Why are Jeffrey M. Cory PhD & Dr Richard Sargent MD Committing Fraud for Montana State Fund

Dr. Clark is now further Treating me

for my previously Diagnosed Post Concussion Syndrome

that was followed by 8 weeks of Very Good Physical Therapy at St Peters Hospital

but more Physical Therapy was and is still needed

while Dr. Sargent rejected more Physical Therapy

and further help from a local Concussion Specialist as I suggested

after this was suggested to me by one of the Therapist at St Peters Hospital

as Dr. Sargent rejected further medical help for my Brain Injury

along with all my other Injuries

when further medical help and care was and is still very much in need

as I continue to have many Post Concussion Symptoms caused by a Head Injury

along with many other physical problems from a very hard fall

and where does the Buck Stop for the very proven Fraud at Montana State Fund ?

as Montana State Fund = Tammy Gibson has yet to acknowledge my Neck Injury

that I continue to live with everyday since December of 2016

while Tammy ‘s Fraudulent Doctor Friend Richard P. Sargent

had denied me medical care since march of 2017

for the sake of his Good Friend Tammy Gibson = Montana State Fund

as Dr. Sargent was helping his friend Tammy

by not helping his Patient very much in need of further Medical Care

for a Brain and other Injuries

while in today’s real world in about six hours of real time

I can accomplish about two hours of real work in pain

as everyday is a Challenge in my very real efforts to regain what has been lost in my life

and Thank You Dr. Clark for helping me

as others continue to harm me

and what does it say when the Patient is Better Informed

in Concussion Science and Medicine than some of his Doctors

because some of his Doctors are preoccupied with committing Medical Fraud

so Montana State Fund can save money

while knowing and seeing the obvious predigest on the part of these Fraudulent Doctors

as I only Attack those who do not know me and have made them selves my enemy

by further harming my life while turning me into something I am not

while those who do know me most of my life know I am not

and now I must repair many proven mistakes further harming my wellness and life

and warn the Public of these very fact proven criminals

who do very real harm to their Patients who refuse to repair their very proven harm

further proving they are real criminals

as they continue to incriminate themselves with their actions

or should I say by their lack there of


When a Physician Falsifies your medical records and reports for any reason

this is Fraud a Crime

and any Physician defending very proven to be criminal Doctors

are Criminals too

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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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