SEJ & NY Times & Julia Olson & U of Oregon & Lesley Stahl = Pathological Fraud in Climate Science


….you can just believe the proven political media Lies about me

or you can investigate the true in knowledge  ~

I am a Scientist for the Truth in Science

I am not a Politician

and I do not belong to or are owned by any Political Party or Political True Belief


The Majority of Warming of the Oceans

of this Carbon based Earth causing a Carbon Cycle

is caused by the very Hot Variable Churning Liquid core of this Carbon based Earth

as the core churns causing intermittent volcanic activity above and below sea level

and intermittent hot spots

below the Earths Crust and Oceans while variably warming the Oceans

while the hot Liquid core is the primary source of Heat

for the Earths Crust the Oceans and Lower Atmosphere

while melting all the Ice from the bottom side causing the Ice to move

and during Ice Ages too

while direct Sun Energy separates frozen water = H2O

as the O= oxygen evaporates while the dirty H2 = hydrogen flows into the Oceans

as the Variable Sun with many cycles continues to be warmer and brighter

and continues to be the secondary source of heat and the primary source of Ice ages

and in between the past 20 Ice Ages of the past 2 million years

the Deserts slowly become Green again caused by Climate Warming by the variable Sun

caused by the increase of evaporated water vapor and CO2 by the variable Sun

causing the carbon cycle above sea level

causing all the Green and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

for the past 600 million years above Sea level

as all life comes from the Sea

and Test Proven Political Ignorance Dictates Reality

as Political True Belief is: not Science

Political True Belief is: Political Religion

as Political Media Fascism in Science is very Alive and Well

~ Real Journalism ~

is by investigating all the facts on the subject matter

and providing all the very available facts to the Public

so the public can then decide for them selves what is real and what is not

and when a Journalist tells you only what they want you to just believe

while withholding from you all the very real very available facts

that has been sent to the Journalist by real scientists

this scientifically proves they are not Real Journalists

they are Preachers of what they want you to just believe based on zero facts

and this is known in Reality as Social Political Media Brainwashing

based on proven self-Ignorance on the subject matter

as they can provide zero facts when requested to support their true belief

as they are now very responsible for all the very real harm to the

Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as they refuse to allow all or any open public debate of the Science

Scientifically proving it is not real science

as they reject real science they do not comprehend for their Political Agenda

scientifically proving Political Ignorance dictates a false reality

doing scientifically test proven harm they refuse to scientifically debate

because they scientifically failed grade school science

scientifically proving it is a Political Religion


Letter to the Editor

of the

New York Times


To: Carol Davenport and the New York Times

why do you not Investigate your words of political belief

why do you just believe what Politicians tell you to just believe?

as you do not care if you are right or wrong or the damage caused by being wrong

all that matters to you is your true belief


how many years of working back ground do you have in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry ?

and how did you earn your right to scientific opinion in this Brand New Climate Science

beyond your True Belief in Hearsay words of True Belief

in this Brand New Climate Science no one has a Degree in

in this Brand New Science you state is settled

in this Brand New Climate Science we learn and know something new everyday

debunking what we know from yesterday

new knowledge in this new science you reject for your true belief in the word  ” likely “

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

as the U.N. and the Climate Assessments state it is likely

we Carbon based Humans of this carbon based Earth cause ~ all ~ climate warming

as likely is a word of ~ Belief ~ not peer-reviewed science

as ” Likely ” is not settled science while settled science does not exist

as I know you can not debunk simple hard Physics and Chemistry

that you are not aware of or comprehend

as CO2 causes Warming and Cooling at the very same time

in real physics and chemistry

as all heat still rises and frozen air still take its place

and further debunk your True Belief in your settled unproven theory = likely

as I know you can not debunk the past 2 million years of known Climate History

that you obviously are not aware of

further debunking your True Belief in your settled unproven theory = likely

as I know you can not debunk more than a dozen known Climate Variables

providing an Infinity of Climate Variable

that you are not aware of or comprehend

further debunking your True Belief in your settled unproven theory = likely

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

as You and everyone Preaching Climate Paranoia at the New York Times

based on your scientifically test proven Ignorance

are Scientifically Test Proven Political Pathological Frauds in Science

as you reject peer-reviewed science for your political science fiction

doing test proven harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

the cause of all the Green and all Life on this Carbon based Earth

as Real Science is not Politically Brainwashed by Political Media Agenda

by true Believers who have Publicly proven they failed grade school science

by rejecting the scientific method for true belief

who allow only their side of many sides of the science argument to be told

deciding for the Public what is real and what is not

and then expect the Public to just Truly Believe

based on settled unproven theory = likely

based on zero scientific method and zero peer-reviewed science

based on one half of one very small tiny fragment of all climate knowledge

that Humans generate 10% or less of going into the air contributing to the carbon cycle

