction they Preach is Reality

as they continue to Preach un-proven theory is Proven Theory

based only on their proven Ignorance in real science and their political make believe

they can not prove is real with real science

as they believe the scientific method does not apply to the very Political U.S. Government

as they believe the Political U.S. Government can never be wrong in real science

and real Question Test Debate by the Scientific Community is not necessary

because all you need is Politically Programmed Pathological True Belief

by the Political Media

and that is good enough un-Questioned hearsay scientific proof for them

as only True Believers just believe what they are told to just believe

as there is zero belief in real science

and just believing un-proven theory is reality is Lunatic Religion

true belief in Political Lunatic true belief doing test proven harm is not science

but you can not stop a Lunatic Political Religion with fact tested knowledge

they just continue to ignore for their True Belief

as they can not Prove there is a God

and they can not Prove Humans cause Climate Warming

beyond their True Political Belief costing trillions to do only harm

and is Al Gore a Billionaire yet ?

as the Media continues to embrace test proven fraud in science


just like Al Gore

they do not comprehend the real science beyond their politically programmed true belief

they refuse to publicly debate because it is Settled Lunatic Science Fiction

when settled science does not exist in real science

as only Political Fools just believe the words of Political Fools

with out Questioning the Truth in knowledge

as Green Lunatics want to stop the cause of Green

based on 100% programmed political true belief and zero peer-reviewed science

as true believers reject the scientific method and fact tested reality in science

and Preaching un-proven theory is proven theory is Pathological not scientific

as Pathological will never see and know reality

as Blind Ignorance dictates Stupidity


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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