Why are Jeffrey M. Cory PhD & Dr Richard Sargent MD Committing Fraud for Montana State Fund

~ while knowing mentally healthy Physicians can be wrong up to 50% of the time ~


Those who ignore the very available medical facts for their hypothetical make believe

while doing zero physical evaluation to come to a illogical medical Physical condition

are the test proven Quacks and not real Physicians


…and as Jeff Cory informed me to my face of all of my Psychological Mental Disorders

all for the most part debunk by my Medical Records Jeff did not review

proving Jeff obviously forgot to do his very real home work

as Jeff Proceeded to inform me of my last diagnosed mental disorder

that I am a skeptic

I then immediately knew I was dealing with a

socially political brainwashed Lunatic who failed grade school science

as I am sure the majority of the Mental Health Establishment would agree that

~ skepticism ~

” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in question “

is not a mental disorder


May 31, 2018

I can prove

Jeffrey Cory PhD

has zero logic in his medical madness

because rather than confronting fact tested reality

Jeff lives in fear of the un-known future = Paranoia

and is a Fly by the Seat of his Pants kind of Physician

who just Ignores very available medical facts

for his debunked un-provable hypothetical make believe medical opinions doing harm

and when a psychologist can not admit his own very proven mistakes

this medically proves the Shrink needs a Shrink

as we live with Political Predigest in Medicine too

and when Physicians Trash their Medical Oath for Political Predigest

they are no longer Doctors for wellness they are Political Lunatics doing harm

as Jeff has more than proven he is not Real

and this is very much a working handicap for a Shrink


…and I still can not find a Physician who will provide me with a Treatment

or a Prescription for my new Psychological Mental Disorder

~ Skepticism ~

” to Question the Truth in Knowledge “

Diagnosed by Jeffrey M. Cory PhD Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

as Skepticism is a Political Disorder not a Psychological Disorder

proving Jeff has been Socially Brainwashed causing this Political Psychological Disorder

and the Treatment for this Political Disorder is Deprogramming


…and why would the Government of the State of Montana

want an Honest Montana State Fund ?

and why is the Montana State Government committing Fraud

against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana ?

as nothing has been Sued more times in the Montana State Supreme Court

than the State of Montana Government Agency

the Montana State Fund

~ Owned by We the People while very screwing We the People ~

as the largest criminal organisation in the State of Montana

is the Government of the State of Montana

because of the Montana State ~ Fraud ~ Fund

as Montana State Fund is a Dynasty with in the Montana State Government

doing very real proven further intentional harm to the Work Injured Citizens

We the People of Montana

maybe it is time for the Government of the State of Montana

to stop committing proven willful crimes against

We the People


Since December of 2017

the Attorneys at Montana State Fund

State: my Concussion is not Real

based on Dr. Jeff Cory’s very proven to be Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Evaluation