on this already CO2 starved carbon based planet

as you truly believe your test proven Ignorance defines all Climate Science

as wisdom is knowledge and belief is religion

and if you Believe in Science then you are not a Real Scientist you are a True Believer

as true believers can prove nothing in real science with real science

because there is zero belief in real science as belief can prove nothing

as true belief rejects tested knowledge

as real science is fact proven by Question Test Debate

as Belief is ~ still ~ Religion

as science is proven wrong more often than proven right

and if you just politically make believe what you have been told to just believe

with out Question

then you do not know if your true belief science is proven right or wrong

or debunk by new knowledge or old knowledge you just ignore for true belief

as true belief science rejects real science for true belief

because you just believe what you are told to just believe by political media hearsay

with out Question

and if you state you believe in science and you have faith in science

that is a Religious statement by those who have earned zero right to real scientific opinion

and not real science of the Scientific Method

as there are zero feelings in real science

because personal emotional feelings of true belief can prove nothing as

science is: to know


Question ~ Test ~ Debate

science is not a feeling and not by political media make believe preached as reality

as only those who failed grade school science believe in political science fiction

as they truly believe with all their heart and soul = Religion

with out knowing the very proven fact tested knowledge

as they continue to just ignore proven fact tested knowledge

for their un-questioned un-debated blind faith in their true belief in test proven Ignorance

and this is why you can not have a normal healthy discussion with True Believers

as they refuse to know beyond their True Belief

as they just believe for the sake of needing something to just believe in

with out ~ knowing ~ if it is right or wrong or good or bad

as True Believers dictate Reality based only on their make believe

as only their True Belief can be known in their political media

as they call me the Denier and Skeptic

as climate change is Real but not caused by You and Me

so please Carol,

as I have requested many many times before over many many years

so please forward your peer-reviewed science of your settled unproven theory = likely

that will debunk all the proven fact tested reality in Real Science known today

that you continue to just ignore for your true belief in political science fiction

proving your Ignorance

that is doing very real scientifically test proven harm to the environment

as I am for the Truth in all of Life and all of Knowledge for a better Life for All

as true wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm



Scientist = Skeptic

~ skepticism ~

” the doctrine that truth in all knowledge must always be in Question “

~ fascism ~

when only one political belief can be preached lived practiced and known

this is a dictated political false reality based on political true belief

as scientifically proven political Fascism now dictate science again

as repeated thought out known history for Political Power and Greed

based on test proven ignorance

now doing test proven harm to the carbon cycle the cause of all the Green

as Fascism does not allow Scientific Question Test Debate to Challenge their Fascism

Scientifically proving their Fascism

and when Politicians and Journalist who failed grade school science

Preach and Dictate Science

based on ~ zero ~ Public Question Test Debate and ~ zero ~ Peer-reviewed Science

they can only scientifically prove

it is not real science they are politically brainwashing and dictating

as they ignore tested reality for power and greed while doing only harm

~ * ~

From my thousands of hours of ongoing Climate Science Investigation since 2007

with my over 42 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science physics and chemistry

with over 40,000 requests with a reward for the peer-reviewed science since 2007

that will prove Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

sent to every University and Political Media organization preaching Climate Paranoia

based on un-proven theory based on a very flawed incomplete scientific study

as there can be no tested reality in science

based on dictated political media hearsay make believe

and in response to my many requests for their scientific references

is Belittling and Name Calling

as they have no real scientific argument providing only their words of true belief

in self-debunk unproven theory

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable


My repeated Arguments in different forms

based on Analyzed and Tested Peer-reviewed Science

sent to many different Carbon based People of this Carbon based Earth

where everything Breathing and not Breathing has Carbon in it

with the exception of a few microbes

where real science is: to know and true belief is: Religion

where Universities continue to Preach Political Garbage Science Fiction as Reality

based on un-proven theory and true belief in the word

” Likely “

as they refuse to publicly Debate their true belief

Scientifically further proving it is not real science

as University’s have become Political Churches

of Programmed Computer Ouija Board Prediction

to sell their fear of the un-knowable future = Paranoia

as Prediction of the un-knowable future

based on test proven Ignorance and Paranoia never come true

as proven through out history

as the Media continues truly believe in and preach

this very proven political pathological fraud in Science

they have not Questioned Tested and Debated

as they only allow you to know what they truly believe

as the Media refuses to allow real scientific rebuttal in the media by real scientists

further proving it is a Political Religion and not fact tested reality in science = knowledge


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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