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~ as Repetitiveness is the key to deprogramming ~

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To: Marty Essen

Victor ~ Montana

George Washington was totally and completely against any and all Political Party’s

in this band new Republic not a Democracy

in a Republic the Individual is Equal to the Majority

while in a Democracy the Majority rules over the Individual

as all Political Party’s continue to Destroy America

as they spend all their time trying to hurt each other while doing only harm to America

~ and ~

When you Preach it and you can not prove it beyond your Political Hearsay Make Believe

its not Fact Tested Reality in Science of the Scientific Method


I challenge you to an open public debate here in Helena Montana

with a


~ Reward ~

for the scientific references proving you are not a Pathological Fraud in Climate Science

by proving Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

as Humans caused Climate Warming is a never proven un-proven theory

debunk by real science you do not comprehend and never will

as your Climate Religion is Harming the Carbon cycle

by trying to stop the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth

while lowering oxygen levels in the air and turning underground water into an Acid

costing only Trillions of Dollars

and I know you can not debunk a dozen climate variable you ignore for your true belief and I know you can not debunk the last 2 million years of climate history you ignore for your true belief and I know you can not reverse self-debunk computer Ouija Board Prediction based on one half of one climate variable based on flawed incomplete so called science as you ignore real science for your true belief in test Proven Garbage Science

you do not comprehend

the proven fact tested knowledge you have blinded yourself to

that continues to debunk your Make Believe


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

40 years atmospheric emission Science to your zero years of science

you will not and can not debate

proving your True Belief is not real science proving you are a Big Dummy in Science

as you reject fact tested reality for political media True Belief

proving you are not a scientist of the scientific method


Marty is not a Scientist he is a True Believer who has earned zero right to scientific opinion

Marty has been Preaching Humans cause Climate Change for many years

and can not prove we cause climate warming with real science

and Marty will continue to reject fact tested reality for his true belief

and he will continue to Preach his Garbage science

further proving he is a Preacher for

Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

as the United Nations states it is “likely” Humans cause climate change

as words prove nothing in science and “likely ” can prove nothing is real science

while the U.N. true belief in the word of belief “likely” = un-proven theory

has been debunk by real science

real science Marty does not follow and does not know to even exist in fact tested reality

while the news papers will print Marty’s test proven Garbage

but the news paper will allow zero rebuttal with scientific reference

that Proves Marty is Preaching out his Butt and is a test proven fool in real science

proving Political Media Fascism by the news paper for the sake of their political agenda

as the news papers now decide for the Public what is real and what is not

based only on their political agenda and zero real test proven scientific fact

as Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion refuses to Publicly debate the real science

as Climate Religion continues to Preach their Fear and Paranoia based on


computer Ouija Board prediction of the un-known future

based on one half of one climate variable while ignoring a dozen known climate variables

and 2 million years of climate history

to predict the un-known future

True Belief in self-debunk prediction is: test proven Lunatic Religion not Science

as we are being politically Brainwashed by those who failed grade school science

and do not want to comprehend fact tested reality for the sake of their

Paranoid True Belief in self-debunk prediction

as Fascist Paranoid True Belief dictates science while rejecting the scientific method

while stopping and preventing all public rebuttal or debate

and when you refuse to debate your so called science its not real science

while proving it is a Political Media Religion

as the Preaching just continues regardless of test proven fact

with out scientific Question or Debate

because the Preachers who have publicly failed grade school science

dictate to us the Science is Settled

in a brand new science where there is something new to learn and know everyday

while tested knowledge is never settled in the scientific method

as only fools in science ~ believe ~ that science can be settled in fact tested Reality


and to those Politicians Preaching Humans cause Climate Change

and can not prove humans cause climate change

I will not Vote for anyone Preaching test proven Make Believe as test proven fact ~

Climate Change is very Real for the past 4.6 Billion years

and it is very Scientifically test proven

Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth

do not cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth

with Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide


Political Media Make Believe is not fact tested reality

and If

Montana Governor Steve Bullock runs for President

while preaching Humans cause Climate Warming

I will not vote for him as I have done so in the past nor will any real scientist

nor will I vote for Jon Tester

who Preaches Climate Religion while he can prove prove nothing with real science

as I have requested Jon’s Scientific References proving we cause climate change

and then Jon sent me a letter calling me a skeptic while providing zero scientific references

so should I be a skeptic of those who can not prove what they Preach

when real science is skepticism

and calling a real scientists a skeptic is a complement

while Jon’s intent was to insult me for not believing in his true belief

 proving Jon failed Grade School Science

as Jon continues to preach what he can not prove with real science


We must stop electing those preaching Garbage science they do not comprehend

and can not Articulate or prove with scientific reference

we must teach proven fact tested reality from tested knowledge

you can not preach political make believe as fact

as Law is based on knowledge as science is knowledge not political make believe

while my first pick for president this last time around if he had run for President

was former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer

because he was not a clone to a Political Religion

or owned by proven to be Lunatic Special Interest Groups

who can provide zero scientific reference to prove they are not Pathological Frauds


Peer-reviewed Prediction of the un-known Future is not tested knowledge

and true belief in self-debunk prediction is Religion not Science


Real Science is Skepticism of True Belief  Politically Dictating Science

while allowing zero Public Question Rebuttal or Scientific Debate in the Media

as this is test proven political media fascism and not science of the scientific method

allowing only the debunk side of the scientific argument to be Preached to the Public

proving it is a Political Media Religion based on test proven debunk science

as Political Make Believe continues to dictate science as they refuse to look at real science

for the sake of their True Belief


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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