AlGoreism = The New Religion


Anyone just ~ Believing ~ and Preaching Humans cause Climate Warming

is a Political Fools Fool as very scientifically proven


Believing is: make believe and not knowledge

and Believing you know what is going to happen before it happens

is not proven fact tested reality in real science

as Prediction of the un-known un-predictable future is: not knowledge

and living in fear of the un-known un-predictable future is: Paranoia

and Paranoid True Belief in self-debunked failed prediction

based on scientifically proven to be very self-debunk flawed incomplete science

is a very proven to be a Politically Paranoid Psychological Disorder

and is not scientifically proven to be fact tested knowledge of the scientific method


Political Media Climate Paranoia is a Social Political Psychological Mental Disorder

further proven by the fact

you can not have a Normal Logical Conversation about real science

with anyone who has this

Political Media Brainwashed Climate Paranoia

as they always reject ~ Question ~ Test ~ Debate ~ by the Scientific Method

as Scientifically proven Climate Paranoia is Ruled by Political Fascism

by those who have publicly scientifically proven they Failed Grade School Science

while using very scientifically proven to be outdated incomplete debunk science papers

as scientific proof Humans cause Climate Warming

scientifically proving Fraud in Real Science


In today’s Political Media World

~ for many Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth ~

who have zero back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

believe hypothetically pre-programmed computer prediction of the unknown future

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable of more than a dozen variables

is accepted knowledge

while self-debunk Ouija Board computer prediction of the unknown future

is accepted as reality for all true believers of Climate Religion

who have zero comprehension of the science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they continue to preach very proven to be self-debunk Prediction as Fact Tested Reality

as their True Belief continues to do very Real Test Proven Harm to the

Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

Costing Trillions of Dollars


Climate Science is: a Brand New Science

~ No One has a Degree in Climate Science ~

and we do not know far more than we do know


science = to know

and if you do not Question your Perception of the Truth in Knowledge = science

then how do ~ know ~ it is the truth

~ knowing ~

Theoretical Hypothetical Conjecture is: unproven theory = not knowledge

and Politically Preached True Belief in self-debunk un-proven theory is:

Lunatic Political Religion

that is un-knowingly harming the cause of all Life and the Environment

on this Carbon based Earth


My Continued Science Argument in many forms

for those who Failed Grade School Science

as Politics Dictate Reality based on Scientifically Test Proven Make Believe

while knowing when you can not admit you are wrong in real science

you are not a real scientist

~ and Yes ~

I am a Skeptic =

” to Question the Truth in Knowledge “

to find and know the truth in tested knowledge

I am a skeptic of those who preach their Failed Predictions are Happening

Predictions based on very proven to be Flawed Incomplete Debunk Fraudulent Science

as Climate Change is very Real but not caused by You and Me


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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