Montana ~ I – 185 is Un-Constitutional

~ Letter to the Editor ~


Dr. Robert M. Shepard

Bias Political Crusader and Helena Physician Retired

If you are for Inequality then you are for I-185

as your associate Bias Political Crusader Friend

Dr. Sargent

has willfully knowingly intentionally committed very proven Medical Fraud

for his Lady Friend at Montana State Fund

so MSF could and did Deny very Legitimate Medical Claims to save money

passing on these medical costs to the tax payers

while further destroying the lives of work injured citizens of Montana

and fortunately for sick and injured people Dr. Sargent is now Retiring soon

while there are many other working criminal Doctors in Montana

like Dr. Jeffrey Cory PhD Provider at Bozeman Health

who are very proven to be falsifying medical reports

as we have an entire Legal System revolving around Crime and Mistakes in Medicine

as we live with the most expensive least effective medical system on this earth

and this is not the fault of the many very hard working very dedicated people

in this very broken medical system

with many doctors who are about 20 years behind

on their refresher courses in new medicine

because when the Patient is better informed than the Physician something is wrong

while there are hospitals that are more honest than others

and in our very broken system Money comes first and Wellness comes last

and in my life time of now 62 years I know of many who have left Helena

and have left Montana and have left the USA to seek better heath and medical care

as we have a shortage of Doctors in Montana

and sadly many of the Doctors here in Montana are not up to speed in knowledge

and or are Dishonest keeping many very good Attorneys very busy everyday all of the time

Good Attorneys who are better informed in medicine than the Physicians they Sue

so sadly if you become injured or sick in Montana

the very first thing you need is a good Attorney

as proven by the Medical Legal History of Montana

as the Law Makers and Government of Montana are on the side of Profit before Wellness

and those who go to other countries for health and medical care

receive very excellent care by Doctors who schooled and trained here in the USA

where each Patient has their own Nurse not each Floor has a Nurse

where the number 3 cause of death is not caused by mistakes made in the Hospital

where medical cost are much much lower with far better results

where Laws are not written and Lobbied by Insurance Companies

who then deny legitimate medical claims for Profit

as we live with a system of criminal Doctors working in criminal Hospitals

who should be in jail

as our governments continues to make it easier for these criminals to commit their crimes



Helena Montana

~ Treasurer ~

Dr. Steven Bailey Ophthalmologist Portland Oregon

and what does an Oregon Eye Doctor have to gain

from an Unconstitutional Initiative that supports Inequality in Montana


Montana Governor and Attorney

Steve Bullock


Montana Budget Director (2005-2011)

David Ewer


Sister Bernadette Helfert of Montana


Maybe we should over Tax all Obese Hard Drinkers

who kill lots of People on the Montana Highways every year

to pay for the Health Care of everyone else

or should 100 year old smokers

who have never been sick pay for the Cancer Treatment

or a new Heart for someone who is Over Weight

or are very sick from the many Poisons in their work environment

or are dying from a Pandemic or Heredity Illness or Disease


Who should burden the cost for everyone else

who should we politically Punish the most

and who’s political Organization gets to decide who will be politically punished the most


Any Tax that Politically Targets one Group of People to Benefit all other Groups of People

is an Un-Fair Tax

as a Fair Tax is a Tax everyone pays that benefits everyone

and as we all know Smoking is Bad for you

and while I do not smoke today I did many yours ago

and targeting smokers with a sin tax to pay for medical care for non-smokers

is Politically Bias and Illegal

and no different than taxing only women to pay for medical care for men

or taxing only Gay People to pay for medical care for everyone else

or taxing one Religion to pay for the sin’s of others

or taxing only those who are left handed to pay for the medical care of all others

or taxing only those who drive Red Cars to pay for the burden of others

or taxing body weight  fat = Obesity

and if this sin tax is passed

it could reduce tax revenues to the Black Market

and Bootleggers and to Indian Reservations

and this would be very fine with me

as it would be an Illegal Political Bias Tax and would be Un-Constitutional

in the Republic of the Un-United States of America

and in the State of Montana

Article  III  Section 4


we can not force one group of people to pay for the many other sins of many others


Why should smokers who do not drink

pay for a new Liver for the Heavy Drinker who does not Smoke

and Politically Targeting one group of People for any reason is Political Predigest

like the very First Tax in this Republic of the now Un-United States of America

a Sin Tax on Alcohol to pay for the War

so only those who drank  Alcohol had to pay for the Revolutionary War

as all War is a Sin and the Bootleggers won their war

as the political few who have their own Sins can not dictate their morals to everyone else

while back in the mid to late 1800’s in the small new Boom Towns of the West

Prostitutes were Fined by the local Justice

for breaking a Town Ordinance

for walking on the wrong side of the street on the wrong day

and that is how the west was won as this paid for small town government

as it paid for the Judges Salary too

while this was nothing more than a targeted tax on Working Women

and so maybe we should Tax Doctors and Physicians who are wrong 50% of the time

and Tax the number 3 cause of Death

~ Mistakes in Hospitals ~

as Medical Malpractice Kills far more People than Smoking

as Family’s Communities and Tax Payers

end up paying for many of these Medical Mistakes

as Insurance Companies continue to deny Legitimate Medical Claims to save money

with the help of proven to be Fraudulent Doctors who Falsify Medical Reports

and once again forcing tax payers to cover these medical costs

or maybe we should just tax everyone’s mistakes

and then their would be far fewer mistakes

or Tax Lies

and then Politicians and Political Journalist and Used Car Salesman

would pay the most in Taxes

as everyone Lies

as we continue to pay more in taxes on over taxes on everything today

and if you are going to tax Sin’s then we must tax everyone Sin’s

and then who is to decide what is a Sin

~ as it was once said ~

” Those who are with out Sin Cast the First Stone “

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor

Scientist for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for All


~ Maybe we should tax Ignorance ~

by thoes who just ignore very available knowledge for the sake of their own make believe

as we know Smokers who exercise are much Healthier than Fat People who do not

and you can not fix Broken Doctors and a Broken Medical System

by over taxing of the few

and if broken Doctors left their Egos at home instead of their Medical Oath at home

this world would be a much Healthier Happier Safer and Saner place to live and be

as I-185 is a Bogus Illegal Political Scam

as Montana Law Professors and Retired Montana Judges and Experts in Law Agree

~ Peace ~

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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