that was Approved by Dr. Sargent

for his Good Lady Friend and Patient

Tammy Gibson at Montana State Fund

while Tammy has yet to acknowledge my neck injury since December of 2016

as noted on my Injury Report

and every time I put my chin to my chest

I have a very sharp pain from the bottom of my neck to my left ear

and to the back of my left eye

and when I fall asleep in my lounge chair

I wake up with my arms and hands numb = asleep


…you can not debunk a real scientist = skeptic

with proven to be fraudulent hypothetical make believe ~

while all Science and Medicine must always be open to continuous ongoing

Question Test and Debate


About 32 plus thousand die every year from falling

and so I am more than thankful that I am still alive

and thankful I am not in a Hospital in a Coma with feeding tubs

and I am thankful I am not in a Wheelchair

but I am still today less than half the man I used to be

and would like very much to have all of my life back

and as stated by the Mayo Clinic

there are many symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome

like constant Fatigue = as I am exhausted all the time

causing Weakness with no Energy causing no Physical Endurance

while living with and dealing with very real sleep disorders

and of course it is always very difficult to fall asleep

because there are no quite places to go to fall a sleep

when have an over whelming very loud ringing in your Ears 24/7

that sounds like White Noise and a dozen Cell Phones Ringing all at once

and the sound of a forest full of Birds Chirping all at the very same time

with a Head Ache and Vertigo

with a neck that continues bother me since the Fall

that Montana State Fund has yet to acknowledge as one of my many injuries

that is clearly stated on the injury report

while my feet ache and leg mussel ache and leg cramps a few times a week

now add all the stress and anxiety

because you have to borrow money every month to make your house payment

and when you do fall asleep you can only sleep 2-3 hours at a time

 and this is only a sample of my many post concussion and post injury symptoms

that I continue to live with today

along with many other Physical Problems

that continue to prevent many of my Physical abilities

as before my Injuries from a hard fall

as Jeff Cory tells me my Concussion was not real

and I am physically all well and can return to work

based only on his make believe and zero Physical or Neurological Evaluation

and for more of the latest info on this subject matter Google ~ Post Concussion Syndrome

as we learn and know something new every day

unless of course you are a True Believer rejecting new knowledge

for your debunk hypothetical true Belief

denying proven fact tested reality for the sake of your out dated Make Believe doing harm

like those who still believe Bloodletting will still Cure all Illness and all Disease

as the Rejection of available knowledge for belief

only proves Ignorance not science = to know

as the rejection of science for belief is not fact tested reality

as Belief is still only just Make Believe

while I have read and have been told by other MD’s my condition could be permanent

while I am still a good Cub Scout and Boy Scout

as I always Hope for the very Best and Be Prepared for the Worst

and as a Good Friend always tells me

Never Give Up

and as I always say

I am still Breathing and the rest is Icing on the Cake

as my Controlled Anger is Very Real and Very Justified

and after being a Student of Law since 1980 we will see how well I do with my Legal Battle

and for those who make believe I am a Physical Threat to them

when I am not and will not physically

because I will not lower myself to their level of proven crime

as they are doing very real very proven Harm to my Life in every way possible

as they continue to have no problem doing their very proven harm to me

as they have proven they live in Denial of Fact Tested Reality

as they are the proven Hypocrites of tested reality

and how would the world be today with out the proven to be

Criminal Insurance Companies

with Attorneys Practicing Medicine with out a License

as they have yet to prove differently to me

while I am still waiting for Documents I have requested from Montana State Fund

being used against me since December of 2017

as I am waiting for

~ the response and approval letter ~

by Dr. Sargent

of Dr. Mulgrew’s proven to be Falsified Medical Report

as this is why he is no longer practicing medicine

and is being used against me to Deny my Legitimate Medical Claims

as this response letter should have been sent to me in December of 2017

with out having to make a request

and if Dr Sargent had agreed with and approved Dr. Mulgrew’s Fraudulent Medical Report

then their would have been no reason to send me to Dr. Cory in Bozeman 9 months later

for Dr. Cory’s very proven to be Fraudulent Medical Report

while it only took MSF after continued requests for 14 months

to provide a copy of Dr. Mulgrew’s Falsified Medical Report

while they have yet to provide the Response and Approval letter by Dr. Sargent

Up Date

June 1, 2018

the Montana State Frauds have now sent the Letter I requested

along with a copy of every document they have

while in the past for the past 5 months more times than not they just ignore the request

and then when they do finally send me a document after many repeated requests

it is not the Document I requested and then I must continue to request the right Document

and of course these are by far the worst copy’s of anything I have seen in my life time

while Dr. Sargent Agrees with Dr. Mulgrew’s Falsified Medical Report

as Dr. Sargent knows this is a Falsified Medical Report

based on my statements to Dr. Sargent

while his letter to Tammy Gibson at Montana State Fund is dated 4/5/17

and just happens to answer all my new Questions I just wrote about

just few days ago on this Post

telling me the letter was just written to Cover their Butts in my Investigation

as Tammy and Richard who are Friends make a great Scam Team

as they do a great job of proving their Scam

as Insurance Company’s have a Reputation of Falsifying Documents for the past 500 years

