Do not Vote for Anyone Preaching Climate Paranoia


True Belief is: Religion

as Repetitiveness is the key to deprogramming political media Brainwashing

by those who failed grade school science and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they reject the Scientific Method

and refuse to allow Question and Debate of the reality in science


The United Nations a Political Body and the Climate Assessments

all state:

” it is ~ likely ~ Humans cause all Climate Change “

~ based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable of more than a dozen climate variables ~

providing an infinity of climate variable

as it is ” likely ” to rain tomorrow

maybe ~ what if

as likely maybe and what if

scientifically prove nothing in fact tested reality

just as predicting the unknowable future proves nothing in real science

while true belief in self-debunk prediction preached as reality is:

test proven lunatic make believe


The by-product of very variable natural energy by this carbon based earth


carbon based oxygen = Carbon Dioxide = CO2

from the hot variable liquid core of this carbon based earth

and with evaporated variable water vapor and variable Sun Energy

causing the variable carbon cycle = nature = environment

causing all natural carbon based life and energy on this carbon based earth

for the past 600 million years above the very variable sea level


The Religion of Science is: skepticism

? = Question

Why are we now spending Trillions on this carbon based earth

to end the carbon cycle above sea level sooner

~ skepticism ~

” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question “

~ The Scientific Method ~

to Question ~ Test ~ Rebuttal ~ Debate

to find and know the truth in knowledge = science

~ science is: to know ~


~ everyday someone predicts a new Doomsday that never happens ~

and on January 1 of the year 2000 A.D. of the Western Calendar

the world as we know it today was going to end

because computers could not count past the date 1999 A.D.

while December 21, 2012 was the end of the Mayan Calendar

and a Doomsday was Predicted based on the end of this Calendar

many hundreds of years after the Mayan were long gone

as the Mayan Calendar is a 26,000 year cycle

~ and then a new cycle and new calendar begin again ~

as the wobble of the Earth Axes is a 26,000 year cycle

as the Mayan calendar is supported by the known Astronomy of this Galaxy we live in

while Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

about 350 feet

as the sea level was 60 feet higher 135,000 years ago

as the variable Sun with many cycles continues to be Warmer and Brighter over time

as we have lived with about 20 Ice Ages

and 20 Global Warming Periods over the past 2 million years

caused by the variable Sun with many cycles

as the Oceans and lower atmosphere are heated by

the variable hot liquid core of this carbon based earth

variably melting ice from the bottom side during Ice Ages and Global Warming Periods

as Climate Change is nothing new after billions of years of very

Extreme Progressive Variable Climate Change

as Climate History has debunk Political Media Climate Paranoia

as simple Physics and Chemistry debunk Political Media Climate Paranoia

just as more than a dozen known climate variables providing an infinity of climate variable


proven to be Lunatic Fraudulent


Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

to predict the unknowable unpredictable climate future

as Predictions of the unknown future based on very proven ignorance

never come true

as we are now trying to end the cause of all carbon based Life

on this carbon based earth sooner

based on scientifically test proven Ignorance

based on scientifically test proven political Paranoia

by those who have failed grade school science

and refuse to know = science

scientifically proving it is a Paranoid Political Religion

committing test proven Pathological fraud in science

as proven political media fools dictate a false reality doing only harm to

the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as these very proven fools preach to us

~ to Question the Truth in Knowledge = skepticism ~ is a Mental Flaw

proving they are Pathological Lunatics in science

as they refuse to allow Public Question Test Rebuttal or Debate

because their Lunatic Science is Settled

because they make Believe

there is nothing new to learn and know beyond their scientifically very proven Paranoia

based on self-debunk prediction

proving dictated Political Ignorance to those who do not know and do not want to know

with scientifically proven Political Media Brainwashing

based on self-debunk science proving political brainwashing works very well

and when there can be zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

there can be zero fact tested reality


Today self-debunk hypothetical conjecture is Politically dictated as Fact Tested Reality

based on zero Public Question Test Rebuttal or Debate

~ you can not Legislate knowledge ~

based on political hearsay make believe

and In the Hard Simple Science of real Physics you can not change

~ 14.7 to 1 ~

Air to Fuel Ratio of the Internal Combustion Engine

as you can only make a car lighter and the engine smaller to increase miles per gallon

as the internal combustion engine provide water vapor and CO2 to the atmosphere

with Sun energy proving what plants and trees would like 4 times more to breathe

and in real Physics all heat still rises

as -200* below zero Air comes crashing downward toward the poles

of this Carbon based Earth

and if the Air we breathe was 1.0 % CO2 as it is 0.04 % today

your Internal Combustion Engine would not Start and Idle

because the CO2 lowered the Explosion Temperature in the engine 500 *

as CO2 is a heat and energy sponge

absorbing more heat and energy that the surrounding gases

as CO2 can only Transfer preexisting Hot and Cold

as Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

cools the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer than frozen water

and as Hot CO2 rises very Frozen CO2 takes its place

more than off setting Hot CO2 moving upward removing heat from the lower Atmosphere

heated by the hot Liquid core of this Carbon based Earth

but only if you comprehend real Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

~ as climate science is a brand new science ~

and no one has a degree in this brand new science

where we have far more to learn than we know today

as Al Gore Truly Believes and Preaches the Science is Settled

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

to predict the unknowable climate future with pre-programmed computers

based on very incomplete science

known as Ouija Board Science

that Carbon based Humans generate 3% or less of going into the air

the Equivalent of a sewing thread to trap the heat in something the size of a football field

Scientifically Proving

Al Gore Failed Grade School Science

as settled science does not exist in real science

as we learn and know and grow forward every day with new science debunking old science

and True Political Belief rejecting new knowledge by the scientific method

is test proven political religion and not real science by Question Test Debate

now add more than a dozen climate variables ignored by Al Gore

and millions of years of climate history all further debunking Al Gore

and very simple physics and chemistry ignored by Al Gore

who comprehends zero real science

who has repeatedly Publicly Failed Grade School Science

just like the New York Times and many others Preaching Climate Paranoia

as Climate Paranoia is Harming the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions of dollars to do only harm and zero good

and will end the carbon cycle above sea level sooner

because they reject the scientific method as they reject real science

Real Proven Fact Tested Knowledge they do not comprehend

only further proving they have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as we are now matching and breaking Record Temperatures that were set

before Automobiles and Power Plants

as it is this warm again and again in climate history

as it has been and much much warmer than today many times before

over many millions of years

Bruce A. Kershaw

40 plus years Atmospheric Emission Science

as political climate paranoia have zero years of working back ground

while refusing to publicly debate the real science

or provide real peer-reviewed science to support their test proven Lies

as Climate Change is very real

but not caused by Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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