Why is Jeff Cory PhD Neuropsychology Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital ~ Committing Fraud and Malpractice ~ for Dr. Richard Sargent MD Helena MT. and Montana State Fund ?

…as I allow my controlled Anger to Prevent me from being Depressed

and doing much further harm to my wellness and life


In the State of Montana the Work Injured Citizens are treated like Roadkill

by Montana State Fund who commit Fraud to Save Money

as the Attorneys for Dr. Jeff Cory now have enough of my 36 years of Medical Records

 very proving

Jeff Cory is a Fraud committing Malpractice

as do Dr. Richard P. Sargent and the Attorneys at Montana State Fund

my Medical Records debunking the proven to be Fraudulent Evaluation by Jeff Cory

for Montana State Fraud so they can Save Money


I have Post Concussion Syndrome from a Head Injury

along with other Injuries from a hard fall

and at Montana State Fraud

it is the Attorneys who have earned zero right to Medical Opinion

not Doctors who decide what is real and what is not in real Medicine

as only Proven ~ Con Artist ~ Scam Artist ~ and Frauds

when confronted with the Medical Proof

very proving they are wrong

they then still refuse to repair their intentional proven mistakes

and when Montana State Fund Commits Fraud to save money

it is the Montana Tax Payers who then get to Pick up the Tab for Montana State Fraud

and what happens in the minds of these Obviously now Sick Criminal Doctors

that allow themselves to go from Helping Injured People to be Well

to intentionally further Harming People who need someone to help them to be well

while only benefiting Montana State Fraud so they can save money


What makes a Man go from Good to Evil

why is Jeff Cory and Richard Sargent Committing Medical Fraud and Malpractice

for Montana State Fund ?

Further Harming the Wellness and the Lives of the Citizens of Montana

and the community’s they live and work in

and then when confronted with this very proven Fraud and Malpractice

they refuse to repair their very proven Intentional Mistakes further proving they are

~ Frauds ~

and why does Deaconess Hospital Bozeman Montana continue to allow

Jeff Cory a very proven to be Fraud in Medicine

to further commit very proven Fraud and Malpractice

who is doing only very real further Harm to their Patients ?

could it be for

~ Money ~

and is this how Jeff Medically Treats

Children and Police Officers and Fire Fighters and all others in my Condition too ?

and why is Montana State Fund committing Fraud to save Money ?

with the Help of Dr. Richard P. Sargent Sage Medical Clinic Helena Montana

as only Real Professionals acknowledge and repair their proven mistakes

and stop doing further proven harm to their Patients

allowing the Doctors to learn and know and grow forward from their proven Mistakes

making them better at their Profession

as only Frauds doing proven Harm to their Patients do not repair their proven Mistakes

while continuing to be Frauds committing Malpractice

 to save money for fraudulent organizations like Montana State Fraud

who already have more money than they know what to do with

but still prefer to cause further harm and suffering to injured workers

and of course all their money is just given to them for zero effort on their part

for safe keeping

and when it comes time to just give a little back for its intended proposes

to help very Injured People to be well again

they commit fraud to keep more of what is other peoples money for them selves

so the money for wellness can just sit there doing nothing

doing only further harm to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana and their Familys

while forcing them into poverty while allowing the Tax Payers to now pick up the Tab

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor 2011

Lobbyist for Truth in Science and Medicine

Honorary Member of the Doctors of Disaster Preparedness

Honorary Member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Inc.

our Motto is the Patient Comes First

as they Publish Peer-reviewed Science and Medicine since 1943

I have been Investigating and proving Fraud in Science for about 20 years

I have Evaluated Education Programs

I have Performed Technical Evaluations since 1976

and I am Recovering from a Hard Fall

causing a Head Injury along with many other Body Injuries

caused by the Negligence of Others

as Fraud is being Committed against me to save money

by Montana State ~ Fraud ~ Fund

where wellness for injured workers always comes last

to save a lot of money that will continue to do nothing

with the exception of many things it was not intended to do


Knowing some Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time

only the Mentally Healthy Honest Doctors will admit and repair their proven mistakes


Is Jeff Cory a Paranoid Nut Case ?

as His proven to be Crazy Actions speak louder than his very proven to be Crazy Words as

Jeff’s road to wellness can only begin by admitting and repairing his very proven mistakes

and only then can Jeff learn and know and grow forward in to fact tested Reality

as Dr. Sargent and Montana State Fraud

continue to fully support and defend this very proven to be very Fraudulent Evaluation

as only Frauds require a Judge in a Court of Law

to fix their very proven Intentional mistakes

as Montana State Fraud can not Prove their Doctors for Hire are not Frauds


Montana State Fraud are Frauds too

to Save Money


Montana State Fraud ~ Criminals too

who Probably sometimes get away with Murder when denying Legitimate Injury Claims

to Save Money

because at Montana State Fraud saving money is far more important than saving lives

with the help of their very proven to be Fraudulent Malpractice Doctors

proven with 36 years of very ~ Real ~ Medical Reports

they should have reviewed but just Ignored further proving they are Frauds

while Jeff Cory did ~ zero ~ Physical Evaluation of me of any kind

and then stated in his Evaluation Report that I was Physically Well

further proving he is a Fraud for Dr. Sargent and Montana State Fraud

and I can only Guess for the many others who have been in my shoes

who have been injured caused by the negligence of others

who do not have the strength or the strong support of others that I have

and do not have the will to go forward in a Ploy Legal Battle

while trying to deal with their injuries with no income

to fight the many wrongs of this fraudulent system

and they just give up and end their Life

and then the Frauds Win

and so it would be no surprise me at all

if Montana State Fraud is responsible for many Suicides

by Denying Legitimate Claims of very real Work Injured Citizens of Montana

they force into poverty because they can not work

so they can Save a Money

costing the Tax Payers more money

and then Montana State Fraud will have more money to give to those who are not injured

as the Work Injured Citizens of Montana are just Roadkill at Montana State Fraud

to Save Money


The Montana State Fund

~ is:

a Department a Division an Agency a Branch of the Government of the State of Montana



We the People of the State of Montana

as they intentionally screw

We the People

for money they do not own and do not need

 Made by the Sweat of ~ We the People ~ they Intentionally Screw

as they may now own the Law Makers

they will never own

We the People

they Intentionally Screw

to save money that will do nothing but Harm

while making the Attorney at Montana State Fund

who are making Bogus Medical Designs doing Intentional Harm

to the Work Injured Citizen of Montana

Very Proud

~ Peace ~

and Live long and Prosper


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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