and no one can do it better

while Dr. Clark has zero interest in seeing Dr. Mulgrew’s Bogus Medical Report

while she does now have the St. Peters Hospital Medical Records

~ of ~

Dr. David W. Jordan MD

Dr. J. Kreed Lovell MD

Dr. Dennis D. Palmer MD

J.E. Selikar MD

debunking the very proven to be Falsified Fraudulent Malpractice Medical Report


Dr. Jeffrey M. Cory PhD

who did zero Physical Neurological Examination

and believes skepticism is a mental disorder

Proving he is a Predigest Political Lunatic

just like the proven Fraud Dr. Sargent

who supports the Fraudulent Medical Opinion of a Doctor no longer in practice

because his fraudulent malpractice medical opinions


May 29, 2018

I visited with Dr. Clark today or should I say she put up with me today

proving she is a Real Professional

as I was not the best me today

as I was in my worst form of being in every way

and I am thankful she will help me and not discard me as others have done

as I am today the Direct Result of a Head Injury

that Jeff Cory based on zero review of very available Medical Reports

states in his medical Report my Head Injury is not real

as the very available Medical Reports he did not review more than prove his guess is wrong

for his non medical evaluation of my post concussion syndrome

and any time you ignore available facts in any evaluation

you then have a very Flawed Incomplete self-debunk Evaluation based on Ignorance

as Jeff did zero neurological or physical examination of any kind

to provide his unearned bogus medical opinion

as he then stated to me my Concussion was not Real and did not Happen

based only on his hypothetical feelings

and zero medical facts he just ignored that in fact debunk his make believe feelings

while Dr. Clark had zero interest in reviewing Dr. Mulgrew’s Medical Report

as she was unable to obtain this Medical Report that is in fact a falsified medical report

as this fraudulent Report is being used against me too by Montana State Fund

to Deny my Legitimate Medical Claims

while Dr. Mulgrew’s Medical Practice ended shortly after this Fraudulent Medical Report

after I communicated with St Peters Hospital of my experience with Dr. Mulgrew


I have been performing Professional Technical Evaluations since 1976

I have been chosen to evaluate education Programs

as I have been investigating and proving fraud in science for the past 20 plus years

and as we all know there is good and bad in everything including Medicine

and the very same goes for Insurance Company’s too

as Montana State Fund should be picking up the tab for this

and not the taxpayers and myself while forcing me into poverty

and this is what I have been dealing with since December 21, 2016

Bad Medicine by Political Predigest

that is saving Montana State Fund Money

by Physicians committing very proven Medical Fraud and Malpractice

as the Attorneys at MSF very much support this very proven Fraud and Malpractice

to save money

because that is their Job at MSF is to knowingly further intentionally harm

Work Injured Citizens of Montana

as the Attorneys at MSF decide what is real in medicine and what is not

to save money

and by forcing Ploy Legal Battles on to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

rather than repair their very proven intentional mistakes

when over whelming very proven Fraud and Malpractice has been very proven

to save more money that is doing nothing but further harm to the lives of Injured Workers


Skepticism is now ~ Politically ~ considered a Mental Disorder

and when I stated to Dr. Sargent that Al Gore is a Lunatic

that is when Dr. Sargent stopped Treating me for my many Work Injures

Injuries caused by the Negligence of Others

as Dr. Sargent is very much a Political Crusader

who has proven he does not give a Damn about his Patients

as Dr. Sargent then changed my Appointment with Dr. English here in Helena Montana

for a Post Concussion Syndrome Evaluation for my Head Injury

to an Appointment months later with Dr. Cory in Bozeman Montana 100 miles away

who did zero Concussion Evaluation or Physical Examination

and then Falsified my statements and 37 years of my Medical History

as Dr. Cory never reviewed my Medical History

and then Jeff Cory provided an Evaluation for Dr. Sargent that states

I am a Psychogenic Moron who can not read past the 3rd grade level

and diagnosed my professional skepticism as a mental flaw

and with out doing any Physical examination stated I was Physically able to return to work

