SEJ & NY Times & Julia Olson & U of Oregon & Lesley Stahl = Pathological Fraud in Climate Science

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Some people think for themselves while many others do not think

as some people just believe what they are told to just believe

with out Questioning the Truth in Knowledge

while some people do not want to know the truth in tested reality

while for many people their Reality is by True Belief = Pathological

as they do not live in a test proven Reality based on fact

their perception of realty is not real = make believe

as they believe their make believe is reality

as the Truth in Reality is Questioned and Tested not Believed


Is your Reality by Tested Knowledge or by True Belief

one is Science the other is not


Reality is not Politically Dictated

Politically Dictated Reality is a Forced Reality and is Scientifically Test Proven Fascism

and Politically Preaching Paranoia based on Predictions of the unknowable future

based on a proven to be flawed incomplete fraudulent scientific study

is not Tested Knowledge = Science or Reality


Climate Science ~ vs ~ Climate Religion

Knowledge ~ vs ~ True Belief

as Scientifically Test Proven to be Political True Belief =

Pathological Political Religion Dictating Reality

based on zero Public Question ~ Test ~ Debate

is a Politically Forced False Reality Doing Harm

as a Politically Preached Reality is Political Religion not Science


To: Marguerite Holloway


do you know or do you just believe ?

~ as true belief can prove nothing with science ~

because true belief rejects knowledge for true belief

and do you investigate all the available facts to share with the world

or do you just provide what you have been told to just believe with out Question

as warming by CO2 is ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

as Humans generate 10% of this ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

of more than a dozen known climate variables providing an infinity of climate variable

as CO2 causes both warming and cooling at the very same time in the atmosphere

as Hot CO2 rises

~ as all heat in ~ real ~ physics still rises ~

as very frozen CO2 = Dry Ice is crashing downward

more than off-setting the Hot CO2 rising

as CO2 can not trap heat

CO2 can not add or make new hot or cold

CO2 can only transfer preexisting hot and cold at the very same time

as all gases absorb and radiate heat while expanding and rising

while something the size of a sewing thread can not trap heat

in something the size of a football field in ~ real ~ physics

while Climate Warming by the variable SUN

Increases the Evaporation of water vapor and CO2

making this Carbon based Earth Greener

as Warming by the variable Sun occurs first and then water vapor and CO2 levels increase

as the majority of CO2 going into the Atmosphere is from Volcanic Activity below Sea level

as the majority of Volcanic Activity on this Carbon based Earth is below Sea level

causing the Carbon cycle above and below Sea level


Al Gore just came out with his new Child Brainwashing Guide for his Climate Paranoia

as it suggest you begin the Climate Religion Brainwashing at age 7

maybe children should comprehend the definition of science and brainwashing first

before being Politically Programmed

while I have Al Gore’s scientific references sent to me on May 18, 2010

by Al Gore’s Campaign Manager Dave Boundy

further proving only Fraud by Al Gore and Co.


Al Gore States today in big bold letters

~ on his science page that provides zero science ~

while just ignoring more than a dozen known climate variables

and just ignoring simple Hard Physics and Chemistry

and just ignoring millions of years of climate history

as Al Gore States:


based on self-debunk un-proven theory

further debunk by the tested knowledge he just ignores for his true belief

his true belief in self-debunk un-proven theory

based on a proven to be very flawed incomplete fraudulent scientific study

Scientifically Proving Al Gore Failed Grade School Science

while those who do not think and just believe this proven Pathological Fraud

with out Questioning the Truth

making Al Gore’s proven to be Lunatic Pathological Mind

doing very proven Harm to the Environment their Lunatic Reality too

all based on 100% un-proven theory

to make Paranoid Predictions of the un-knowable Future

as Political Media Agenda Preaches Al Gore’s test proven Paranoia is tested Reality

as Political Parties in their best efforts to destroy each other

are destroying this Country and this Carbon based Earth

for the sake of their power and greed based on their test proven Ignorance

as they do very real test proven harm while just make believing they are doing good

because they refuse to learn and know and grow forward

beyond their true belief in their Political Agenda

as they reject old and new knowledge for their True Belief

doing only proven harm in reality while Profiting by Millions

with a very proven to be Fraudulent Carbon Credit Scam

that will have zero effect on Climate Change

and after repeatedly providing  Al Gore & Co. since 2007

  with peer-reviewed science debunking his true belief in un-proven theory

Al Gore continues to Preach his True Belief for Power and Greed

while doing only test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as Al Gore can Articulate zero science

and has earned zero right to scientific opinion

as Al Gore points at White Steam = water vapor coming out of Power Plants

and states this is poison and pollution

as Al Gore

who is 20% carbon made from CO2

Truly Believes and Preaches the cause of all Green and all of Nature

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth is Poison and Pollution

proving he is a test proven Pathological Fraud and Lunatic not a real scientist

as he truly believes 10% of one half of one climate variable defines all climate science

and only Humans can cause all climate change based only on his True Belief

based on zero peer-reviewed science to support his True Belief

after 4.6 Billion years of very extreme progressive variable climate change

Al Gore truly believes only Carbon based Humans can cause all Climate Change

and his Pathological Lunatic True Belief is Settled Science

and there for

his Lunatic science is not open for Public Question and Debate

as he truly believes in his Lunatic Mind there can be Settled Science

in science he has publicly proven he does not comprehend

and there is nothing new to learn and know in this brand new climate science

Scientifically proving Al Gore is a Pathological Lunatic not a Scientist

as test proven Lunatics never debate tested reality

while a real scientist will admit they are wrong when proven wrong

based on the tested facts

and then learn and know and grow forward with reality in Science

and what I find most Interesting is how so many well educated people

just Believe with out Question a very Test Proven Moron in Science

who is committing very Test Proven Pathological Fraud in Science

as he makes millions on his scientifically test proven Fraud

doing very proven Harm to Nature

while Al Gore has proven two very important things in real science ~

1 ~ Political Media Brainwashing works very well

2 ~ Political Media Fascism can Dictate Science

based on zero scientific method

~ because ~

True Believers just Believe what they are told to just Believe

with out questioning the truth in knowledge = Tested Reality

as Al Gore continues to Preach his self-debunk un-proven theory is settled science

and can not be Publicly Scientifically Debated

while Al Gore can provide zero real peer-reviewed science to support his True Belief

~ after being confronted with the tested facts further debunking his True Belief ~

scientifically proving Al Gore’s Insanity for Profit

doing test proven Harm to the Environment

very test proven Harm to the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth

as only the Politically Brainwashed Fools just believe in AlGoreism

as they just ignore over 9,000 PhD’s of over 30,000 Scientists

who disagree with AlGoreism

because their scientifically test Proven to be Lunatic Science is Settled

and can not be debated by

~ Real Science ~

as Al Gore Believes Skepticism

to Question the Truth in Knowledge

is a Mental Disorder

Scientifically Proving Al Gore has a Mental Disorder

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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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