AlGoreism = The New Religion

My Favorite Failed self-debunk Climate Prediction is by Jim Hansen and NASA

~ made 20 years ago ~

that Manhattan would be under water today

and the last time I checked they were still driving around in Cars not Boats

as the sea level continues to decline and not rise as Predicted

as the rate of Evaporation has exceeded the rate the Ice is Melting

as the increased Evaporation of water and CO2 caused by warming by the variable Sun

is causing a healthier Carbon Cycle and has made this Carbon based Earth Greener

while increased Evaporation has increased Arctic Ice by 40% since 2012

as Climate Religion continues to preach to us the sea level is rising when it is not

and ~ all ~ the Ice is Melting when it is not

as Ice has been melting for the past 14,000 years

and if the Ice did not melt the sea level would decline about 60 feet every ten years

while the rate of warming has not increased as Predicted

as more Heat has Escaped the Atmosphere than Predicted

and as ~ all ~ hot air still rises

frozen air continues to come crashing downward

toward the poles of this carbon based earth

with increased levels of – 200 * below zero frozen water vapor and frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

more than off-setting the Hot air rising

~ proving ~

Jim Hansen is a Bad Psychic and Pathological Fraudulent Lunatic

and not a Real Scientist

as he continues to just ignore peer-reviewed science

and continues to just believe in and politically preach his failed self-debunked predictions

while just ignoring more than a dozen climate variables

when making his climate predictions based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

as warming by the variable Sun increases water vapor and CO2

Water vapor and CO2 do not increase warming by the variable Sun

as water vapor and CO2 is the by-product of warming

while causing the CARBON CYCLE and all CARBON BASED LIFE above sea level

on this Carbon based Earth

while the Politically Brainwashed Green Lunatics who failed Grade School Science

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

continue to Harm the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth ~

costing trillions of dollars

as Al Gore who is 20% Carbon


Carbon is: Toxic Pollution

as he Preaches to all the Carbon based Humans

made by the Carbon Cycle caused by this Carbon based Earth

” Do not Confuse Weather with Climate “

while his carbon based followers continue to Blame all the Weather

on scientifically debunked Man Made Climate Change

as Climate Religion continues to Change

from Global Warming to Climate Change to Climate Disruption

to what ever they now call it today

and as Change is continuous in this known Universe

Change is continuous in Hearsay Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

based on their fear of the un-known un-predictable future = Paranoia

based on


Self-debunk Computer Ouija Board Climate Climate Prediction of the un-known Future

based on ~ One Half ~ of one climate variable

while just ignoring more than a dozen Climate Variables known today

providing an Infinity of Politically Ignored known Climate Variable

as Climate Religion is based on very Scientifically proven to be

very Flawed very Incomplete very debunked Un-proven Theory

as the opposite of all the Predictions are very proven to be fact tested reality in science

as they continue to preach to us their climate paranoia based on their failed predictions

while doing very real test proven harm to the Environment

as Scientifically Test Proven Ignorance based on zero Question Test Debate

Politically Dictate Climate Science

to those who do not know and just believe what they are told to just believe

with out Question ~ Test ~ Debate or Peer-reviewed Science


I know this Carbon based Earth where everything has Carbon in it

causing a Carbon Cycle causing all Carbon based Life and Energy

above and below sea level is: not Flat

and after 42 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science

and thousands of hours of on going Climate Science Investigation since the spring of 2007

I am not a Denier or Skeptic of the fact tested knowledge Physics and Chemistry

and all known Geological History of Climate Change

as I ~ know ~ Very Extreme Progressive Variable Climate Change is very Real

for billions of years

while True Belief can prove nothing is Real

as those who know nothing and can prove nothing

as they continue to Politically Dictate Reality based on test proven Make Believe

as True Belief in Failed Prediction is Lunatic Science and not fact tested Reality

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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