as Jeff’ states I am Well when I am not and still today I am not able to return to work

as Jeff’s very proven to be  fraudulent medical report is being used against me

allowing Montana State Fund to further Deny my Legitimate Medical Claims

while it has been said and stated publicly by others that Jeff does not do his home work

and of course when confronted with his proven mistakes

Jeff will not repair his very proven mistakes

proving Jeff Cory and Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

are not real and are proven criminals

as Dr. Cory has committed very proven Fraud and Malpractice

for Dr. Sargent

who’s Office Staff stopped allowing me to make any further Appointments

many months before Dr Cory’s very proven to be Fraudulent Evaluation

as Dr. Sargent and Sage Medical Clinic

have intentionally committed very proven Fraud and Malpractice against me

for their Friend and Patient Tammy Gibson of Montana State Fund

who was in charge of all my medical claims at MSF

who too stopped helping me with all of my very real work injuries

and is using very proven to be Falsified Medical Reports against me

to deny my Legitimate Medical Claims

doing further harm to my life in every way possible

as Attorneys not Doctors at Montana State Fund

make proven to be Fraudulent Medical Decisions doing further Harm

to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

to save money

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor 2011

for my 40 plus years of Energy Transfer Science

and Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with on going Climate Science Investigation since the Spring of 2007

and a Honorary Member of Doctors of Disaster Preparedness

and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Inc.

who have been Publishing Peer-reviewed Science and Medicine since 1943

I was then Invited to Participate at the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club London June of 2013

and I have been a Lobbyist for Truth in Science and Medicine since 2007

while I have had an ongoing Science Debate off and on since January 1, 2011

with Joe Berry

Lead Lab Chemistry Professor Stanford University

I can build a House from the Ground up all by myself

and I have two Green Thumbs

and I have composed Music since the Second Grade

while some people continue to tell me I am just an Auto Mechanic = Master Technician

and I can only know as much as an Auto Mechanic can know

as this today is the Equivalent to a Degree in NASA Engineering

and I know of two Auto Mechanics who Help NASA when they get Stumped

one of them my 12th Grade Helena High School Auto Shop Instructor

Allan E. Walter

as the most advanced Technology the average person will own in their life time

is their car

going back to the late 1800’s

while I have Evaluated Education Programs in Automotive Science

and so I will then remind those who tell me I am just an Auto Mechanic

that Albert Einstein was just an Office Clerk

as the only thing that can limit your ability to know is your true belief

~ skepticism ~

from Websters 1997 Dictionary

” The Doctrine that the Truth in all Knowledge must always be in Question “

Skepticism is the bases for the Scientific Method

to: Question ~ Test ~ Debate

scientist = skeptic = to question and test knowledge to find the truth in knowledge

as science is: to know

and Jeff Cory and Richard Sargent are test proven Social Lunatics in Science

who do not comprehend the Philosophy of Skepticism by the Philosophers of Knowledge

as Jeff & Richard are committing very proven Medical Fraud and Malpractice against me

to Intentionally Harm me for my Mental Illness = skepticism

because I Question the Truth in Knowledge they do not comprehend

and when you are better informed than your Physician in Concussion Medicine

when dealing with your own Post Concussion Syndrome

that’s a Red Flag

especially if the Physicians reject all the very available test proven medical facts

and then do ~ zero ~ Physical or Neurological Testing or Evaluation of any kind

in a Medical Concussion Evaluation

for their un-provable hypotheticals based only on their True Make Believe

that turns you into a Psycho-Moron on parer supported by zero medical facts

proving Medical Fraud and Malpractice

and those who tell I am just an Auto Mechanic

are those who have to pay someone like me to fix their car

because they are not smart enough to fix their own car


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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