CO2 causes Warming and Cooling at the Very Same Time

~ Fact ~

Water vapor and CO2 is the by product of Atmospheric Warming by the Variable Sun

as the warming occurs first then Water vapor and CO2 levels rise caused by Evaporation

causing the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen above sea level

causing all of Nature and the Environment

for the past 600 million years above seal level

causing all the Green and all Carbon based Life and Energy on this Carbon based Earth

and the more water vapor and CO2 is evaporated by the variable Sun

the Healthier the variable Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

and Healthier the variable Green of this variable Carbon based Earth

as CO2 can not Trap Heat as all Heat in Real Physics ~ still ~ Rises

while more heat escapes the atmosphere than predicted

as CO2 Transfers both Hot and Cold at the very same time

as all gases absorb and radiate heat while expanding and rising

as CO2 absorbs and radiates a little more than the other gases

and the faster the air is heated the faster all of the heated air still rises

removing heat from the lower atmosphere

causing a void = vacuum in the lower atmosphere

causingĀ -200* F Air

with increased level of Frozen Water Vapor and Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

to take the place of the hot air rising that is removing heat from the lower atmosphere

as the frozen air with increased levels of Dry Ice = CO2 and Water Vapor

come crashing downward toward the Poles of this carbon based earth 24/7

off-setting the variable climate warming by the variable Sun

of this

very variable

Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it

as Climate Religion continues to inform me since I began my Science investigation in 2007

that all of this proven knowledge

this very well established simple Physics and Chemistry is Irrelevant

along with more than a dozen other climate variables

providing an Infinity of climate variable

along with millions of years of climate history

all further debunking the self-debunk Climate Religion

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

that humans only generate less than 3% of in the Air today

used to make a failed computer Ouija Board climate prediction of the un-known future

as they preach to us Carbon based Humans are responsible for all climate change

and their science is settled when settled science dose not exist in real science

their settled science that can not be Publicly Questioned and or Publicly Debated

while Climate Religion can provide zero peer-reviewed science to support their True Belief

in their very proven to be self-debunk predictions

self-debunk predictions they continue to preach to us are happening

while the Public can only be allowed to know their political media science fiction

proving political media fascism in science dictates science

with out Question Test Debate by the Scientific Method

as Climate Religion is forcing us to spend many trillions of dollars

to do test proven harm to the carbon cycle = nature = environment

test proven harm to the cause of all the Green and all Life

while reducing existing O2 oxygen levels in the air

while turning underground water into and acid

while reducing what plants and trees need 4 times more of to breathe

while decreasing the duration of the carbon cycle above sea level

ending all life sooner above seal level

and this is not science

this is political media lunatic paranoid fraudulent climate religion

by those who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they Preach to us the cause of all life and all the Green

with zero color taste or smell is Toxic Pollution

as they preach to us white steam = water vapor

coming out of smokestacks is Toxic Pollution

proving they are Political Fools who failed Grade School Science

and not real scientists of the scientific method

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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