2018 U.S. Government ~ Debunked ~ Climate Report


My continued daily thoughts

my repeated arguments in my effort to perfect my science arguments in many forms

to true believers who can prove nothing with

Real Science

and after more than 40,000 requests since 2007

( I stopped counting about three or so years ago )

I continue to make many requests with a



for the peer-reviewed science proving humans cause climate warming

and the best anyone can do so far is

Name Calling ~ Insults ~ Belittling by PhD’s who can prove nothing

beyond their true belief

while one person told me he will Pray for me

I am guessing

Praying that one day I will see the light and become a True Believer of Climate Paranoia

~ with out Questioning the truth in knowledge by the scientific method ~

and that is the best science argument by PhD True Believers to date

in this Brand New Climate Science they refuse to publicly debate

as they can prove nothing with real science beyond they are politically convinced fools

who can not Articulate the science they do not comprehend

because they do not know the science beyond their True Belief

as they are obsessed with predicting the future with their Ouija Board Computers

based on scientifically proven to be garbage science

as Climate Change is Real but not caused by You and Me

~ knowing ~

 CO2 = Carbon based Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide

cause warming and cooling at the very same time

as all heat rises

including warm CO2

as frozen air including frozen CO2 = Dry Ice is crashing downward

more than off-setting warm CO2 rising

~ while knowing ~

something the size of a sewing thread can trap heat in something the size of a football field

as the climate study is based on one half of one climate variable while ignoring more than a dozen known climate variables and all climate history and proven physics and chemistry proving it is a flawed incomplete self-debunk climate study

preached as settled science

to predict a catastrophic future

debunked by real peer-reviewed science

and ignored by climate paranoia

who refuse to see beyond their true belief in self-debunked un-proven theory

to make their paranoid Ouija Board Predictions of the un-knowable future

while my prediction is

the next over due Supper Volcano or Asteroid will end the majority of all carbon based life

on this Carbon based Earth as has happened many times before

and the last thing I would be paranoid about is the variable Sun increasing the evaporation rate of CO2 and water vapor causing a healthier Carbon Cycle making this

Carbon based Earth Greener

as over 90% of the CO2 on your NASA CO2 data chart is caused by Nature

and not caused by Carbon based Humans who are 20% carbon made from CO2

by the Carbon Cycle

while eating food made by the carbon cycle

and breathing oxygen made by the carbon cycle

while it is Politically Preached to us the cause of the carbon cycle is toxic pollution


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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